Long Songs List : Rejections

records found: 106

artistsongyearalbumreason for rejection
AetherA Night on Bald Mountain2002Inner Voyages Between Our ShadowsCover song
Alrune RodAlrune Rod1969Alrune's Rodjust 10 minutes
Alrune RodBjergsangen1969Alrune's Rodjust 11 min 57
Alrune RodNatskyggevej1969Alrune's Rodjust 9 min 55
Alrune RodRejsen Hjem1969Alrune's Rodjust 13 min 23
AngeDignite1977-Live recording.
Ash Ra TempelEcho Waves1998@shrare-recording
Ash Ra TempelFour Guitars2002@shra vol. 2re-recording
Ash Ra TempelGin Rosť2000Gin Rosť at the Royal Festival Halllive version
Ash Ra TempelTwelve Samples1998@shrare-recording
AyreonThe Human Equation2004The Human Equationmultiple tracks
Black Boned AngelSupereclipse III2003Supereclipsejust 14 min 41 sec.
black majestysands of time1998unknown5 minutes 40
blink 182Family Reunion1999Unknown
BongripperHippie killer2007Hippie killer10 songs. Two songs over 15 min were added
BorisFlood2000Flood4 tracks
breakdancing ronald reagancotton ball2006cotton ballit's not music, is it? just 24 hrs of hissing nois
BTSasha's Voyage of Ima1996ImaAlbum remix by Sasha
CamelThe Hour Candle (A Song For My Father)1996-14 minutes of ocean sounds
CliffhangerMoon1996Not to Be or Not to Be!just 4 min 16
Cornelius CardewTreatise1999Treatiseclassical/chamber music
deep purplespace truckin'1973made in japanLive recording.
devil dollthe girl who was... death1989the girl who was... deathIt's in the list for 38:43. The rest is silence
DJ ShadowCamel Bobsled Race2006Camel Bobsled Race (Q-Bert Live Mix)
DJ ShadowFunky Skunk2005Funky Skunk
Don McleanAmerican Pie1971American Pie
Dream Theater12 Step Suite2009Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence/Train Of Thought/Octavarium/Systematic Chaos/Black Clouds And...Different songs on different albums
Dream TheaterA Nightmare to Remember2009Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Dream TheaterScenes From a Memory1999Scenes From a Memoryconcept album
Dream TheaterThe Ministry of Lost Souls2007Systematic Chaos- special editionalbum version 14.57
EntactogenMixotic 012 Organic1977Unknownmix album with more than one song
Fates WarningPleasant Shade Of Grey1997PLeasant Shade Of GreyConcept Album
FaunaThe Hunt2007The Hunt7 tracks. Track 4 the scent is 17.32. that's added
Franke, ChristopherCircular Signs Suite1992-Live version
Frost*Wonderland2008Experiments in Mass Appealcontaines several minutes of silence
Glass HarpCan You See Me1997Live At Carnegie HallLive recording.
Golden EarringEight Miles High1970Eight Miles HighCover song. Thanks Pete!
Gov't MuleBlind Man in the Dark2003The Deepest EndLive version
Green DayJesus of Suburbia2005American IdiotJust 9.08
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys1988unknownsorry, just 13:38 according to helloween's site
IQThe Last Human Gateway1985Nine In A Pond Is HereLive/Rehearsal version
Jean Michel JarreOxygene1977Oxygene6 songs
Junkie XLFuture In Computer Hell1998Saturday Teenage Kickjust 8.03
KalisiaCybion2009Cybion20 tracks
king crimsonlevel five2000unknown
king crimsonthe sheltering1999unknown
klaus schulzevanity of sounds2000unknown4 songs
Led Zeppelindazed & confused1972how th west was wonLive medley with other tracks
Led Zeppelinmoby dick1972how the west was wonLive. Original version 4 minutes (Led Zeppelin II)
Led Zeppelinwhole lotta love1972how the west was wonLive medley with other tracks
linkin parkhigh voltage2004hybrid theory [japan bonus cd]6.17
Louis Clark(per-spek-tiv)n1979(per-spek-tiv)n16 songs
MarillionMisplaced Childhood1985Misplaced ChildhoodConcept Album
MarillionThe Great Escape (Spiral Remake)1994Bravethe song is only four minutes
Meat LoafBat out of Hell1977Bat out of Hell7 songs
Meat LoafFor Crying out Loud1997Bat out of Helljust 8.44 others are live recordings
MeshuggahCatch-332005Catch-33Album of 13 songs
metallicahelpless/the small hours/the wait/crash course in brain surgery/last caress [studio medley]2008unknown, found on limewireMedley of different songs
Mothers of InventionKing Kong1968Uncle Meatsix interpretations of the same song
Napalm DeathYou Suffer1987ScumSorry,.......just 4 seconds
Neal Morse? (questionmark)2005?12 tracks
Nine Inch NailsGhosts I2008Ghosts I-IV36 songs
Nine Inch NailsGhosts II2008Ghosts I-IV36 songs
Nine Inch NailsGhosts III2008Ghosts I-IV36 songs
Oldfield, MikeIncantations1978Incantations4 seperate compositions
Oldfield, MikeThe Orchestral Tubular Bells1974The Orchestral Tubular Bellstechnically speaking a live version
pink floyda saucerful of secrets1968a saucerful of secrets11.57
pink floydanimals1977animalsmore than one song
pink floyddelicate sound of thunder1976unknown
Pink FloydEchoes2001Echoes the best of Pink FloydNew edit of track that is already included
Pink FloydShine On You Crazy Diamond1975Wish You Were HereTwo seperate songs on the album
Porcupine TreeMoonloop (Unedited)2001Transmission IVlive improv
Porcupine TreeVoyage 341993Voyage 34: The Complete Trip4 seperate compositions
ProjeKct Two (a King Crimson fractal)Lost In Space1998Space GrooveNo song with that title
ProjeKct Two (a King Crimson fractal)The Planet Zarg Quartet1998Space GrooveThere is no song with that title
Psychic TVKondole1989Kondole
Schulze, KlausThe Dome Event1993-live performance
Shadow GalleryFirst Light2001Legacysong is only 22minutes, with 8 minutes silence
Spooky SoundsSpooky Sounds2007Spooky Sounds
status quoforty-five hundred times1978unknownLive recording. Album version is 9.54 minutes
Sugarhill GangRapper's Delight1979Single Releaselongest version is 14:37
teh pwnererteh noob song2004pwnagejust 2.24 minutes
The Allma BrothersMountain Jam1990Live at Ludlow Garage 1970
The Axis Of PerditionGrief Of The Unclean2009Urfesix tracks
The Axis Of PerditionThe Great Unwashed2009Urfesix tracks
The BeatlesFly On the Wall2003Let It Be...NakedThe "Get back" sessions. Not one song.
The Crystal MethodDrive: Nike+ Original Run2006Drive: Nike+ Original Run12 songs mixed together
The Dave Brubeck QuartetElementals1964Time Changespure jazz
The Mars VoltaCicatriz Esp2003The Mars Volta - Livelive
the smashing pumpkinsgossamer2008live at rock am ringLive recording.
Thelonious MonkJapanese Folk Song [Kojo No Tsuki]1951Straight, No Chaserpure jazz
ToolDisgustipated1993Undertowjust 10 minutes. Thanks Chris ;--)
Toru TakemitsuQuotation of Dream1998Quotation of Dreamclassical/chamber music
TransatlanticIn Held2000SMPTeCover song
Transatlanticin held 't was in I2000SMPTeProcol Harum cover
TransatlanticShine on you Crazy Diamond2001Bridge Across Forever Bonus DiscCover song
Twelfth NightSequences2006A Midsummer's Night Dreamlive
UnderworldAnsum2002AnsumNot to be confirmed
UnderworldImprovisation1996European Club Gig GermanyLive recording.
UnknownBlue Danube1800Unknown
Van der Graaf GeneratorThe Emperor in His War-Room1970H to He, Who Am the Only Oneactual songs is only 9 minutes
VesaniaInlustra Nigror2005God The LuxIncludes 20 minutes of silence
Winter, Edgartobacco road1971road work white trashLive. Original version 4 minutes (Entrance 1970)
XTCSKYLARKING1986SKYLARKINGA collection of 14 short songs
X|kOutra2006OutraNot to be confirmed. Need more info

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