Timothy Pure - Island of the Misfit Toys (2000)

Introduction by Jerry van Kooten

When I reviewed this album in 2000 I called it a masterpiece and rated it 10/10, expecting it to stay in the top-something-of-all-time for many years to come.

While my musical taste has shifted (drifted, some would say) and seen different musical styles, my current main prog interest is in the post rock field. I still find that label useless and didn't know the term at all when I first listened to this album, it now appears that I was already into post rock at the time: intense music, carefully building the atmosphere with melodic soundscapes and awesome melodies.

Island of the Misfit Toys is still on my playlist and I enjoy it as much as I did back then. I guess I was right with my rating, this was one to stay.

From  the DPRP review archives, read Jerry's original review of Island of the Misfit Toys in 2000.
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Watch a video of the track Playground Politics.
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