Counting Out Time Articles Converted

In 1999, DPRP published a series of articles, roughly one per week, highlighting an album from a certain year, starting in 1967 and counting out time until 1999, published shortly before the year 2000.

We received a huge amount of positive feedback from our readers, including artists themselves, like Mike Portnoy. Team members founds the concept great too, and wanted to continue. For this, we started a series entitled Milestones

We've now converted these articles into the new layout and moved the separate category into a series under Album Reviews.

The Original Counting Out Time Intro

This year, until the year 2000, every week a special album will be reviewed. By doing that we're counting out time ... until 2000.

The albums which will be reviewed are either milestones in the history of progressive rock, or good examples of the catalogue of a certain band. Of course, we cannot review every special album, and we cannot satisfy everyone's taste with our choices, which will be revealed over the year.

Our goal with this list of albums, is to show the quality and the diversity of different groups and different styles. So you won't find 6 Pink Floyd-albums, or 5 Genesis-albums, even though these bands have recorded many classics.

On this list, (almost) every week a new year is reviewed. For some years we will use two weeks, but at the end of December we will have reviews of every year, including the "dark" eighties...

We hope you will have lots of fun in the coming weeks with this selection of special albums that had been selected by the DPRP-team, especially for you!

Counting Out Time Articles

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