Martin Orford - The Old Road (2008)

Introduction by Martin Burns

I recently went to see IQ in concert and witnessed a fine set. On the journey home, my thoughts turned to this album by ex-IQ founder Martin Orford. Playing The Old Road for the first time in a while, I was struck by how fabulous it is.

You can point to this album and say: “Listen to this... this is why I love prog rock!” Music so abundantly melodic that it easily pulls off the balancing act of feeling up-to-date, whilst taking inspiration from the classics of prog. It is full of playful instrumentation and lyrical detail. You wish it had just one more track every time the album comes to a close. It is an album that for once lives up to its super-group line up (see the review), because of the focus that Martin Orford gives to every detail. I can only add to Mark Hughes’ closing comment: Martin, you are still missed.

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