DPRPoll 2007

DPRP would like to thank the following
Labels and Artists
for generously providing prizes especially for this poll :

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DPRP would also like to thank the following Labels
for their support throughout 2007 !

and to all those Artists & Bands
too numerous to mention here
who have shown their support!

Below you can find a listing of the fantastic prizes
that were raffled among the entrants of the 2007 DPRP Poll
and the names of the winners.
(the prizes will be sent out in week 15)

Tempus Fugit donated:
1 Ritual collection, consisting of :
- Ritual - The Hermulic Voluntary Band (full album promo)
- Ritual - Live

Guillaume P. Hébert - Canada

2 Ritual - The Hermulic Voluntary Band (full album promo) Horváth József - Hungary
Jos Driessen - Netherlands
Erwin Groeneveld - Netherlands
1 Anyone's Daughter - Trio Tour
(CD+DVD Ltd+numbered edition)
Mike Koeniger - USA
Stone Island Records donated:
1 Clear Blue Sky - Gateway To The Seventh Dimension
Stone Island Promo Sampler (ltd edition, not available for regular release)
D Waldschmidt - Netherlands
3 Clear Blue Sky - Gateway To The Seventh Dimension Trevor Laishley - Canada
Ian Mitchell - Canada
Jan De Poorter - Netherlands
Comet Music donated:
1 The Reasoning - Free entrance to a 2008 gig of choice
Mario van Os - Netherlands
1 The Reasoning - Awakening (signed)
+ band photograph
Frédéric Heil - Austria
Inside Out/Petting Zoo Propaganda donated:
1 Tiles - Fly Paper Jean-Francois Cote - Canada
1 The Tangent - Not As Good As The Book Robin Schuy - USA
Gazpacho donated:
3 Gazpacho - Night Hans van den Broek - Netherlands
Teunis Ringenier - Netherlands
Miriam van Sprundel - Netherlands
Other prizes:
1 Abigail’s Ghost - Selling Insincerity
Linda Van Brakel- USA

1 Bonebag - Noli Me Tangere
Alex Cowell - UK

Casual Silence - Lost In Life (full album promo)

Gunnar Hoffsten - Sweden
Earthling Society - Tears Of Andromeda

Jacek Dyba - Poland
For Absent Friends - Square One

Andre Ramos Carneiro - Brazil
Glass Hammer - Culture Of Ascent

Rudy Offereins - Netherlands
Gordon Giltrap and Friends - Symphony Hall Birmingham (CD+DVD)

Frank Vermeulen - Netherlands
Japanese prog collection, consisting of :

- KBB - Proof Of Concept
- Ring Ring - Ancient Stone
- Ain Soph - Studio Live Tracks 80's and '05
- Daisuke Kunita - Fuzzy Logic
- Synchronous Yawn - Cracks

Maurice Dam - Netherlands
Little Atlas - Hollow

Mark Holmes - UK
Persephone's Dream - Pyre Of Dreams

Silas Toball - USA
Queensrÿche - Sign Of The Times

Michael Elliot - USA
The Rebel Wheel - Diagramma

Ian Leggett - Scotland
Rush - Snakes & Arrows

Per Stenberg - Sweden
The Tangent - Going Off On One (DVD)

Paul Di Meglio - Canada
Threshold - Dead Reckoning

Stephane Couture - Canada
Trettioåriga Kriget - I Början Och Slutet

Tom Munkacsy - USA
Trion - Pilgrim

Artur Chachlowski - Poland
The Unseen Guest - Checkpoint

Alfredo Ovalles - Venezuela
Various Artists - Cyclops Sampler 6

Pierre Baugnée - Belgium

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