About DPRP

Table Of Contents

  • Contact — how to contact us
  • Copyright — how we deal with copyright on DPRP.net
  • Credits — about us, the team
  • History — a brief history of DPRP.net
  • Album Reviews — how the Album Reviews works, how to send us your music for a review
  • Technical — about the technical side of things, like cookies
  • FAQ — answers to several frequently asked questions

In General

DPRP.net has been a source of information in the field of progressive rock since its foundation in 1995.

In this section you can find more information about DPRP.net.


The statistics for 2023:

  • 1.24 million page views (2020: 1.33 million, 2021: 1.44 million, 2022: 1.17 million)
  • 18.000 regular visitors per month (2020: 20.000, 2021: 19.000, 2022: 17.000)
  • 117 album review issues and features published (2020: 152, 2021: 194, 2022: 149)
  • 510 albums reviews (2020: 556, 2021: 597, 2022: 582)

The monthly average means that there were 18.000 unique visitors on average. The uniqueness of visitors is determined per month and not per year.

Money, Sponsors, Advertising

In the past, we've been sponsored by web hosting companies providing free web space. Since 2018 we're paying for it ourselves.

You'll see no Google advertising on DPRP.net. First we think it's ugly and second it would give Google a way to track you. There might be a banner now and then, which will always be related to the musical genres we write about and hosted on our own server.