Art Corner

Everon — Fantasma


Art, concept, design and illustrations by: Gregory Bridges

Photos by: Ulf Thürmann

Electronic images by: Willebrord

Design / Composition 3,5
Technical skill 4,5
Connection to the music 3,5
Logotype 4
Typography 3
Booklet 4
Disc print 3

Score: 3,6


This is the fourth release from Everon, and just like before Gregory Bridges from Australia has supplied the artwork. I think this is his weakest Everon cover so far. Actually I think the painting in the middle of the booklet would have served as a better cover. Still Bridges is a highly skilled artist and I admire his work very much.

I have heard that the first printed version of the booklet should have had some problems with the quality. I'm not sure if I have this first version, but if I do I really would like to see the second version, cause the booklet I have looks very good to me.

Review by Mattias Norén

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