Mattias Norén's Art Corner Converted - Issues 25 to 30

The Art Corner was a series of articles by graphic artist Mattias Norén. He was part of the DPRP team and designed the layout we had at the time. In this series, Mattias reviewed the artwork of albums. The series started in January 1999 and ran for about 18 months, during which 38 issues were published.

After a layout change and move from the old dprp.vuurwerk.nl domain to our own dprp.net domain, something in the index files went wrong, and all links to the articles were gone. The articles were still there, but no one could find them unless you had a direct link. With the latest layout change, we've started converting old articles, and make long-lost articles like The Art Corner available again.

The fifth batch of six issues in this series has been converted, all now covered here in the Features category.

Mattias has been a renowned graphic designer for many years now and has made a large number of album covers and band logos. Check out his website!

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