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Atlas: Empire - The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet, Anneke van Giersbergen - Symphonized, Maidman - Dreamland, Metalwings - For All Beyond, Octavarium - Out Of Time, Octavarium - Dystopia, Trigon - 30 Jahre Traumzeit, Dean Watson - Track Of Days, Andrew Wild - Queen On Track - Every Album, Every Song [Book]
Martin Barre - Roads Less Travelled, Cytrus - Trzecia łza od słońca, DC Sound Collective - Dirae Pax, Hillward - System Live, Ljungblut - Villa Carlotta 5959, Napier's Bones - Monuments, Oakhaart - Parallel To An Endless Dream, Tusmørke - Osloborgerlig Tusmørke: Vardøger og Utburder vol 1, Zan Zone - It's Only Natural
Art Against Agony - Shiva Appreciation Society, Kaoll - Ten Years Barbecue, Karmamoi - The Day Is Done, Eddie Mulder - Waves, Various artists - A Life In Yes - The Chris Squire Tribute - Duo Review, Various artists - Yesterday And Today - A 50th Anniversary Tribute to YES, Vikings - Far Beyond My Dream, Volvox - Universo Expandido, Watershape - Perceptions
Anima Mundi - Insomnia, Gorod - Æthra, London Underground - Four, Yesterdays - Senki Madara, Yurt - IV - The Obstacle Is Everything
Circadian Pulse - Elements Of Existence, Gryphon - Reinvention, IQ - Ever 25th Anniversary [2CD + DVD], Tim Morse - III, Sonar (w. David Torn) - Live At Moods
Bad As - Midnight Curse, Fractal Cypher - Prelude To An Impending Outcome, Gaia - Aerial, Jann Klose - In Tandem, Lathe Of Heaven - Now There's No Room, Alec K. Redfearn And The Eyesores - The Opposites, Salva - Off The Deep End, T3tra - Portals
Bruit - Monolith, Jean-Michel Jarre - Equinoxe Infinity, Krakow - Minus, The National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of Goats - Huntress, North Of South - New Latitudes
The Tangent - Proxy - Duo Review
4db - Animal, Elizabeth The Last - Elizabeth The Last, Jordjø - Jordjø, The Silent State - The Silent State, Spires - A Parting Gift, Twelfth Night - Sequences
Tirill - Tales From Tranquil August Gardens, Tirill - Nine And Fifty Swans, Tirill - Um himinjǫður
Ally The Fiddle - Up, Ann My Guard - Moira, Argos - Unidentified Dying Objects, Central Unit - Whatever Day Suits You Best, Dilemma - Random Acts Of Liberation - Duo Review
Aaron Brooks - Homunculus, Ethernity - The Human Race Extinction, Heronimus Fin - The Pharmacist, Lyrae - Answers, Laura Meade - Remedium, Oho - Gazebo, Residuos Mentales - Introspection, The Spacious Mind - The Drifter
Bibeau - Bibeau, Circles - The Last One, Daniel Crommie - Phantoms From The Passed, Al Kryszak - Soft Clowns Of The Sea, Oak - False Memory Archives - Duo Review, Side Effects - Descending Rabbit Holes
Damanek - In Flight - Round Table Review
Citizen K - III, Deep Energy Orchestra - Playing With Fire, Gösta Berlings Saga - Et Ex, Hillward - System, Jet Black Sea - The Overview Effect, Roller Trio - New Devices
Roine Stolt's The Flower King - Manifesto Of An Alchemist - Round Table Review
The Cyberiam - The Cyberiam, Dialeto - Live With David Cross, Karcius - The Fold, Last Of Us - Swarm, Petäjä - 40950, Toska - Fire By The Silos
Electric Mud - The Deconstruction Of Light, Hanterhir - The Saving Of Cadan, Isproject - The Archinauts, Egor Lappo - Way Without Light, Overhead - Haydenspark, Phi Yaan-Zek - Reality Is My Plaything
3.2 - The Rules Have Changed, Flying Machines - New Life, Mike Kershaw - Arms Open Wide, Onysus - Dyuson - Between Two Worlds, Shineback - Dial
Haken - Vector - Round Table Review
Madder Mortem - Marrow - Duo Review
Alco Frisbass - Le Bateleur, Paolo Baltaro - Live Pillheads, The End - Svårmod och vemod är värdesinnen, inFictions - Vanity Project, Riverside - Wastelend, Semantic Saturation - Paradigms, Sutej Singh - The Emerging, Tiger Moth Tales - Story Tellers Part 2
Arca Progjet - Arca Progjet, Matt Baber - Suite For Piano And Electronics, Delusion Squared - Anthropocene, Endtime Odyssey - City In Decay, Twenty Four Hours - Close - Lamb - White - Walls
Catchlight - Amaryllis, Trevor Horn - The Reflection Wave One, Kaleidoreal - A Life Wasted, Ángel Ontalva & Vespero - Carta Marina, Regal Worm - Pig Views
Luminous Newts - Songs From A Local Universe, Oh. - Metallia, Oscar Salas - Resolved State, Spiralmaze - Dunes Of Dorlmeus, The Venus Fly Trap - Icon
Dwiki Dharmawan - Rumah Batu, The Kentish Spires - The Last Harvest, Light Freedom Revival - Truthonomy, Mark Rowen - Radiance, Symbolon Obscura - Esoterica
Emiliano Deferrari - Monty, EvenFlow - Old Town [EP], Flower In My Lung - Flower In My Lung, Id Guinness - Lost Language, Gula - Gula, Ross Palmer - Last Swallow [EP]
Plini - Sunhead, Rainburn - Insignify, Servants Of Science - Another Day - The Swan Song: Live, Soft Machine - Hidden Details, WalzWerk - WalzWerk
Kingcrow - The Persistence - Round Table Review
Árstíðir - Nivalis, Galasphere 347 - Galasphere 347, Seasons Of Time - Welcome To The Unknown, So Far As I Know - Fragments: Disclosure, Yes featuring Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman - Live At The Apollo
Cyrcus Flyght - The Clueless Caravan, Dead End Space - The Resistance, Full Nothing - Somewhere And Nowhere, Lukas Tower Band - Age Of Gold, Tone Masseve - Amp L’étude
3RDegree - Ones & Zeros Volume 0, Fates Warning - Live Over Europe, The Pineapple Thief - Dissolution, J. Peter Schwalm - How We Fall, Devin Townsend Project - Ocean Machine: Live at the Ancient Roman Theater Plovdiv
Aux - Troubadour, Paolo Carraro Band - Newborn, Chapter 7 - Frozen Fields, The Guess Who - The Future Is What It Used To Be, Maiden United - Empire Of The Clouds, Odd Palace - Things To Place On The Moon, Pink Fairies - Resident Reptiles, Soniq Theater - Squaring The Circle, Vent Debout - Vent Debout
Chickn - Wowsers!, Juzz - Juzz, Mother Turtle - Zea Mice, Sequester - Hermit, Unkh - Innerverse
Detieti - Frogressive Punk, The Flash Fever - The Flash Fever II, Four Vicious Walls - Secrets of Shambhala. The Beginning., The Grand Astoria - Death March EP, The Grand Astoria - Punkadelia Supreme, The Grand Astoria - La Belle Epoque, The Grand Astoria, Montenegro - Grand Astoria, Montenegro, Spaceking - The Piper At The Gates Of Stone
Dustin Behm - The Beyond, Circuline - CircuLive::Majestik, Entering Polaris - Godseed, GEPH - Apophenia, Piniol - Bran Coucou
Pierpaolo Bibbò - Via Lattea, Fuchs - Station Songs, Leap Day - Timelapse, Qntal - VIII - Nachtblume, Sunrise Auranaut - Inserter, Mark Wingfield - Tales From The Dreaming City
Phideaux - We Only Have Eyes For You, Phideaux - Infernal
Apogee - Conspiracy Of Fools, Jack O The Clock - Repetitions Of The Old City - II, Strangefish - The Spotlight Effect, Tumbletown - Never Too Late, Yuka And Chronoship - Ship
Burntfield - Hereafter, Haken - L-1VE - Duo Review, Pöhja Konn - Pöhja Konn, Reale Accademia Di Musica - Angeli Mutanti
Southern Empire - Civilisation - Round Table Review
Juhani Aaltonen and Raoul Björkenheim - Awakening, Pinn Dropp - PD/EP - Re: Verse, Re: Treat, Re: Unite, Roz Vitalis - The Hidden Man Of The Heart, Season Of The Crow - Let It Fly, Starfish64 - The Future In Reverse
Twelfth Night - Fact And Fiction - The Definitive Edition
Crystal Palace - Scattered Shards, Downriver Dead Men Go - Departures, Jukka Iisakkila - Clocks And Clouds, Talitha Rise - An Abandoned Orchid House, Richard Wileman - Veil
Deafening Opera - Let Silence Fall - Duo Review
Alkaloid - Liquid Anatomy, Daniel Crommie - Winter Roses, DC Sound Collective - The Sea Is So Wide And My Boat Is So Small, Dinosaur - Wonder Trail, Sammal - Suuliekki
Mother Bass - Mother Bass, Not A Good Sign - Icebound, Pinski - Sound The Alarm, Royal Architect - Et In Arcadia Ego, Slivovitz - Liver
Romain Baret - Naissance de l'horizon, Bomber Goggles - Gyreland, Melted Space - Darkening Light, Robert Reed, Tom Newman and Les Penning - Theme From Doctor Who - Duo Review, Yesternight - The False Awakening
Lunatic Soul - Under The Fragmented Sky - Duo Review
Hillsphere - Floresence, Kingfisher Sky - Technicoloured Eyes, Alberto Rigoni featuring Marco Minnemann - EvoRevolution, Sisare - Leaving The Land [digital], Subsignal - La Muerta
Arena - Double Vision - Round Table Review
Jennifer Clark - Ascan, Fractal Mirror - Close To Vapour, Glad Tree - Ostinatoblu, Homunculus Res - Della stessa sostanza dei sogni, Malady - Toinen toista
Gazpacho - Soyuz - Duo Review
Ben Craven - The Single Edits, The Fierce And The Dead - The Euphoric, Robbie Gennet - Gleams, Tusmørke - Fjernsyn i farve, Vitral - Entre as Estrelas
The Sea Within - The Sea Within - Duo Review
The Aaron Clift Experiment - If All Goes Wrong, The Dame - Losing Sight Of What You Want, Dobbeltgjenger - Limbohead, Mothertongue - Where The Moonlight Snows, Toundra - Vortex
John Holden - Capture Light, No-Man - Returning Jesus, Rausch - Book II, Sonar with David Torn - Vortex, Nolan Stolz Rock Orchestra - Nolan Stolz Rock Orchestra
Aliante - Forme Libere, Frequency Drift - Letters To Maro, Hillmen - Whiskey Mountain Sessions Vol. II, Dave Liebman, Tatuya Nakatani, Adam Rudolph - The Unknowable, Plenty - It Could Be Home
Breaking The Chains - We Are Breaking The Chains, Bobby Previte - Rhapsody, Project: Patchwork - Re┃Flection, Starsabout - Halflights, Starsabout - Longing For Home, John Van der Kiste - While You See A Chance: The Steve Winwood Story [Book]
23 Acez - Embracing The Madness, Fields Of Troy - The Great Perseverance, Islaja - Tarrantulla, Olavi Louhivuori - Immediate Music I, Malditos - II, Phantom Elite - Wasteland, Powerized - The Mirror's Eye, Weathered Statues - Borderlands, Barry Weinberg - Samsarana
Spock's Beard - Noise Floor
Enine - The Great Silent, Habelard2 - Hustle And Bustle, MetaQuorum - Witchcraft Jazz, Dee Palmer - Through Darkened Glass, Tonochrome - A Map In Fragments
The C:Live Collective - The Age Of Insanity - Duo Review
Birzer Bandana - Of Course It Must Be, Kaukolampi - 1, Monarch Trail - Sand, Dominique Vantomme - Vegir, Teemu Viinikainen III - Return of Robert Dickson
Robert Reed - Sanctuary III
Antoine's Legacy - Antoine's Legacy, Band Of Rain - The Dust Of Stars, Juha Kujanpää - Niin Kauas Kuin Siivet Kantaa, Schizofrantik - Ripping Heartaches, Yes - Fly From Here - Return Trip
Art Of Illusion - Cold War of Solipsism, The Samurai Of Prog - Archivarium, Tesseract - Sonder
Joe Deninzon And Stratospheerius - Guilty Of Innocence, Kaisers Bart - Meister5tück, Pequeno Céu - Praia Vermelha, Perfect Beings - Vier, When Mary - 7Summers7Winters
Gleb Kolyadin - Gleb Kolyadin - Duo Review
Glaston - Inhale Exhale, Murder And Parliament (Tom Slatter) - Murder And Parliament, Reformat - The Singularity, Sleep In Heads - On The Air, Tapio Ylinen with Tatu Rönkkö, Miikkael Anttila - Left Unsaid (The Longstanding Problems Of Happiness)
Colin Tench Project - Hair In A G-String (Unfinished But Sweet), Colin Tench Project - Minor Masterpiece
Cary Heuchert - Blue Rain, Njet Njet 9 - Dark Soul, Phi - Cycles, Puzzlewood - Gates Of Loki, Sonic Tool Box - A Space In Time
Alan Reed And The Daughters Of Expediency - Live: From The Razor's Edge
Charlie Barnes - Oceanography, Galahad - Seas Of Change, Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It, Sound The Bell! - Sound The Bell!, Weend’ô - Time Of Awakening
Steve Pilkington - Black Sabbath Song By Song [Book], Dusan Jevtovic - Live At Home, Bjørn Riis - Coming Home, Sacred Ape - Electric Mountain, Snowpoet - Thought You Knew
Kino - Radio Voltaire
Tony Banks - Five, Djam Karet - Sonic Celluloid (Duo Review), Dukes Of The Orient - Dukes Of The Orient, Maat Lander - Seasons Of Space - Book 1, Time Collider - Travel Conspiracy
The Foxholes - Sci-Fox, LEF - Hypersomniac, Libera Scientia - Tellurian, Orpheus Nine - Transcendental Circus, Vespero - Shum-Shir
Art Zoyd - 44 1/2 at a Glance: Selections from the Art Zoyd Box Set, Miriodor - Signal 9
Armed Cloud - Master Device & Slave Machines
Caravela Escarlate - Caravela Escarlate, Iris Divine - The Static And The Noise, Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella - The Oblivion Tales, Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella - Gray Matters - Live In Concert, Taylor's Universe - Almost Perfected, Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman - The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour
Steve Hackett - Wuthering Nights: Live in Birmingham [2CD], Steve Hackett - Wuthering Nights: Live in Birmingham [DVD/Blu-Ray]
Atlantropa Project - Atlantropa Project, Day Six - Solitary League, Focus - The Focus Family Album, Godsticks - Faced With Rage, Wingfield Reuter Sirkis - Lighthouse
Neal Morse - Life And Times
An Evening With Knives - Serrated, Long Distance Calling - Boundless, Rob Luft - Riser, Noah Histeria - Noah Histeria, Noah Histeria - Hautefaye, Organized Chaos - Divulgence
Eddie Mulder - In A Lifetime (Duo Review)
The Black Noodle Project - Divided We Fall, Clouds Can - Leave, Jordsjø - Jord, RTFACT - Life Is Good, Silent Chambers - Thousand Victories
Antoine Fafard - Proto Mundi / Doomsday Vault, Hangover Paradise - Out Of Sight, Panzerballet - X-mass Death Jazz, Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project - For The Light, Michael Trew - Waiting In The Wings
Dreamgrave - Monuments, Lorenzo Feliciati - Elevator Man, Kayak - Seventeen, Major Parkinson - Blackbox, TNNE - Wonderland
Apeshifter - Apeshifter, My Soliloquy - Engines of Gravity, Naryan - Naryan, Naryan - Black Letters, Whitewater - Universal Medium, The Wood Demons - The Lost Domain