Below you will find an evaluation of the 2012 poll results.

As always we have a number of great prizes to be raffled among the entrants (see the list Here). DPRP would like to thank all the labels and artists who generously donated prizes.

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The number of participants in the 2012 poll was 723.

1United States127 17.57%
2United Kingdom102 14.11%
3Netherlands98 13.55%
4Sweden42 5.81%
5Canada37 5.12%

Click HERE to view all participant countries.

#AgeVotes Percentage
110 - 1911 1.52%
220 - 2962 8.58%
330 - 39113 15.63%
440 - 49232 32.09%
550 - 59201 27.80%
660 - 6923 3.18%

With 723 participants this is the best result since our 2009 poll but still a good way off the highest number of submissions ever, 1,045 in 2007. We've tried hard to make people aware of the poll this year and it has paid off to some extent. Clearly there are still plenty of fans of the genre listening to and enjoying prog but getting them to express their views in a poll isn't easy. Maybe the simple answer is that polls don't work for everyone, possibly as some of the less well known artists get marginalised by the more popular bands.

A surprising turn this year is the fall in the vote from those living in The Netherlands, a drop of over 16%, but this is more than outweighed by a massive 60% increase in participants from the United States. With the United Kingdom vote rising only slightly there has been a large swing to votes from North America which now comprises over 22% of the total vote. Votes from Europe make up almost 60% of the total while the Americas comprise just over 25%. Less than 5% of the vote is from Asia, The Middle East and Australasia with one single vote from Africa - "hello and thank you!".

This year saw a slight rise in the teenage vote which is encouraging while the 20s vote dropped slightly, probably as people passed the 30 mark as that vote rose slightly. 10% of the submissions came from under 30s. The vote from people in their 40s was almost the same but there has been a large increase in participation from those in theor 50s and 60s. As a group we're definitely getting older, which is a shame, and despite the increased profile younger fans aren't appearing in any great number. 80 votes, 11% chose not to state their age and the average age of those who chose to give it was 44.64, an increase on last year's 42.44.

The age range this year is from 15 to 65. (I suspect that the voter who claimed to be in their 90s was exagerating somewhat!)

Best Albums

In total a massive 605 different albums were voted for this year, 25 up on last year, showing the breadth of listening amongst our readers and the huge array of genre related albums produced in what has turned out to be a headline year. Below you will find the Top 10.

Links have been provided to the DPRP reviews of these albums.

Big Big Train - English Electric (Part One) - Click here to vist the website
NrBand AlbumVotes PercentageWeighted Points
01Big Big Train English Electric (Part One) 24133.33%1704
02The Flower Kings Banks Of Eden231 31.95%1459
03Marillion Sounds That Can't Be Made 21229.18%1439
04Anathema Weather Systems 20728.60%1415
05Rush Clockwork Angels 18826.00%1213
06echolyn echolyn 15521.43%1053
07Änglagård Viljans Öga 13017.98%850
08Neal Morse Momentum 13919.22%843
09Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited II 12417.15%751
10Flying Colors Flying Colors 12116.73%678
11Mystery Thw World Is A Game116 16.04%666
12Storm Corrosion Storm Corrosion124 17.15%651
13Gazpacho March Of Ghosts 10714.79%564
14It Bites Map Of The Past 9513.13%520
15RPWL Beyond Man And Time100 13.83%508
16Sylvan Sceneries 719.82%411
17Galahad Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria 60 8.29%389
18Threshold March Of Progress 73 10.09%372
19Galahad Battle Scars 69 9.54%369
20Headspace I Am Anonymous 598.16%358
21Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion Powerplay 446.08%351
22Ian Anderson Thick As A Brick 2 71 9.82%344
23Kaipa Vittjar 638.71%342
24Beardfish The Void 689.40%323
25I And Thou Speak 577.88%322
Some quick explanations about the calculations. 'Votes' are the number of people who voted for a specific album, regardless if it was their number 1 or number 10. 'Percentage' is the percentage of all participants that voted for an album. The 'Weighted Points' are calculated based on the ranking of the (max) 10 albums the participants voted for; their number 1 got 10 points, number 2 got 9 points, etc. 'Weighted Points' is the sum of these points.

Big Big Train's English Electric (Part One) tops this years poll with the highest number of individual votes received, 241, which also equates to the highest weighted score. Will this situation continue next year with the release of the second part of English Electric in March 2013? The Flower Kings also polled well for their comeback album, Banks of Eden. Marillion did well with Sounds That Can't Be Made but along with other albums in the Top 25, most noticeably Rush's Clockwork Angels at number 5, also scored highly in the Disappointments category as we'll see later. Anathema have made huge strides this year and Weather Systems manages to make in to number 4. The big comeback releases from echolyn and Anglagard make the Top 10 as does Neal Morse with two releases, his solo Momentum album and the self-titled debut from Flying Colors, the pair split by Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited II.

Other notable entries in the album poll are Storm Corrosion making number 12 while polling the same number of votes as Steve Hackett but slipping a few places due to the weighting system. A good year for Galahad who make the Top 20 twice with their pair of 2012 releases, Battle Scars and Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria.

In all 14 albums scored 100 or more individual votes out of the selection of 605 albums featuring in the poll. 2012 has certainly been a productive and well regarded year in Prog. Showing the broad spectrum of styles and releases 323 albums in the poll were only mentioned once!

Click HERE for the entire list of Album results.

Best DVDs

Steven Wilson - Get All You deserve DVD - Click here to visit Steven's website

NrBandDVD VotesPercentage Weighted Points
01 Steven Wilson Get All You Deserve 19727.24% 521
02 Pendragon Out Of Order Comes Chaos 103 14.24% 235
03 Led ZeppelinCelebration Day 588.02% 146
04 Porcupine Tree Octane Twisted 52 7.19% 105
05 Marillion Holidays In Zélande 32 4.42% 71
06 Supertramp Live In Paris '79 233.18% 51
07 Anima Mundi Live In Europe 182.48% 42
08= Believe Seeing Is Believing 182.48% 36
08= Spock's BeardX Tour - Live 18 2.48% 36
10 Karnataka New Light - Live In Europe 162.21% 35

In total 99 different DVDs received votes.

A runaway winner on this one, Steven Wilson's Get All You Deserve live release scored in 197 submissions and a weighted score of 521 which means that most of those who voted for it put it as their number 1. Mr. Wilson also hit the number 4 with the live Porcupine Tree disc, Octane Twisted. Pendragon also did well Out Of Order Comes Chaos. The third placed entry may be slightly contentious but the Led Zeppelin reformation show at London's O2 Arena in 2007 is well supported on its eventual release. Other notables include the release of additional discs for Marillion's Holidays In Zelande convention set and the appearance of Supertramp's Live In Paris '79.

As is often the case most of the highly rated DVDs have not been reviewed at DPRP. We get far fewer review copies of DVDs than we do CDs and our offering mainly relies on DVDs bought by the team themselves and then reviewed. Some will hopefully be reviewed on DPRP in the near future.

See the full DVD results HERE.

Best Tracks

Before we go to the list of best individual tracks, let's see which 5 bands got the most votes, regardless of which track.

Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made - Click here to vist Marillion's website

#BandVotes Percentage
01Marillion143 19.70%
02The Flower Kings114 15.76%
03Anathema94 13.00%
04Big Big Train 82 11.34%
05Rush 68 9.40%

Nothing too surprising about the big winners here as all have done well in the album vote but Marillion score the highest with 143 votes.

Only one track from Marillion's Sounds That Can't Be Made and The Flower Kings' Banks Of Eden didn't get any votes, and only two from Rush's Clockwork Angels but all 8 tracks from Big Big Train's English Electric (Part One) received votes and with the two parts Anathema's The Untouchables being added together every track on Weather Systems got votes.

Now let's look at which of the 509 individual tracks voted for proved most popular.

The Flower Kings - Banks Of Eden - Click here to vist the band's website

#Band TrackVotesPercentage Weighted Points
01 The Flower KingsNumbers 7410.23%145
02 MarillionGaza 699.54%145
03 AnathemaUntouchable, Parts 1 & 2 486.63%110
04 Moon SafariLover's End Pt.III: Skellefteå Serenade 364.97%97
05 EcholynIsland 395.39%84
06 Neal MorseWorld Without End 395.39%81
07 MarillionThe Sky Above The Rain 294.01%65
08 RushThe Garden 233.18%50
09 3rdegreeYou're Fooling Yourselves 162.21%48
10 Big Big TrainThe First Rebreather 192.62%38

Of the 509 tracks voted for this year, track of the year goes to The Flower Kings' Numbers closely followed by Gaza from Marillion. With extended works by Anathema, Moon Safari, echolyn and Neal Morse making the Top 10, their popularity is still key amongst Prog enthusiasts.

Despite Marillion leading by a considerable margin in the track by artist vote The Flower Kings jump ahead in the individual category.

Again, more than half of the tracks appearing in the overall track list only received one vote, 321 in total.

See the full Track results HERE.

Best Artwork

The Flower Kings - Banks Of Eden - Click here to vist the band's website

#ArtistBand AlbumVotesPercentage
01 Silas ToballThe Flower KingsBanks Of Eden 456.22%
02 Simon WardMarillionSounds That Can't Be Made 395.39%
03 Hugh Syme RushClockwork Angels283.87%
04= Sarah Derat &
Vincent Cavanagh
Anathema Weather Systems233.18%
04= Johan BrandÄnglagård Viljans Öga23 3.18%

In total 119 different albums received votes in the 'Best Artwork' category.

The Flower Kings come top of the artwork poll too with Silas Toball's work for Banks Of Eden very highly regarded. Marillion came second again with strong showings for Rush, Anathema, Änglagård and Rob Reed's Kompendium project.

Click HERE to view the full Artwork results.

Best Concerts

Poll participants voted for 311 different concerts in 2012. To get a clearer picture of which stage performances were most highly regarded last year, we'll first have a look at which of the 135 artists got the most votes, regardless of which concert.

Marillion.com - Click here to vist the website

201220112010Band Votes for Best ConcertPercentage
1512Marillion40 5.53%
2- -The Flower Kings24 3.31%
31-Steven Wilson22 3.04%
4=4 9Rush17 2.35%
621 10Hasse Fröbery & Musical Companion14 1.93%

Perhaps unsurprisingly given their long-awaited tour of the Americas, Marillion were clear winners. The Flower Kings and Steven Wilson also did particularly well, a total of 11 artists getting 10 or more votes.

Now let's have a look at which of these 311 gigs got the most individual votes for Best Concert 2012.


#BandWhen WhereVotesPercentage
1 Retrospective1st December Aula Pwsz, Leszno, Poland101.38%
2 Hasse Fröbery & Musical Companion1st June Katalin, Uppsala, Sweden81.10%
3 Steven Wilson4th May Le Trianon, Paris, France60.96%
4=Flying Colors20th September 013, Tilburg, Netherlands60.69%
4= Il Tempio Delle Clessidre10th November Spirit of '66, Verviers, Belgium60.69%

The most highly attended individual concert appears to be Retrospective's show at Lezsno in Poland during December with 10 votes. Hasse Froberg & Musical Comapanion also got a number of votes for their Uppsala show in June and Steven Wilson for his Paris Grace For Drowning show in May.

Click HERE to view the full Concert results.

Best Newcomer

Flying Colors - Click to visit the website

#BandVotes Percentage
1 Flying Colors466.36%
2 Riversea 385.25%
3 I And Thou36 4.97%
4 Storm Corrosion25 3.45%
5 Headspace192.62%

This year 83 different bands and artists were voted for Best Newcomer, a similar number to 2011,

Top votes for this year's newcomer went to the all-star Flying Colors with other high profile comings together such as Storm Corrosion, Headspace and Kompendium also doing well.

Of the new acts featuring lesser known talents Riversea did well hitting second spot with I And Thou making third. 83 new acts got votes so there is plenty of new music coming through to be discovered.

Click HERE to view the full Best Newcomer results.

Biggest Disappointment

Many different albums, gigs, incidents, etc., received votes for 'biggest disappointment'. We grouped the votes until they referred to a more specific album, gig, event or incident which does generalise some of the more specific points but makes it easier to rank them in some kind of order. Have a look at the full list HERE to see some of the more individual disappointment.

Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made - Click here to vist Marillion's website Rush - Clockwork Angels - Click here to vist Rush's website

#Disappointment VotesPercentage
1=Marillion - 'Sounds That Can't Be Made' album 223.04%
1=Rush - 'Clockwork Angels' album 223.04%
3Storm Corrosion - 'Storm Corrosion' album 192.62%
4Squacket - 'A Life Within A Day' album 172.35%
5Flying Colors - 'Flying Colors' album 152.07%

Very close here with joint headliners Rush and Marillion with their 2012 albums. As both did well in the album poll it only goes to show that you can't please all of the people all of the time! The same can be said for the other Top 10 disappointments concerning albums by Storm Corrosion, The Flower Kings and Flying Colors (who won the best newcomer vote!) as all did well in the album vote.

Other disappointments featured the deaths of Deep Purple's Jon Lord, Michael Dunford of Renaissance, Ronnie Montrose and Ravi Shankar. They will all be sadly missed.

You can view the full results from the Biggest Disappointment section HERE.

Biggest Happening

As a balance to 'Biggest Disappointment' we asked participants what they thought was the best thing to happen to prog in 2012.

The Flower Kings - Click here to visit the website

#HappeningVotes Percentage
1The Flower Kings - Reunion and Banks Of Eden album and tour 294.01%
2Night of the Prog VII festival - Loreley, Germany23 3.18%
3Änglagård - Viljans Öga 212.90%
4=Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II 17 2.35%
4=Rush - Clockwork Angels album 172.35%

The Flower Kings scoop the Biggest Happening vote with their long awaited return and succesful Banks of Eden album and tour. The return of Anglagard was also very well received but in this category, along with the releases from Steve Hackett, Rush and Flying Colors, festivals are increasingly being seen as the pivotal moments of the year with both the Night Of The Prog VII gathering in Loreley, the Celebr8 festival in the U.K. and the final Nearfest scoring well. Prog Magazine scored well for its inaugural Prog Awards and the resulting media coverage, even making the BBC news in the U.K.. The many high quality releases from all points of the genre was also highlighted as a happening.

You can view the full results for the 'Biggest Happening' section HERE.

Best Individual Performances

In this section we asked people what they thought was the best musical performance on a studio album in 2012. As usual we received lots of different suggestions, too many to evaluate in great detail, but for a change this year we decided to highlight the top 3 in each category with a brief discussion of each vote. The full results for each category are linked below each section.

Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II - Click here to vist Steve's website

Best Guitarist
#MusicianBand AlbumVotes Percentage
1=Steve Hackett Steve HackettGenesis Revisited II 527.19%
1=Steve Rothery MarillionSounds That Can't Be Made 527.19%
3Roine Stolt The Flower KingsBanks Of Eden 456.22%

Another close finish at the top of the guitarist poll with Steve Hackett and Marillion's Steve Rothery tieing at the top of the list. Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings scored well as did Rush's Alex Lifeson so it's familiar faces all round at the top.

There were 116 different Guitarists voted for and you can see the full results HERE.


Neal Morse - Momentum - Visit Neal's Website From Here

Best Keyboardist
#MusicianBand AlbumVotes Percentage
1Neal Morse Neal MorseMomentum 364.97%
2Mark Kelly MarillionSounds That Can't Be Made 354.84%
3Tomas Bodin The Flower KingsBanks Of Eden 324.42%

More close finishes amongst keyboardists, Neal Morse just pipping Marillion's Mark Kelly with TFK's Tomas Bodin close behind. With the Invicta album Robert John Godfrey of The Enid also picked up a good share of the votes.

There were 99 different Keyboard Players voted for and you can see the full results HERE.


Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made - Visit Marillion's Website From Here

Best Vocalist
#MusicianBand AlbumVotes Percentage
1Steve Hogarth MarillionSounds That Can't Be Made 375.11%
2David Longdon Big Big TrainEnglish Electric (Part One) 344.70%
3Damian Wilson HeadspaceI Am Anonymous 223.04%

Yes, another close one! Marillion doing well again, Steve Hogarth coming in first for his work on Sounds That Can't Be Made ahead of David Longdon of Big Big Train and a joint third between the big voices of Damian Wilson of Headspace and new recruit to The Enid, Joe Payne. Damian Wilson also managed fifth spot for his work with Threshold. In fact taking into account the scores per vocalist irrespective of who they were singing for, Damian Wilson would have come top with a total of 41 votes ahead of Hogarth's combined 40 for Marillion, Hogarth & Barbieri and I And Thou.

There were 118 different Vocalists voted for and you can see the full results HERE.


Rush - Clockwork Angels - Visit Rush's Website From Here

Best Drummer
#MusicianBand AlbumVotes Percentage
1Neil Peart RushClockwork Angels 7410.23%
2Nick D'Virgilio Big Big TrainEnglish Electric (Part One) 395.39%
3Mike Portnoy Neal MorseMomentum 354.84%

At last a clear winner in the individual categories, the venerable Neil Peart of Rush streets ahead of his nearest rivals, Nick D'Virgilio and Mike Portnoy. If the individual drummer scores were added together Peart would still come top but Portnoy would come in second with the total from his three entries (Neal Morse, Flying Colors & Adrenaline Mob), NDV third from his two (BBT and Mystery). Two drummers score with more different acts than that, Marco Minnemann on a very impressive four projects but a big well done to Gavin Harrison with votes from five seperate performances!

There were 87 different Drummers voted for and you can see the full results HERE.


Rush - Clockwork Angels - Visit Rush's Website From Here

Best Bassist
#MusicianBand AlbumVotes Percentage
1Geddy Lee RushClockwork Angels 699.54%
2Jonas Reingold The Flower KingsBanks Of Eden 588.02%
3Pete Trewavas MarillionSounds That Can't Be Made 405.53%

A Rush rhythm section double with Geddy Lee sccooping the bass prize. There can't be many rhythm sections that can still put in arguably the performance of their lives in their 60s. The prolific Jonas Reingold comes in second for The Flower Kings with Pete Trewavas of Marillion third, these three well ahead of the rest. Interestingly, if Reingold's three projects were added together he would have tied with Geddy at the top. Special mention to Nick Beggs with four projects receiving votes.

There were 90 different bassists voted for and you can see the full results HERE.

DPRP Comments

A Huge 'Thank You' to everyone who took the time to submit entries to this year's DPRPoll and congratulations to every one of the artists noted above and, indeed, everyone who received votes.

We have received many comments from voters regarding the work of DPRP and I'll take a moment to round up the main points.

On the whole the comments were very positive and we thank you all for that. It is nice to receive positivity for something that we enjoy doing and I hope that we will be able to improve in the coming year. As to the things that you feel need to be improved, we will see what we can do and appreciate the feedback.

Different sections of DPRP.net have received comments and suggestions. The general design and layout of the site has received some criticism over the years and this is something that we are trying to improve. More news on this soon, hopefully. There are requests to bring back a section highlighting dates for releases which would be a huge task but we'll look into the possibilities. The same is true for having gig guides for the rest of Europe.

More timely publication of news and reviews is certainly something that we aim to improve this year.

We have received requests to bring back Counting Out Time and this is being considered.

DPRP Radio has received a big thumbs up, a huge well done to Andy Read for his efforts on this. Check out DPRP Radio HERE.

The Forum has been noted as being quiet but that is up to you - please Join Here and discuss whatever prog related matters you wish.

There have also been many calls for changes to categories within the poll itself and this is something that I was hoping to try and implement this year. The process is a tricky and time consuming one and unfortunately it has not been possible to look into it this time. It may happen next year, but this is dependent on changes to the design of the site and the way it operates.

So, there it is for another year. Thanks again to all who participated and here's to a great 2013 in the world of Prog!


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