Album Reviews
Agents Of Mercy - Dramarama (Duo Review), Angelzoom - Angelzoom, Believe - World Is Round, Colourphonics, The - The Colourphonics, Discipline - Live Days, Genuine Freakshow, A - Oftentimes, Koi - In Tomorrow Hid Yesterday, Mostly Autumn - Go Well, Diamond Heart, Nordagust - In The Mist Of Morning, Ocean Band, The - Couth Dictators, Ocean Mind - Alone We Walk, Together We Fly, Opium Cartel, The - Night Blooms, Pineapple Thief, The - Show A Little Love [EP], Pineapple Thief, The - Someone Here Is Live (Duo Review), Root - Bird's Eye & Tiger Striped, Salem Hill - Pennies In The Karma Jar, SBB - Blue Trance, Three Monks - Neogothic Progressive Toccatas, Transatlantic - An Evening Of Transatlantic - Whirld Tour 2010, Us - Feeding The Crocodile, Various artists - Guitars Dancing In The Light - A Tribute To Santana, Vonassi - The Battle Of Ego
Chris - Making Sense, Crippled Black Phoenix - I, Vigilante, Deep Imagination - Awareness, Deva - Between Life And Dreams, Exhibit A - Make Mine A Lobster, Hawkwind - Space Bandits, Mogwai - Special Moves, Rubin, Barbara - Under The Ice, Saeedi, Salim Ghazi - Iconophobic, Seventh Wonder - The Great Escape (Duo Review), Star One - Victims Of The Modern Age (Duo Review)
Carptree - Nymph, Chapter 10 - Songs From Ghost Ships 2, Hackett, Steve - Live Rails, Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul II, Porcupine Tree - Recordings (Duo Review), Star FK Radium - Blue Siberia, Vespero - By The Waters Of Tomorrow
Asia - Spirit Of The Night, Astronaut Down - Moths To The Flame, Coral Caves - Mitopoiesi, Engineers, The - In Praise Of More, LaBrie, James - Static Impulse (Duo Review), Science NV - Pacific Circumstances
Manning - Charlestown (RTR)
Anderson/Wakeman - The Living Tree, Awenson - Wizard, (Booth) ~ Christina - Broken Lines & Bleeding Hearts, Christina (Booth) - Broken Lines & Bleeding Hearts, Dungen - Skitt I Allt, Harrison, Gavin & Ø5Ric - Circles, Martin, Rodrigo San - There’s No Way Out, North Atlantic Oscillation - Grappling Hooks, Pocketful - Ambiguous Signs [EP], Pocketful - Evergreens [EP], Pocketful - Sparkling Revisited [EP], Pocketful - A Sparrow’s Mind [EP], Watson, Dean - Unsettled (Duo Review)
Big Big Train - Far Skies Deep Time [EP], Dianoya - Obscurity Divine, - Inside Seventh Story [DVD], Klimperei - Octogonale Impérative, Magenta - Live At Real World, Neograss - Sea Of Tranquillity, Object Permanence - Forever, Various artists - Progfest '95 (Day One) [DVD], Therion - Sitra, Touchstone - Live In The USA, UnSun - Clinic For Dolls, Widespread Panic - Dirty Side Down
Romantic Warriors (VA) - A Progressive Music Saga [DVD]
Bellas, George - The Dawn Of Time, Crimson Sky - Misunderstood, Delusion Squared - Delusion Squared, High Tide - Sea Shanties, High Tide - High Tide, Hypnos 69 - Legacy, Lloyd Langton Group, The - Night Air, Loreweaver - Imperative Auditions, Minasian, David - Random Acts Of Beauty, Morild - Time To Rest, Powerworld - Human Parasite, Pure Reason Revolution - Hammer And Anvil (Duo Review)
Gazpacho - Missa Atropos (RTR)
Crimson Glory - Strange And Beautiful, Crimson Glory - Astronomica, Crimson Glory - In Dark Places… 1986-2000, Hemina - As We Know It [EP], Mandibulbe - Praxis, Nosound - Sol29 (Special Edition), Radio Massacre International - Time & Motion, Rotor - Rotor 4, Soft Machine - Bundles, Sunchild - Invisible Line, Tinyfish - The Big Red Spark (Duo Review), Wilson, Steven - Insurgentes [DVD]
Banco - Banco, Banco - As In A Last Supper, Brown Vs Brown - Odds And Unevens, For A Minor Reflection - Höldum Í Átt Að Óreiðu, Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, The - Lookin’ For A Little Strange, Longshanks - The Return Of Longshanks, Martino, Rob - One Cloud, My Sleeping Karma - Tri, Salem Hill - Catatonia - 10th Anniversary Live, Technology Versus Horse - Bearula: The Bear Dracula, WolfSpring - WolfSpring, Wright, Gary - Connected
Glass Hammer - If (RTR)
District 97 - Hybrid Child, Ethnic Duo - En Public Au Chene Noir D'Avignon 1980, Lake, Greg - Live On The King Biscuit Flower Hour, Mind Portal - 1/1, Oceansize - Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up (Duo Review), Oho - Okinawa, Oho - Bricolage, Olive Mess - Cherdak, Psychedelic Ensemble, The - The Art Of Madness, Rausch - Rausch
Abacus - Destiny, Anthriel - The Pathway, Blue Floyd - Live In Pennsylvania, Edensong - Echoes Of Edensong: From The Studio And Stage, Fröberg, Hasse & The Musical Companion - FuturePast (Duo Review), Giles Brothers, The - 1962 > 1967, Grönholm - Eyewitness Of Life, Lehto & Wright - Children's Songs, Mushroom - Naked, Stoned & Stabbed, Paidarion - Hauras Silta, Sleepy Hollow - Legend, Sun Travellers - Excursions
An Endless Sporadic - Ameliorate [EP], An Endless Sporadic - An Endless Sporadic, Anyone's Daughter - Adonis, Ciargo, Marco - Poema Sinfónico Eléctrico, Flow, The - No Guarantees, Flying Circus - Forth & Back, Kertsman, Miguel - Time? What’s Time?, Red Orchid - Sky Is Falling [EP], Témpano - Selective Memory, Various artists - Recital For A Season's End - A Tibute To Marillion
Argos - Circles, Ark - Wild Untamed Imaginings, Colossus Project (Various artists) - Cani Arrabbiati - Opening Themes... A Tribute, Days Before Tomorrow - The Sky Is Falling, La Maschera di Cera - Petali Di Fuoco, Lava Engine - In Limbo, Psi Corps - All Roads Lead To Amber, Re-Stoned, The - Revealed Gravitation, TerraFormer - TerraFormer
Haken - Aquarius, Klone - All Seeing Eye, Klone - Black Days, Leprous - Tall Poppy Syndrome, Love De Vice - Numaterial (promo), Myrath - Hope, Myrath - Desert Call, Oceans Of Sadness - The Arrogance Of Ignorance, Sacrum - Days Of Quarantine, Serenity - Fallen Sanctuary, Shadow Gallery - Shadow Gallery, Shadow Gallery - Carved In Stone
All Over Everywhere - Inner Firmaments Decay, Dædalus Spirit Orchestra, The - Ampulla Magnifying, Dante - Saturnine, Ego - MCM Egofuturismo, Incandescent Sky - Four Faradays In A Cage, Kulju, Dave - Notes From The Margin, Matos, Alejandro - Freaks, Noëtra - Live 83, Total Station - Live At Radio Weimar, Univers Zero - Clivages
Antidepressive Delivery - The Best Of Antidepressive Delivery, Astrovoyager - Symphotronic Lunation, Aviva - Peer Gynt In Favour, El Sledge (+) - Fletcher's Last Night [EP], Hawkwind - The Xenon Codex, Hertzog, Jake Trio - Patterns, Khatsaturjan - Disconcerto Grosso, Martini Henry - End Of The Beginning, Mystery - One Among The Living, Panunzi, Stefano - A Rose, Shouse - Alone On The Sun, Spiritual Beggars - Return To Zero
Fields - Fields, Home - The Alchemist, Parlour Band, The - Is A Friend?, Ramases - Glass Top Coffin, Trifle - First Meeting
Aphrodite's Child - End Of The World, Aphrodite's Child - It's Five O'Clock, Brainticket - Psychonaut, Brainticket - Celestial Ocean, Emerson, Lake & Powell - The Sprocket Sessions, Flash - In The Can, Lake, Greg - From The Underground Vol. I, Lake, Greg - From The Underground Vol. II
Baraka - Inner Resonance, Division By Zero - Independent Harmony, Elysium Theory - Modern Alchemy, Gösta Berlings Saga - Detta Har Hänt, Grand Astoria, The - II, Hammill, Peter - In The Passionkirche [DVD], Helmet Of Gnats - High Street, Hillage, Steve Band - Live At The Gong Family Unconvention [DVD], Larsson, Lalle - Weaveworld, More, Tom - Self Evident Truths, Resonance Association, The - Heliopause Prelude [EP], Sky Architect - Excavations Of The Mind
Rush - Beyond The Lighted Stage [DVD] (RTR), Rush - Caravan [Single]
PFM - Photos Of Ghosts, PFM - The World Became The World, PFM - Chocolate Kings, PFM - Jet Lag
Demians - Mute (Duo Review), FramePictures - Remember It, Hope To Find - Still Constant [EP], Jade Warrior - Kites, Jade Warrior - Way Of The Sun, Keravel, Serge - Must, Klotet - Det Har Aldrig Hänt Och Kommer Aldrig Hända Igen, No-Man - Wild Opera (Remastered)
Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize [DVD] (RTR)
Beyond-O-Matic - Time To Get Up, Fibonacci Sequence - We Three Kings [EP], Fibonacci Sequence - Numerology, Final Sigh, The - Prologue [EP], Godsticks - Spiral Vendetta (Duo Review), Iconoclasta - Ressurrección, Martin, Rodrigo San - 1, Norlander, Erik - The Galactic Collective, Roswell Six - Terra Incognita: A Line In The Sand, San Martin, Rodrigo - 1, Urihani - Music For The Planet
Also Eden - Differences As Light [EP], Crovella, Beppe - What’s Rattlin’On The Moon, Day Six - The Grand Design, Different Strings - Victims Of Love [EP], Flash - Out Of Our Hands, Frost* - The Philadelphia Experiment, Gopal, Sam - Escalator, Kingcrow - Phlegethon, Les Batteries - Noisy Champs, Motorpsycho - Heavy Metal Fruit (Duo Review), Sam Gopal - Escalator
American Hollow - Whisper Campaign, Auto De Fe - Appomattox [EP], Bainbridge, Harvey - Dreams, Omens & Strange Encounters, Brown, Arthur ~ And Kingdom Come - Kingdom Come, Brown, Arthur ~ And Kingdom Come - Journey, Frogg Café - Bateless Edge, Mentat Routage - Mentat Routage, Osiris - Tales Of The Divers - Live, Schizoid Lloyd - Virus [EP], Vanden Plas - Seraphic Clockwork
Spock's Beard - X (RTR)
Acute Mind - Acute Mind (Duo Review), Arcadia - So Red The Rose (Special Edition), Circle Of Bards - Tales, Hawkwind - Alien 4, Mechanical Organic - Disrepair Part Two - The Pleasure Fled [EP], Mechanical Organic - Disrepair Part Three - Genesis Of A Germ [EP], Rayburn - Rayburn, Resistor - Rise, Tangent, The - A Place On The Shelf: A Special Enthusiast’s Collection, Yoso - Elements
The Pineapple Thief - Someone Here Is Missing (RTR)
Dino Haak Collective, The - Filmscore, Hawkwind - Church Of Hawkwind, Illusion [USA] - Turbulence And Tranquility, Mars Hollow - Mars Hollow, Porcelain - ...As It Were. Here And There, Psychedelic Warriors (Hawkwind) - White Zone, Sendelica - Streamedelica, Wigwam - Fairyport, Wigwam - Being, Wigwam - Live Music From The Twilight Zone
Anathema - We're Here Because We're Here (RTR)
Bown, Alan - The Alan Bown!, Bown, Alan - Listen, Bown, Alan - Stretching Out, Donaghue, Manir - Reflections, Führs And Fröhling - Ammerland, Karfagen - Solitary Sandpiper Journey, Reasoning, The - Adverse Camber, Schicke, Führs And Fröhling - Symphonic Picture, Schicke, Führs And Fröhling - Sunburst, Windmill, The - To Be Continued...
Dreaming Tree, The - Progress Has No Patience, Leigh, Geoff & Yumi Hara - Upstream, Morphelia - Waken The Nightmare, Neverness - The Measure Of Time, Vangough - Game On!, Vega, Patrick - 8 Bullets, 25 Yard Screamer - Cassandra
In A Glass House - In A Glass House, Iron Kim Style - Iron Kim Style, Kalle's World Tour - El Baterista Loco, Noetics - Delayed Back, Nurkostam - C, Section A - Sacrifice, Solstice - Spirit
Animations - Reset Your Soul, Daddy Antogna Y Los De Helio - Viva Belice, El Trio - La Blanca Y La Gris, Étron Fou Leloublan - Face Aux Elements Dechaines, Frames - Mosaik, Ovale - Slalom, Rebel Wheel, The - We Are In A Time Of Evil Clocks, Utopia (Italy) - Ice And Knives
Pain Of Salvation - Road Salt One (RTR)
Aranis - Songs From Mirage, Cleveland, Barry - Hologramatron, Copernicus - Nothing Exists, DouBt - Never Pet A Burning Dog, Gabriel, Peter - Scratch My Back, Hawkwind - Sonic Attack, Mostly Autumn - Live 2009, Soul Enema - Thin Ice Crawling
Frequency Drift - Personal Effects (Part Two), Minen, Eric - ElectroMoods, Musicos Indendentientes Asociados - Archivos Mia (1974-1985), PFM - River Of Life - The Manticore Years Anthology • 1973 -1977, Thembi - Morning Melody, Unruh, Steve - Challenging Gravity
The Enid - Journey's End (Duo Review), Jaw Wad - La Spaccadula, LaRue, Lisa ~ Project 2K9 - World Class, Lost World - Sound Source, Mother Black Cap - The English Way, Perspective X IV - Shadow Of Doubt
Steve Hackett - Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth (RTR)
Unitopia - Artificial (RTR)
Chinawhite - Challenges, Crystal Palace - Reset, Delta Red - Gama De Espectros, Flat 122 - Kagerou, Leroy, Cédric - Eologie, Nevärlläjf - Klusterfloristen, RPWL - The Gentle Art Of Music, Terraex - Somnia
Altruismos - Imagen, Arnold, Tony - Selective Hearing, Coheed And Cambria - Year Of The Black Rainbow, El Hombre Astral - Tierra, Made In Sweden - Made In England, Nautilus - Fathom, Nemesyz - Phase Zero, Nemesyz - Live Phase 0.1, Odyssice - Silence, Redd - Tristes Noticias Del Imperio
Aisles - In Sudden Walks, Amazing, The - The Amazing, Asia - Omega, Various artists - Cave of Clear Light - The Pye And Dawn Records Underground Trip 1967-1975, Jackson Heights - The Fifth Avenue Bus, Jackson Heights - Ragamuffins Fool, Jackson Heights - Bump ‘N’ Grind, Mattsson - Tango, Phased - A Sort Of Spasmic Phlegm Induced By Leaden Fumes..., Soulcage - Soul For Sale, Sweet Okay Supersister - Spiral Staircase, 1870 - Mitos De Una Resurrección
Abarax - Blue Room, Ephemeral Sun - Harvest Aorta, Gill, Michael - Blues For Lazarus, PBII - Plastic Soup, Potter, Nic And Guy Evans - The Long Hello Vol 2, Six Gallery - Breakthroughs In Modern Art, TNVVNüM - Ourobouros, Univers Zero - Relaps (Archives 1984-1986)
Colossus Project (Various artists) - Rőkstenen: A Tribute To Swedish Prog Rock Of The 70’s, Kinetic Element - Powered By Light, Legend - Ritual Echo, Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy Of A Small Man, Osada Vida - Uninvited Dreams, Parade - The Fabric, Parsons, Alan - Eye 2 Eye - Live In Madrid, T.Phan - Last Warrior
Amnesiac Quartet - Tribute To Radiohead, Electric Sorcery - Electric Sorcery II, Gak Omek, The - Nonrenormalizability, Proximal Distance - Proximal Distance, Rain Tongue - Rain Tongue, Spin 1ne 2wo - Spin 1ne 2wo, Taylor's Universe - Artificial Joy, Voodoo Monkey Child - Under A Crescent Moon
Brimstone Solar Radiation Band, The - Smorgasboard, Calvert, Robert - Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters, Canturbe - Sociedad Secreta De Melancolio, Cerebrum - Spectral Extravagance, Kaipa - In The Wake Of Evolution (Duo Review), Masal - Galgal, Quidam - Strong Together [DVD], Sin Committee, The - Confess [EP], Sky Cries Mary - Space Between The Drops, Typewriter - Pictures From The Antique Skip
Cheer Accident - Fear Draws Misfortune, Cottarelli, Mario - Prodigiosa Macchina, Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's Neverland - Ophidia, Dust Connection, The - Trails, Ergo - Multitude, Solitude, Fjieri - Endless, Get–Stas! - And Don’t Lose It…, Morse, Neal - So Many Roads (Duo Review), Roz Vitalis - Live At Mezzo Forte, Moscow - September 09, This Misery Garden - Another Great Day On Earth, Wakeman, Rick - Past, Present And Future, Zevious - After The Air Raid
Abigail’s Ghost - Live At RoSFest 2009 [DVD], Gong Global Family - Live In Brazil 20 November 2007 [DVD], Manfred Mann’s Earth Band - Then And Now [DVD], Riverside - Reality Dream [DVD] (Duo Review), Shpongle - Live In Concert At The Roundhouse 2008 [DVD], Yes - Rock Of The 70’s [DVD]
A Torn Mind - Barriers [EP], Afroskull - To Obscurity And Beyond, Causa Sui - Summer Sessions Vol. 1 - 3, Cloakwheel - This Crooked Path You’ve Drawn, Daal - Disorganicorigami, Electric Orange - Krautrock From Hell, Karmakanic & Agents Of Mercy - The Power Of Two - Live USA, Qantum - Les Temps Oublies, Quicksilver Messenger Service - Quarter Note Lounge 26 July 1977, Scratches, The - Screaming Softly, Yang - Machines
Big Robot - Aquafit, Clouser, Cary - Finger Paintings, Flash Range - On The Way [EP], - Seventh Story, Jack Yello - Xeric, Psi Corps - Tekeli-li, Random Touch - A Way From The Heard, Relocator - Relocator, Rosa Luxemburg - I & II, Sherwood, Billy - Oneirology, Tabula Smaragdina - A Szavakon Túl, Taurus & Pisces - Inertia
Alamaailman Vasarat - Huuro Kolkko, Barstool Philosophers, The - Sparrows, Feuillerat, Olivier Projekt - Stories For An Open Mind, Karnataka - The Gathering Light, Maudlin Of The Well - Part The Second, Moonlight Sky - I Am, Moonlight Sky - Moonlight Sky, Motion Theory - Featherhead, Øresund Space Collective - Good Planets Are Hard To Find, Quinn, Asher - Forgotten Language Of The Heart, Supernal Endgame - Touch The Sky - Volume I, Watch, The - Planet Earth?
Andeavor - Once Upon A Time, Andeavor - The Darkest Tear, Aspera - Ripples, At War With Self - A Familiar Path, AtmOsfear - Zenith, A.W.A.X - Le Larmes Du Monde, Echoes - Nature|Existence, Freedom Call - Legend Of The Shadowking, Matos, André - Mentalize, Odd Logic - Legends Of Monta Part II, Proghma-C - Bar-do Travel, Prymary - The Enemy Inside, Seventh Wonder - Mercy Falls, Vitriol - Vitriol [EP], Votum - Metafiction
Acanthe - Someone Somewhere, Airbag - Identity, Eloy - Visionary, Frost* - FrostFest Live, Half Past Four - Rabbit In The Vestibule, Living, The - Bedd Tracks [EP], Sententia - The Center In The Sand, Shadow Circus - Whispers And Screams, Thunderclap Newman - Hollywood Dream, Upsilon Acrux - Radian Futura
Fantasmagoria - Day And Night, Höstsonaten - Autumnsymphony, IOEarth - IOEarth, Ixion - Garden Of Eden, Izz - The Darkened Room, Jelonek - Jelonek, Morse, Steve & Band - Outstanding In Their Field, Phillips, Anthony - Missing Links Volume IV: Pathways & Promenades, Sendelica - The Girl From The Future..., Svilpa, Robert & Paraesthesia - A Fine Line Between..., Threshold - Paradox - The Singles Collection, Yam - Assumptions
Banks, Peter - Two Sides Of Peter Banks, Fairclough & Youell - Momentarily, Flash - Flash, Mindgames - MMX, Moraine - Manifest Density, Product - Earth, Sinfield, Pete - Still Life, Yamashta, Stomu - Go Too
Harvest - Underground Community, Nurkostam - XIII, Nurkostam - III Of Dreamers, Odessa - The Final Day, Procosmian Fannyfiddlers - Requiem Fatigue, Unified Past - Tense, Vestal - Symbiosis
Behind The Sun - Behind The Sun, Colbeck, Julian, With Jonathan Cohen - Back To Bach, 'Igginbottom's Wrench - 'Igginbottom's Wrench, Jupiter Society - Terraform, Maze Of Time - Lullaby For Heroes, Way, Darryl - Concerto For Electric Violin, 3rd World Electric - Kilimanjaro Secret Brew
Gazpacho - A Night At Loreley [DVD/CD], Harrington, Dave - The Last Days Of Lucidity, Headspace - I Am…[EP], Idle Hours - Headlong [EP], Marsh, Rhys and the Autumn Ghost - The Fragile State Of Inbetween, Marsh, Rhys and the Autumn Ghost - Dulcima, Moongarden - A Vulgar Display Of Prog, Sunrise Sunset Project - Sunrise Sunset, Syzygy - Realms Of Eternity, Trusties - Human Wheel
Ars Nova - Seventh Hell - La Vénus Endormie, Cross - The Thrill Of Nothingness, Eyes On Infinity - Frail'ty, Pravda - Monophobic, Random Hold - View With Suspicion, Resonance Association, The - Clarity In Darkness, Tan Zero - We Can't Imagine
Baliset - A Time For Rust, Colossus Project (Various artists) - Dante’s Purgatorio - The Divine Comedy - Part II, Factory Of Dreams - A Strange Utopia, Mandalaband III - BC Ancestors, Morgan - Nova Solis, Thompson, Allister - Shadowlands, Vespero - Surpassing All Kings
Anderson, Matthew - Merciless Ocean, Barclay James Harvest - Sea Of Tranquility - The Polydor Years • 1974-1997, Camel - I Can See Your House From Here, Camel - Nude, Camel - Pressure Points, Colourblind - Spectre, Exivious - Exivious, Gilgamesh - Another Fine Tune You’ve Got Me Into, Mały Leksykon Wielkich Zespołów - 15th Anniversary 3 CD Compilation Album, National Health - National Health, National Health - Of Queues And Cures, Oceansize - Home & Minor [EP], Parallel Or 90 Degrees - Jitters, Soft Heap - Soft Heap, Time Will Tell - Visionography, Mały Leksykon Wielkich Zespołów - 15th Anniversary 3 CD Compilation Album
Ajalon - This Good Place, Banks, Tony - A Curious Feeling, Big Big Train - The Underfall Yard, Bodin, Tomas - Cinematograaf, Continuum - Lifeless Ocean, Craig, Jamie - Illumination, Eggs & Dogs - You Are, Epica - Design Your Universe, Isis - Wavering Radiant, It’s The End - It’s The End, Locomotive Speaker - Moon’s Reminyl, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band - Bootleg Archives Volumes 1-5, No-Man - Mixedtaped [DVD], Panic Room - Satellite, Slapp Happy - Live In Japan - May 2000