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Last Updated: Sunday, 31 January 2016

In the latest update (Issue 2016-004, 31 January 2016): Reviews of Amarok, East West Quintet, Impulse Ensemble, Kinetic Element, Esa Kotilainen, Leap Day, Melted Space, Steve Merlin, Carlo Peluso, and Preacher!

In the previous update (Issue 2016-003, 24 January 2016): Reviews of The Aristocrats, Evenstate, Eyes of Blue, Eyes of Blue, The Fractured Dimension, Odetosun, Quorum, John Wetton, and Steven Wilson (Duo Review)!

Older updates:

Issue 2016-002, 17 January 2016: Reviews of The Keith Emerson Trio, Field Of Vision, The Group 309, Greg Lake & Geoff Downes, Malrun, Necromonkey, Rendezvous Point, Sea Vine, Tijad, and Vermilion!

Issue 2016-001, 10 January 2016: Reviews of The Anagram Principle, Barock Project, Blank Manuskript, Box Of Shamans, Last Flight to Pluto, Melli Mau & Martin Schnella, Methodica, Quanah Parker, Quanah Parker, Spock's Beard, and Yak!

Issue 2015-95, 31 December 2015 - New Year's Special: A huge New Year's Special with reviews of Ad Astra, Akinetón Retard, Australasia, Cairo, John Hackett, Halma, Knight Area, Andrew Laitres, Phantasmagoria, Runaway Totem, Shattered Skies, Dave Sturt, Tamarisk, Three Wise Monkeys, Trailight, Umpfel, Volvox, Adrian Weiss, We Stood Like Kings, and Zip Tang!

Issue 2015-94, 27 December 2015: Reviews of Aronora, Audiolepsia, Filter-Kaffee, Kevin Kastning, Krautzone, Major Parkinson, Mythos, The Ocean / Mono, Pyramaxx, and Sweet Billy Pilgrim!

Issue 2015-93, 24 December 2015: Christmas Special with reviews of The Aaron Clift Experiment, The Badge, Elleven, Entity, Ice Age, Invocatio Musicalis, Mimes on Rollercoasters, Øresund Space Collective, Pandora Snail, Quantum Fantay, Seconds Before Landing, Sequentia Legenda, Shady Lane, Solar Project, and Stephen W Tayler!

Issue 2015-92, 20 December 2015: Reviews of Advent, Agent Fresco, Hands, Personal Signet, Phi, Profusion, Stefano Orlando Puracchio, PyT, Scarlet Stories, and Wrupk Urei!

Issue 2015-91, 17 December 2015: Reviews of Anathema, Chickencage Experience, Consider the Source, The Hallucinant Telepherique, Kayanis, Magenta, Mechanical Butterfly, Mile Marker Zero, Red Circuit, and Sunchild!

Issue 2015-90, 13 December 2015: Reviews of The Cellar and Point, Happy Family, KES, Moonwagon, La Nuova Creazione, Parvaaz, Richard Pinhas, RPWL, Schnellertollermeier, and Spiral!

Issue 2015-89, 10 December 2015: Reviews of Antimatter, William D Drake, God's Bow, Helfir, Miriodor, Omrade, Present (two reviews), Sonar, and Tiresia Raptus!

Issue 2015-88, 6 December 2015 - Solaris Special: This is part of the Solaris special comprising an interview, a live review, and reviews of ten albums!

Issue 2015-87, 3 December 2015: Reviews of The Aqualung, Ashen Waves, Colin Bass, Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder (2 reviews), Eureka, Shepherds Of Cassini, Spettri, Theo Travis' Double Talk, and Underfate!

Issue 2015-86, 26 November 2015: Reviews of Built for the Future, Happy55, Renaud Louis-Servais Group, Marquette, Mats/Morgan, Orion, Sintonia Distorta, Subsignal, Tohpati, and Unified Past!

Issue 2015-85, 22 November 2015: Reviews of Annot Rhül, Halo Tora, Kalisantrope, Maat Lander, Moraz Alban Project, Mystery, Napier's Bones, Oceanwake, Pictures for an Exhibition (Картинки к выставки), and The Secret Sits!

Issue 2015-84, 19 November 2015: Reviews of Agusa, And So I Watch You From Afar, El Tubo Elástico, Guapo, Jane Getter Premonition, Montresor, Opensight, Osanna, Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier, and Sithonia!

Issue 2015-83, 15 November 2015: Reviews of Abigail's Ghost, Adramelch, Caligula's Horse, Exxasens, Hillward, Elmo Karjalainen, Kyrbgrinder, Pagan's Mind, Panzerballett, Queensrÿche, Rite of Passage, and Starquake!

Issue 2015-82, 12 November 2015: Reviews of Barracuda Triangle, Comedy Of Errors (Duo Review), Gentleman Surfer (two albums review), Level Pi, Lucifer's Friend, The Nerve Institute, OH., and Zion!

Issue 2015-81, 8 November 2015: Round Table Review of Gazpacho's new album Molok!

Issue 2015-80, 5 November 2015: Reviews of The Arc Light Sessions, Cherry Choke, The Dreaming Tree, Forest Field, Luc Henrion, Eddie Mulder, Sammal, Valentine, a Various Artists compilation with prog from Argentina, and in a new reviews sub-section called Filling the Gaps (with reviews of albums that we missed or were released when the world didn't have DPRP): Dream Theater's Awake!

Issue 2015-79, 1 November 2015: Reviews of Audience (2 reviews), The Bob Lazar Story, Fernwood, Rupert Hine, Ichthyander Dad's Only Dolphin, Ifsounds, Lonely Robot, Alberto Rigoni, and Teramaze!

Issue 2015-78, 25 October 2015: Reviews of Chrome Hoof, Diatessaron, Esosome (2 reviews), Feat.Esserelà, Fusonic, Guide to Bizarre Bahavior, Inner Odyssey, Anthony Phillips, and Zoltan!

Issue 2015-77, 22 October 2015: Reviews of Adimiron, Atmospheres, Dave Bainbridge, Barren Earth, Conqueror, The Dystopian Project, LVTVM, Procol Harum (2 reviews), and Tom Slatter!

Issue 2015-76, 18 October 2015 - Record-Breaking Issue: 660 Reviews This Year!: Duo Review of Nad Sylvan's latest album, making up a DPRP record-breaking reviews issue because we have never had this many reviews per year: 660! And there's still more than two months to go!

Issue 2015-75, 15 October 2015: Reviews of Albion, Tony Banks, The BlueMoon Projects, Pete Brown, Final Step (2 reviews), Steve Hackett, IZZ (Duo Review), and Whitewater!

Issue 2015-74, 11 October 2015: Reviews of Mick Abrahams, Animal Version, La Batteria, Kalamata, The Lost Generation, Lunocode, Marbin, Perfect Beings, Malcolm Smith, and XaDu!

Issue 2015-73, 3 October 2015: Reviews of Aldo Pinelli solo and three albums by his band Habitat!

Issue 2015-72, 1 October 2015: Reviews of Argos, Bleeding, Mabel Greer's Toyshop, Merry Go Round, Thieves' Kitchen, and Vly!

Issue 2015-71, 27 September 2015: Reviews of Crépuscule, Deep Thought, Jhimm, Khatsaturjan, Magellan, No Brain Cell, No More Pain, Tesseract, Uphill Work, and While Heaven Wept!

Issue 2015-70, 24 September 2015: Reviews of Anekdoten (Duo Review), Echolyn (Duo Review), Neal Morse (Duo Review), Symphony X (Duo Review), and T (Duo Review)!

Issue 2015-69, 17 September 2015: Reviews of Abstrakt, Gekko Projekt, The Mercury Tree, Overview Effect, Saelig Oya, Spring, Unreal City, Vespero, Voiciano, and Zaria!

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