Interviews Converted: 2016

By changing the whole layout (implemented in 2021) and moving the server scripts to another framework at the same time, we knew it would take some time to have all old articles available again. Through the years we have used different systems and frameworks, so different conversion steps are required. It was too hard to make everything available at the same time, so we had to hide old articles until we could convert them in batches.

But we're getting there, slowly! We're taking the opportunity to, wherever possible or applicable, add new info and refresh photos (mainly larger ones).

We've now converted the interviews that were published in 2016 into the new system and layout.

Check out the links below for interviews with Alan White of Yes, Robert Reed and Andy Edwards of Kiama, Tom MacLean (To-Mera, Euphonia, Psion), Eyevory, Ethernity, and Jan Zehrfeld of Panzerballett!