Below you will find an evaluation of the 2011 poll results.

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The number of participants in the 2011 poll was 581.

1The Netherlands118 20.30%
2United Kingdom92 15.83%
3United States77 13.25%

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#AgeVotes Percentage
110 - 197 1.20%
220 - 2969 11.88%
330 - 39102 17.56%
440 - 49236 40.62%
550 - 59136 23.41%
660 - 697 1.20%

Disappointingly, this year's 581 poll entries marks a significant drop from the 670 received last year and only a little above half the 1045 entries received in 2007. In fact the 2011 poll saw the lowest number of submitted entries since 1998! Maybe polls just aren't as popular as they used to be but clearly something needs to be done to stir up some interest in our readers for next year.

After dropping from the top spot last year the Netherlands vote is again the biggest with 20.14% of the total. The usual suspect countries make up the majority of votes as in other years but with a significant increase in the German vote to 9.12%.

The average age of those who chose to give it is 42.44, slightly younger than usual, and reassuringly there are 42 entries from people aged 25 and under - that's a significant 7.2% - so there does seem to be an increasing interest in the genre by the younger generation. The age range this year is from 14 to 62.

As always we had a number of great prizes which we raffled among the entrants. DPRP would like to thank all the labels and artists who generously donated prizes.

Best Albums

In total 580 different albums were voted for. Below you will find the Top 10.

Links have been provided to the DPRP reviews of these albums.

Steven Wilson - Grace for Drowning
NrBand AlbumVotes PercentageWeighted Points
01Steven Wilson Grace For Drowning 26946.29%1988
02Dream Theater A Dramatic Turn of Events217 37.52%1454
03Opeth Heritage 17530.12%1058
04Yes Fly From Here 17029.25%971
05Pendragon Passion 15827.19%956
06Neal Morse Testimony 2 14825.47%954
07Phideaux Snowtorch 11419.62%698
08Steve Hackett Beyond the Shrouded Horizon 11419.62%656
09The Tangent Comm 10217.55%619
10Haken Visions 9115.66%549
11Karmakanic In A Perfect World85 14.62%507
12Sean Filkins War and Peace & Other Short Stories70 12.04%489
13=Airbag All Rights Removed 7412.73%457
13=Arena The Seventh Degree of Separation 8013.76%457
15Agents of Mercy The Black Forest68 11.70%416
16Blackfield Welcome To My DNA 7713.25%380
17Glass Hammer Cor Cordium 63 10.84%352
18Leprous Bilateral 46 7.91%335
19Beardfish Mammoth 63 10.84%332
20Pallas XXV 6411.01%328
21Wolverine Communication Lost 569.63%324
22Discipline To Shatter All Accord 52 8.95%314
23Pain of Salvation Road Salt Two 589.98%301
24Arch/Matheos Sympathetic Resonance 437.40%286
25Magic Pie The Suffering Joy 488.26%279
Some quick explanations about the calculations. 'Votes' are the number of people who voted for a specific album, regardless if it was their number 1 or number 10. 'Percentage' is the percentage of all participants that voted for an album. The 'Weighted Points' are calculated based on the ranking of the (max) 10 albums the participants voted for; their number 1 got 10 points, number 2 got 9 points, etc. 'Weighted Points' is the sum of these points.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the strides made by Porcupine Tree in recent years Steven Wilson's second solo release, Grace for Drowning, is by far the most popular album this year. Dream Theater's first album of the post-Portnoy era also rates very highly helping to cement their position as one of the biggest names in the genre. Despite some voices of disatisfaction Yes' Fly From Here does well as does Opeth's Heritage, their new direction clearly appealing more to prog enthusiasts than to the band's traditional metal following. Haken have built on their excellent debut release from 2010 and picked up a significant number of votes making them a big player this year and another newcomer, Sean Filkins, ranks highly with his debut release. Karmakanic did better than Agents of Mercy in the battle of The Flower Kings' side projects and Leprous scored well despite fewer individual votes, the votes they did get being placed higher in participants top ten lists.

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Best DVDs

Rush - Time Machine Live in Cleveland 2011 DVD

NrBandDVD VotesPercentage Weighted Points
01 Rush Time Machine - Live in Cleveland 2011 9416.17% 246
02 The Tangent Going Off On Two 71 12.22% 162
03 TransatlanticMore Never Is Enough 6411.01% 141
04 Neal Morse Testimony 2 - Live in Los Angeles 51 8.77% 106
05 Unitopia One Night In Europe 42 7.22% 95
06 Peter Gabriel New Blood - Live in London 437.40% 92
07 Yes Union Live 325.50% 67
08 The Flower Kings Tour Kaputt 274.64% 58
09 Steve HackettFire and Ice 22 3.78% 46
10 Marillion Holidays in Zélande 122.06% 40

In total 94 different DVDs received votes.

Rush did well in the poll with their latest live DVD, fans clearly not tiring of the slew of live releases now available from the band, the same also being true of Transatlantic. The Tangent's 'live in your living room' Going Off On Two also scored well as does Neal Morse's live Testimony 2 package. Marillion scraped the top ten with Holidays In Zélande but actually had 4 DVDs listed in the poll including one at number 11, quite an achievement, and Unitopia's European tour in 2010 made them plenty of new fans as their chart placing reveals. As is often the case we here at DPRP have not yet managed to review many of the DVDs that made the list and will try to do better next year.

See the full results HERE.

Best Tracks

Before we go to the list of best individual tracks, let's see which 5 bands got the most votes, regardless of which track.

#BandVotes Percentage
01Steven Wilson299 51.46%
02Dream Theater 238 40.96%
03Neal Morse144 24.78%
04Pendragon 131 22.54%
05Yes 121 20.82%

Unsurprisingly the big overall winners were Steven Wilson and Dream Theater but Neal Morse and Pendragon both did well.

Now let's look at which of the 448 individual tracks voted for proved most popular.

Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events

#Band TrackVotesPercentage Weighted Points
01 Dream TheaterBreaking All Illusions 559.46%120
02 Steven WilsonRaider II 559.46%114
03 PendragonThis Green and Pleasant Land 457.74%91
04 YesFly From Here 417.05% 80
05 Steven WilsonDeform to Form A Star 356.02%78
06 Neal MorseSeeds of Gold 294.99%65
07 The TangentTitanic Calls Carpathia 213.61%45
08 HakenVisions 233.95%43
09 AirbagHomesick I-III 183.09%38
10 Steven WilsonRemainder the Black Dog 162.75%34

Dream Theater take the top spot despite Breaking All Illusions having the same number of individual votes as Steven Wilson's Raider II coming top by virtue of the weighted points but Wilson did manage to get three tracks into the top 10. Pendragon and Yes score highly with good placings for Haken and Airbag.

See the full Track results HERE.

Best Artwork

Yes - Fly From Here, 2011

#ArtistBand AlbumVotesPercentage
01 Roger DeanYesFly From Here 549.29%
02 Travis SmithOpethHeritage 498.43%
03 Lasse Hoile Steven WilsonGrace For Drowning 335.67%
04 Ed UnitskyThe Tangent Comm305.16%
05 Hugh SymeDream Theater A Dramatic Turn of Events24 4.13%

In total 103 different albums received votes in the 'Best Artwork' category.

Legendary artst and Yes collaborator Roger Dean's cover for their comeback Fly From Here album makes the top spot slightly ahead of Travis Smith's Heritage cover for Opeth. Lasse Hoile and Ed Unitsky picked up a lot of votes as they usually do showing the high regard in which their style and body of work is held and it is nice to see Hugh Syme, familiar for his illustrious career and long association with Rush and many others make the list.

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Best Concerts

Poll participants voted for 273 different concerts in 2011. To get a clearer picture of who did best on the stage last year, we'll first have a look at which of the 132 artists got the most votes, regardless of which concert.

Steven Wilson

201120102009Band Votes for Best ConcertPercentage
1- -Steven Wilson34 5.85%
2- -Neal Morse32 5.50%
310-Roger Waters 29 4.99%
5=- -Marillion13 2.23%
5=- -Opeth13 2.23%
5=- -Riverside13 2.23%

Steven Wilson again tops the list but is hard pressed by a good showing for Neal Morse's solo tour. The mega-tours of Roger Waters and Rush scored well and we have a three way tie including Marillion's weekend conventions tied with Opeth and Riverside.

Now let's have a look at which of these 273 gigs got the most votes for Best Concert 2011.

The Enid

#BandWhen WhereVotesPercentage
1 The EnidOctober 15 Birmingham, UK91.54%
2= Neal MorseJune 4 Zoetermeer, The Netherlands61.03%
2= Roger WatersApril 8 Arnhem, The Netherlands61.03%
2=Steven WilsonOctober 26 Paris, France61.03%
2= Steven WilsonOctober 30 Zoetermeer, The Netherlands61.03%

For the second year running The Enid score highly, this time taking top spot for their performance with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in the U.K. in October. A bit of a free for all after that with a four way tie covering three gigs in The Netherlands and one in France featuring two Steven Wilson shows, Neal Morse and Roger Waters. Two of this years top 5 gigs have been reviewed on DPRP and we also managed to cover shows from all of the tours listed at the top of the poll.

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Best Newcomer

Sean Filkins - Click to Visit Sean's website

#BandVotes Percentage
1 Sean Filkins2711.39%
2 Arch/Matheos 177.17%
3 Sanhedrin10 4.21%
4 Memories of Machines9 3.79%
5 Ske72.95%

This year 87 different bands and artists were voted for Best Newcomer, a similar number to 2010, showing the vibrancy of the talent coming through at the moment. Sean Filkins' debut solo disc impressed a lot of people and deservedly gets top spot here. Once again the DPRP reviews gave all five of the artists listed above a recommended tag for their debut releases.

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Biggest Disappointment

Many different albums, gigs, incidents, etc., received votes for 'biggest disappointment'. We grouped the votes until they referred to a unique album, gig or incident. The other most often mentioned, and more specific, disappointments can be found in the full list of responses.

#Disappointment VotesPercentage
1Yes - Fly From Here album 254.30%
2Opeth - Heritage album 183.09%
3Blackfield - Welcome to My DNA album 152.58%
4=Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events album 132.23%
4=Spock's Beard - Nick D'Virgilio leaving the band 132.23%

Although all four of the albums listed above scored highly in the Best Album category the fact that they also make the top five disappointments proves that you can't please all of the people all of the time. To put this in context though, in each case more respondents voted for them positively than regarded them as failures. Nick D'Virgilio's decision to leave Spock's Beard also disappointed a number of readers.

You can view the full results from the Biggest Disappointment section HERE.

Biggest Happening

As a balance to 'Biggest Disappointment' we asked participants what they thought was the best thing to happen to prog in 2011.


#HappeningVotes Percentage
1Yes - Fly From Here album 203.44%
2Roger Waters - The Wall tour19 3.27%
3Night of the Prog VI festival at Loreley 172.92%
4Dream Theater - Mike Mangini joining the band 16 2.75%
5Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events album 111.89%

As if by magic, the disappointment of Yes' Fly From Here is seen to almost the same degree as a happening and Dream Theater make two entries with both their latest album and the recruitment of drummer Mike Mangini scoring highly. Live shows and festival events continue to rate highly with both Roger Waters' The Wall shows and Night of the Prog VI at Loreley scoring well.

You can view the full results for the 'Biggest Happening' section HERE.

Best Individual Performances

In this section we asked people what they thought rated as the best musical performance on a studio album. There are too many results to evaluate into detail here, so therefore we have only printed the top result for each of the five section in this page, and you can view the rest of the results in the database tables using the links below.

TitleMusicianBand AlbumVotes Percentage
Best GuitaristJohn Petrucci Dream Theater A Dramatic Turn of Events 6118.10%
Best KeyboardistJordan Rudess Dream Theater A Dramatic Turn of Events 71 22.32%
Best VocalistSteven Wilson Steven Wilson Grace For Drowning 24 7.20%
Best DrummerMike Mangini Dream Theater A Dramatic Turn of Events 74 24.83%
Best BassistJonas Reingold Karmakanic In A Perfect World 35 11.00%

Dream Theater are used to winning instrumentalist polls and do so here in three categories - guitarist, keyboardist and drummer where Mike Mangini beat Mike Portnoy's work with Neal Morse to the top slot by a considerable margin. Best vocalist goes to Steven Wilson, slightly ahead of Neal Morse and Pain of Salvation's Daniel Gildenlöw. Jonas Reingold picked up the bassist award for his work with Karmakanic, despite also being voted for with Agents of Mercy, just pipping Chris Squire of Yes and Dream Theater's John Myung.

There were 79 different guitarists voted for and you can see the full results HERE.

There were 71 different keyboard players voted for and you can see the full results HERE.

There were 101 different vocalists voted for and you can see the full results HERE.

There were 75 different drummers voted for and you can see the full results HERE.

There were 76 different bassists voted for and you can see the full results HERE.


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