New Layout!

After several months of designing, restructuring, and scripting, DPRP.net finally has a new layout! 😃

Screen Sizes

The site should be properly readable on different screen sizes. On larger screens, the menu is visible on the left, on smaller screens it can be opened using the 'hamburger' menu in the left of the top bar. The top bar moves up out of view when you scroll the page up a bit to give you more space for text to read. (It comes back down when you go up again, of course...)

Dark Mode

The site has a dark or light mode based on your system settings, when your browser supports this. (In the future we might add this as a setting.) We hope the colour setting adds to the reading experience.


We've changed the DPRP logo, and with the rest of the layout and design we like to think we've created a clear design where readability has come first. We've found use for the hat design in making it the official avatar.


We've restructured the articles a bit. The menu is shorter, as you can see, with just three main categories: Album Review, Concert Reviews, and Features (which is everything else, basically).

Some older categories have gone, but not the articles! All those articles have been moved into the remaining categories. For example, the Forgotten Sons articles were in Prog History and are now under Features. All articles from Counting Out Time are in the Album Reviews categories as a series. The articles in the former Interviews section will be converted and will return under Features.

There will be easier ways to find articles by series later on.

Quite a big list of old articles need to be converted. Several of those were OK enough to show right away but will look a little weird until they are converted. The rest will be available again after conversion.

Behind The Scenes

Another huge part of the change has been done behind the scenes, the scripts on the server. It will make future changes a lot easier.

What's Next?

We mentioned the conversion of older articles above, but we have more to do.

DPRP.net you're looking at right now has taken a lot of time. But we're not done. We wanted to release this layout, but we know some small things will change, when we get feedback from our readers, that's you. There will always be things to improve.

For now, we're just both very happy and very proud that this huge task has been finished, and the results have been released. We hope you like it!