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The Contortionist - Clairvoyant, Deluge Grander - Oceanarium, Kaoll - Sob-os-Olhos-de-Eva, Lesoir - Latitude, Ne Obliviscarus - Urn
A Devil's Din - One Hallucination Under God, Himmellegeme - Myth Of Earth, Johannes Luley - Qitara, The Pineapple Thief - Where We Stood [CD + DVD], Three Thirteen - Return To TOX
Lee Abraham - Colours, Hällas - Hällas EP, Hällas - Excerpts From A Future Past, Kinky Wizzards - Quirky Musings, Nordic Giants - Amplify Human Vibration, Ultranova - Orion
Agusa - Agusa (Duo Review), Aldenfield - Light Of Day, Virgil & Steve Howe - Nexus, Martin Kohlstedt - Strom, Schnellertollermeier - Rights
Blind Ego - Liquid Live [CD + DVD], Kilbey Kennedy - Glow And Fade, The Knells - II, Alberto Rigoni - Duality, When Mary - Tainted
Atrox - Monocle, Drifting Sun - Twilight, Novatia - Flow, Sproingg - Sproingg, Tiger Moth Tales - The Depths Of Winter
Tim Burness - Whose Dream Are You Living?, Cirkus - Wild Dogs, Dialeto - Bartok In Rock, Glass Mind - Dodecaedro, Mastodon - Emperor Of Sand, Multi Story - Live At Acapela
Silhouette - The World Is Flat And Other Alternate Facts (Duo Review)
Downes Braide Association - Skyscraper Souls, Chris Braide - Singer Songwriter
PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) - Emotional Tattoo (Round Table Review)
Daydream XI - The Circus Of The Tattered And Torn, The Emerald Dawn - Visions, Forever Twelve - Home, Jet Black Sea - Absorption Lines, Dusan Jevtovic - No Answer, Playgrounded - In Time With Gravity, Thumpermonkey - Electricity
Charlie Cawood - The Divine Abstract, Shawn Christie - Starting From Zero, Kaipa Da Capo - Live in Stockholm, Karibow - From Here To The Imposssible, Mindflowers - 3rd, Quantum Fantay - Tessellation of Euclidean Space
Fabulae Dramatis - Solar Time's Fables, The Great Discord - The Rabbit Hole, Overhaul - Notes By An Unstable Muser, Perihelion Ship - To Paint A Bird Of Fire, Sons Of Apollo - Psychotic Symphony, VUUR - In This Moment We Are Free - Cities, Zaedyus - Stories From The End Of The World
Robert Reed - Sanctuary Live, Robert Reed - Variations On Themes By David Bedford, Sky Architect - Nomad, Violent Attitude If Noticed (V.A.I.N.) - Ourselves And Otherwise, Dean Watson - Sum Of Parts
Eduardo Aguillar - Plano Sequência, Arcpelago - Simbiose, Dwiki Dharmawa - Pasar Klewer, Sérgio Ferraz - Flutuando Sobre As Ondas, Glorious Wolf - Aquarius, Strobes - Brokespeak, G Vaughan & Si Hayden - Process, Zé Da Flauta - Psicoativo
Blackmore's Night - To The Moon And Back, Eloy - The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre, Pt. 1, Jethro Tull - The String Quartets, Roz Vitalis - At Last. Live, Schnauser - Irritant, Tangerine Dream - Quantum Gate (Duo Review), The Watch - Seven
Lunatic Soul - Fractured (Duo Review)
Bubblemath - Edit Peptide, Daniel Cavanagh - Monochrome, Circu5 - Circu5, Dick - Dangerous Dreams, Scardust - Sands Of Time
Alwanzatar - Heliotropiske Reiser, Bent Knee - Land Animal, Big Bad Wolf - Pond Life, Milky Way Gas Station - Somewhere / Anywhere, Ryan Yard - The Nature Of Solitude
Wobbler - From Silence to Somewhere (Duo Review)
Howling Giant - Black Hole Space Wizard Pt 2, Kansas - Leftoverture Live & Beyond, Tusmørke - Hinsides, White Moth Black Butterfly - Atone (Duo Review)
Lifesigns - Cardington (Duo Review)
Cellar Noise - Alight, Cheer-Accident - Putting Off Death, HFMC (Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion) - No Place Like Home - The Concert [DVD/CD], Magic Bus - Phillip The Egg, Trojka - I Speilvendthet
Kaipa - Children of the Sounds (Duo Review)
Caligula's Horse - In Contact (Duo Review), Gentle Giant - Three Piece Suite [CD + Blu-ray], Mystery - Second Home: Live at ProgDreams V 2016, Andrew Wild - Pink Floyd: Song By Song [book], Soul Enema - Of Clans and Clones and Clowns
Aura - Noise, Katre - Encounters, Psion - Psion, Saint-Samuel - Švankmajer, Salander - The Fragility Of Innocence
Art Against Agony - Russian Tales, DC Sound Collective - Following The Noise, Knekklectric - For Mange Melodia, Мааt Lander / Øresund Space Collective - Split, Kim Seviour - Recovery Is Learning, Vipassi - Sunyata
Aswekeepsearching - Zia, Gentle Knife - Clock Unwound, Ghost Toast - Out Of This World, Nicolas Meier - Infinity, Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier - The Colours of Time, Prospekt - The Illuminated Sky
Amplifier - Trippin' With Dr Faustus, Bodhi - Ineffable, Eurasia - Ilmondoarovescio, Pareidolon - Aporia, RPWL - A New Dawn [DVD], Syncage - Unlike Here
Steven Wilson - To The Bone (Round Table Review)
Leprous - Malina (Round Table Review)
A Formal Horse - Made In Chelsea, Habelard2 - Maybe, King of Agogik - Morning Star, Medea - Northern Light, Samurai Of Prog - On We Sail
Big Big Train - The Second Brightest Star (Duo Review)
L'Anima - Departures (Duo Review), Machines Dream - Black Science, Anthony Phillips - Slow Dance (Remastered 2CD), Rob Ramsay - Confound and Disturb, Robert Schroeder - Velocity
John Bassett - Live At The Byre [download], KingBathmat - Dark Days [download], Sacred Ape - Sacred Ape [download]
Anthriel - Transcendence, Cosmograf - The Hay-Man Dreams, Karda Estra - Infernal spheres, Next To None - Phases, Valdez - This, The Winter Tree - Mr. Sun (Duo Review)
Grice - Alexandrine, I Will Kill Chita (IWKC) - Cargo Cult, Kerani - Stardust, Martigan - Distant Monsters, Old Fire - Songs From the Haunted South, Regna - Meridian [EP], Saint-Samuel - Machine Code for Beginners
Roland Bühlmann - Bailenas, Discipline - Captives Of The Wine Dark Sea, Fish On Friday - Quiet Life, Möbius Strip - Möbius Strip, Synaptik - Justify And Reason
The Tangent - The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery (Round Table Review)
RPWL - A New Dawn, Sounds Like The End Of The World - Stories, TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc - The Antithetic Affiliation, Until Rain - Inure (Duo Review)
Astral Son - Mind’s Eye, Charles Brown - Explorer Of Life, Kant Freud Kafka - Onírico, Enrico Merlin & Valerio Scrignoli (Electric Guitar Duo) - Maledetti (Area Music), Qualia - In The Heart Of A Dying Machine, Tune - Identity
Comedy of Errors - House of the Mind (Duo Review)
Astrosaur - Fade In//Space Out, Hooffoot - Hooffoot, Lion Shephard - Heat (Duo Review)
Damanek - On Track, Gungfly - On Her Journey To The Sun, Pendragon - Masquerade 20 [DVD], Sumo Sun - Stamina, Vespero - Azmari: Abyssinian Liventure
Accordo Dei Contrari - Violato Intatto, Cast - Power And Outcome, Gandalf - Journey to an Imaginary Land, Hawkwind - The RCA Active Years 1981 – 1982 [3CD Box Set], Hawkwind - The GWR Records Years 1988 - 1991 [3CD Box Set], The Light Afternoon - The History Of Mr. Puffin Man
Deep Imagination - Carefully Kept Secrets, Drifting Sun - On The Rebound, Son Of Man - Son Of Man, Steve Thorne - Island Of The Imbeciles, Tuesday The Sky - Drift
Big Big Train - Grimspound (Duo Review), Brother Ape - Karma, Semistereo - Trans Earth Injection, V2 - Showdown, Wingfield, Reuter, Stavi, Sirkis - The Stone House
Antethic - Ghost Shirt Society, Disperse - Foreword, Karfagen - Spektra, Paidarion Finlandia Project - Two Worlds Encounter, PBII - Rocket, The Dream Of Wubbo Ockels, Saris - Ghosts Of Yesterday, Jonathan Segel - Superfluity
Anathema - The Optimist (Duo Review)
Pat Mastelotto And Marcus Reuter - Face, Progression - Noxologic, Thinking Plague - Hoping Against All Hope, Utopianisti - Brutopianisti, Vangough - Warpaint (Duo Review)
Andre Dinuth - Here With You, Golden Caves - Collision, Light Freedom Revival - Etherniverse Deja Vu, Pixie Ninja - Ultrasound, T - Epistrophobia
Richard Barbieri - Planets + Persona, Birzer Bandana - Becoming One, Edensong - Years in the Garden of Years, Suburban Savages - Kore Wa!, Tohpati Ethnomission - Mata Hati
Blonde On Blonde - Rebirth, Blonde On Blonde - Reflections On A Life, Bullet Height - No Attonement, Bjørn Riis - Forever Comes to an End, Weserbergland - Sehr Kosmisch, Ganz Progisch
Nad Sylvan - The Bride Said No (Duo Review)
The Bob Lazar Story - Baritonia, Emmett Elvin - Assault on the Tyranny of Reason, The Foxholes - Un Mal Menor, Lost World Band - Of Things And Beings
The Fierce And The Dead - Field Recordings, The Land Of The Snow - Paths Of Chaos, Pymlico - Meeting Point, Rivière - Heal, Voyager - Ghost Mile
The Brackish - Liquid of Choice, Curved Air - The Curved Air Rarities Series Volume 2: Curved Space & Infinity, Michael Holmes - Subterranea Original Sountrack (Duo Review), Kaprekar's Constant - Fate Outsmarts Desire
Alarion - Waves Of Destruction, Elements of Chaos - A New Dawn, Mike Keneally - Scambot 2, Levin Minnemann Rudess - From the Law Offices, Persefone - Aathma, Starfish64 - An Altered State of Joy
Big Hogg - Gargoyles, Collapse - The Sleep In Me, The Invisible - MK-Ultra, IQ - Scrape Across The Sky [BluRay], The Mughsots - Something Weird, Retrospective - Re:Search
Magenta - We Are Legend (Round Table Review)
Ayreon - The Source (Round Table Review)
Lonely Robot - The Big Dream (Round Table Review)
Barock Project - Detachment, Citizen Cain's Stewart Bell - The Antechamber Of Being (Part 2), Borderline Syndrome - Synapses, IT - We're All In This Together, Jack O’ The Clock - Repetitions of the Old City - 1, Rog Patterson - Flightless
After Forever - Remagine [2LP], After Forever - Invisible Circles: The Album – The Sessions, Crippled Black Phoenix - Bronz, Eleven Strings - Chaos and Creation, Epica - Consign To Oblivion (Orchestral Edition) [2LP], Madder Mortem - Red in Tooth and Claw, The Silent Wedding - Enigma Eternal (Duo Review)
Gösta Berlings Saga - Sersophane, Invernalia - Invernalia, Bertrand Loreau featuring Lambert - In Search of Silence, Mike Oldfield - Return to Ommadawn, Sista Maj - Series of Nested Universes, Sun Dial - Made In The Machine
La Bocca della Verita - Avenoth, Egoband - Tales From The Time, Ingranaggi della Valle - Warm Spaced Blue, Magni Animi Viri - Heroes Temporis – World Edition, Nuclearte - Endo, Pandora - 10 Years Like In A Magic Dream..., Sherpa - Tanzlinde, Paolo Siani ft. Nuova Idea - Faces With No Traces
Ad Maiora - Repetita Iuvant, Consorzio Acqua Potabile with Alvaro "Jumbo" Fella - Coraggio e Mistero, Karmamoi - Silence Between Sounds, Presence - Masters and Following, Promenade - Noi al dir di Noi, Il Rumore Bianco - Antropocene, Souls of Diotima - The Sorceress Reveals – Atlantis, Syndone - Eros & Thanatos
Tim Bowness - Lost in the Ghost Light (Duo Review)
C Sides - We Are Now, Eyesberg - Masquerade, Mostly Autumn - Sight of Day (Special Edition), Les Penning - Belerion [CD/DVD], Various Artists - Spheric Music Silver, The Werks - Inside a Dream, Yurt - III - Molluskkepokk
Damnation Day - A World Awakens, The Gift - Why The Sea Is Salt, Mantra Vega - The Illusion’s Reckoning, The Mute Gods - Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth (Duo Review), Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces V-VIII [5CD Box Set], Alan Reed - Honey on the Razor's Edge, White Willow - Future Hopes
Steve Hackett - The Night Siren (Round Table Review)
Various artists - Progotronics
Anakdota - Overloading, The Black Fall - The Time Traveler, Bugenhagen - Bu:gen’heigen, Hollow Water - Rainbow's End, Møster! - When You Cut Into The Present, Pocket Size - Vemood: Cleaning The Mirror, Volume 1, ptf - Percept From..., ptf - What is Constant
Syd Arthur - Apricity, Knight Area - Heaven and Beyond (Duo Review), Mike Oldhill - Dark Matter, Seti - Bold Travels, Shaman Elephant - Crystals, Steamhammer - Mountains, Utopianisti - The Third Frontier
Birdeatsbaby - Tanta Furia, Dinosaur - Together As One, Eclection - Eclection, Eternal Wanderers - The Mystery of the Cosmic Sorrow, Sphelm - These Roots Know No Bounderies, Spirits Burning & Clearlight - The Roadmap In Your Head
Resistor - The Box Set [6CD], Resistor - Underground
Aisles - Hawaii, EYE - Vision and Ageless Light, Focus & Friends - Focus 8.5 / Beyond The Horizon, Jen Gloeckner - Vine, Hail Spirit Noir - Mayhem In Blue, Hawkwind - The Charisma Years 1976-1979, Burak Ozmucur - A Distant Light, Nerissa Schwarz - Playgrounds Lost, Security Project - Live 2, Weather Report - The Legendary Live Tapes 1978-1981
Agusa - Katarsis, Colosseum - Live [2CD], Defying - The Splinter Of Light We Misread, The Far Meadow - Given the Impossible, Jesus Munoz - Strategies, The Pneumatic Transit - Concerto for Double Moon, Gilli Smyth - Mother
John Wetton - The Official Bootleg – Archive Vol 1 [6CD]
Fatal Fusion - Total Absence, Attila Kollár - Progrock '55, Nth Ascension - In Fine Intium, Odd Logic - Effigy, Pseudo/Sentai - Enter The Sentai, This Winter Machine - The Man Who Never Was
Arid Garden - Arid Garden, Grandjacques - Live Au Presbytère, Krzysztof Lepiarczyk - Art Therapy, Lucifer's Friend - Too Late To Hate, Eddie Mulder - Horizons, Three Man Army - A Third of a Lifetime
Burnt Belief - Emergent, Gunhill - One Over The Eight / Nightheat, Hibernal - The Dark of the City, Luminous Newts - Luminous Newts, Napier’s Bones - Hell and High Water
Steve Hughes - Once We Were - Part Two, Nick Johnston - Remarkably Human, Magenta - Chaos From The Stage [DVD + CD], Nathan - Nebulosa, Oak - Lighthouse, Tatvamasi - Parts of the Entirety
Gravy Train - Second Birth, Gravy Train - Staircase To The Day, Jody Grind - One Step On, Jody Grind - Far Canal
25 Yard Screamer - Keep Sending Signals, Arena - XX [DVD], Millenium - The Cinema Show [DVD], Kalle Ylitalo - Expansion, Øresund Space Collective - Visions Of...
Soen - Lykaia (Duo Review)
The Anchoress - Confessions of A Romance Novelist (special 2CD edition), Bez Taktu - Bez Taktu, Human Factor - Homo Universum, Slyde - Back Again, Verbal Delirium - The Imprisoned Words of Fear
AltaVia - Kreosote, Full Nothing - Full Nothing, How We Live - Dry Land, Lost Kite - Remains, Salva - Sigh Of Boreas, Vespero - Lique Mekwas
Leon Alvarado - The Future Left Behind, Caren Coltrane Crusade - The Bell, Hominido - Alados, Montage - Metamorphosis, The Neal Morse Band - The Similitude of a Dream, Patchwork Cacophony - Five of Cups, Shaman Elephant - Crystals, Yuka & Chronoship - The 3rd Planetary Chronicles
Barclay James Harvest - Everyone Is Everybody Else [CD/DVD], A Devil's Din - Skylight, Esquire - III - No Spare Planet, Kaipa Da Capo - Dårskapens Monotoni, Metadrive - Over Reality, Odin's Court - Deathanity R3, Richard Palmer-James - Takeaway, Thrilos - Kingdom of Dream
Arcade Messiah - III, Gemstone - Bridges, Novatia - Remind You of Yourself, Novatia - Reflection of Thoughts, Seeking Raven - Lonely Art, Seeking Raven - The Ending Collage, Darrel Treece-Birch - No More Time, Witchwood - Litanies from the Woods
Blackfield - V (Round Table Review)