This is our list of long songs, one of the reasons progressive rock's notoriety. We started this in the 1990s and it just grew and grew.

The following rules apply to entries on the Long Songs List:

  • The songs are 15:00 minutes or longer.
  • The songs has to be released on an album or be available somewhere. Single releases on bandcamp are allowed too.
  • No classical music; let's try and keep things interesting for our readers, so it's rock music in the broadest sense of the word. OK, so Klaus Schulze will always be subject to discussions.
  • Only studio recordings are allowed, no live versions.
  • If more than one studio recording exists, only the longest version counts. (For example: Porcupine Tree - Moonloop).
  • Only original songs, no covers or re-mixes.
  • Compositions that are divided into separate parts due to the limitations of vinyl LPs, count as one song. For example: Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells counts as one track of 48 minutes.
  • Suites that consist of several parts but are consecutive and are referred to as one song, count as one song. Examples: Pendragon - Queen Of Hearts, Spock's Beard - Healing Colours Of Sound, and Dream Theater - A Mind Beside Itself are all included.
  • Songs that are divided into non-continuous parts, for no obvious reason, count as seperate songs. For example: Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways is split in two sections, but both are over 15 minutes long, so they are both included. Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond is not included because both parts are under 15 minutes.
  • Concept albums that have several tracks that are referred to separately, do not count as one song and will not be included. Examples: Marillion - Misplaced Childhood, The Who - Tommy, Dream Theater - Metropolis Part Two etcetera.
  • Rock operas and musicals will not be included as one piece when there's talking between the "songs".
  • It does not matter what the CD player says: several songs without CD index codes may seem one track, but still are separate songs; and one song might be split over several CD index codes, but it still is one track.
  • In addition to weird CD indexing policies: it's music only that counts. A song of 6 minutes, then ten minutes of silence, and then another song of 2 minutes does not count for 18 minutes.

If you know of a song that is not on the list but should, please let us know! (This link opens in a new window.)

Here's a list of items that are rejected from the list because they are not following the above rules: