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The articles in this section focus on several aspects in the history of progressive rock: a band, an album, a sub-genre, or other elements. It incorporates articles from some of our older sections and now, with some new ideas, new writers, and more prog history under our belt, we saw the chance to revive this section under a new name and add new articles.

The Counting Out Time series (taken from the section with that name) focused on the milestones of prog and we covered 1967 - 1999 while counting down to the new milennium. Several articles were added after that, in the Milestones series, and new articles will be added. The Forgotten Sons section was a series of articles that originally ran between 2001-2008, looking back at some of the lesser known bands of prog's early years. All these articles have now been united under this new Prog History banner.


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