About DPRP



Unlike with most websites, we are not asking you to accept cookies that store information to track your movement across DPRP.net or let other sites know that you've been here.

That is because we are not storing cookies.

We don't use cookies at all (other than the so-called session cookie), simply because it's not necessary to run the site. We're not interested in tracking your movements, and we are absolutely never interested in giving or selling data like that to third parties.

The session cookie exists for the time you are visiting DPRP and will be deleted by your browser automatically.


We're hosting almost all of the content here on DPRP.net. Third-party components like JavaScript and fonts are stored on our own server, which means your browser is not going to tell those other sites that your are visiting DPRP.net.

The YouTube videos with the reviews fetch an image. That might be caught on by YouTube (ie. Google) so we're thinking of turning that into an opt-in. But you're not running any YouTube script until you click on Play for the video.

About DPRP