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After the dip we had last year, the number of participants in the DPRPoll 2007 grew to 1045. As usual, most people came from The Netherlands (23.4%), the USA (16.7%), the UK (10.8%), Canada (5.3%) and Germany (4.5%).
Again we can welcome some people from far-off places, as the entrants from the 55 different countries include Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Syria and South Africa!

Age-wise we can draw a very comforting conclusion that the prog audience seems to be getting younger again. The average age of the poll participants dropped 0.02 years to 37.32. 42 participants were under 20 years old, with our youngest participant being 11 and our oldest 61.

As always we had a number of great prizes which we raffled among the entrants. DPRP would like to thank Dirk Jacob, Max Simms, Matthew Cohen, Frank van Liempd and Jon Vilbo for their generous donations. All prize winners have been contacted, but if you are curious, have a look here what the prizes and their winners were.

Best Albums of 2007

In total 633 different albums were voted for. Below you will find the Top 25.
We have provided links to the DPRP reviews of these albums.

Porcupine Tree - Fear of A Blank Planet

NrBandAlbumVotesPercentageWeighted Points
1Porcupine TreeFear Of A Blank Planet65762.87%5064
2Dream TheaterSystematic Chaos42040.19%2716
3The Flower KingsThe Sum Of No Evil35333.78%2213
5RiversideRapid Eye Movement32230.81%1989
6RushSnakes & Arrows28627.37%1795
7Neal MorseSola Scriptura27125.93%1755
9PhideauxDoomsday Afternoon19118.28%1224
10Fish13th Star16816.08%1023
11Pain Of SalvationScarsick17116.36%956
12MarillionSomewhere Else18017.22%953
13GalahadEmpires Never Last13312.37%811
14Symphony XParadise Lost13813.21%706
15ThresholdDead Reckoning12411.87%677
16RadioheadIn Rainbows11811.29%667
17QuidamAlone Together1019.67%645
18SatelliteInto The Night10910.43%596
19Knight AreaUnder A New Sign10610.14%587
20The Pineapple Thief What We Have Sown949.00%570
21Porcupine TreeNil Recurring918.71%549
22RitualThe Hemulic Voluntary Band 918.71%529
23AnekdotenA Time Of Day928.80%522
24Magic PieCircus Of Life949.00%502

Some quick explanations about the calculations. 'Votes' are the number of people who voted for a specific album, regardless if it was their number 1 or number 10. 'Percentage' is the percentage of all participants that voted for an album. The 'Weighted Points' are calculated based on the ranking of the (max) 10 albums the participants voted for; their number 1 got 10 points, number 2 got 9 points, etc. 'Weighted Points' is the sum of these points.

The number 1 shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone. Porcupine Tree's Fear Of A Blank Planet topped pretty much every decent music poll in the world, so it is only obvious to see them topping the DPRPoll as well (their second win, after 2005's Deadwing). In the DPRP review the album was called "a masterpiece that should be in every prog rock lover's collection, receiving a full 10 out of 10 rating.
What is more surprising is the huge lead of their win. Nearly two-thirds of all participants voted for this album, most of them rating the album highly which gave the album an average rating of 7.7 - the highest average we have ever had in a DPRPoll. This earned Porcupine Tree nearly twice the number of weighted points as Dream Theater on number two.

As became already evident early in the year, 2007 was a rather good year for prog releases, with almost every major band releasing an album. As can be expected this has resulted in quite a lot of heavyweight bands in the top 10: Dream Theater, The Flower Kings, Rush, Neal Morse... all to be expected. Much more surprisingly is the inclusion two relatively small and independent bands in the top 10, Gazpacho and Phideaux. Their inclusion is at the expense of some of the more established bands like Pain of Salvation, Marillion and Threshold - all of which had their previous album firmly in the top 10 of previous polls.

Another first is the diversity of record labels that are represented in the top 10 - the ten albums that make the top 10 have been released on 7 different labels. A big chance from previous years where at least half of the albums in the top 10 would be released on Inside Out.

Altogether this years top 10 is characterised by its diversity, with nearly every sub-genre in prog represented.

Click here for the entire list of results.

Best DVD of 2007

David Gilmour - Remember That Night: Live At The Royal Albert Hall

NrBandDVDVotesPercentageWeighted Points
1David GilmourRemember That Night: Live At The Royal Albert Hall 22333.94%539
3MarillionSomewhere In London11817.96%275
4The TangentGoing Off On One9814.92%230
5Sigur RósHeima6810.35%151
6PendragonPast And Presence7611.57%141
7Porcupine Tree Fear Of A Blank Planet DVD-A385.78%83
8SagaWorlds Apart Revisited456.85%82
9IQForever Live416.24%81
10Jeff WayneThe War Of The Worlds - Live On Stage!274.11%54

Once again not overly surprising. David Gilmour's Remember That Night received a DPRP Recommended review and justly so; A concert featuring many Floyd classics and interesting special guests, and a bonus disc filled to the brim with additional footage.

The rest of the top 5 contains a lot of firsts. Blackfield, The Tangent and Sigur Rós all released their first DVD in 2007, which garnered them a lot of credits.

The superior audio quality and bonus footage of the Fear Of A Blank Planet DVD-Audio caused Porcupine Tree's album to appear in the DVD top 10 as well.

In total 135 different DVDs were voted for.

Best Tracks of 2007

Before we go to the list of best individual tracks, let's see which 5 bands got the most votes, regardless of which track.

1Porcupine Tree 38746.97%
2Dream Theater 16219.66%
3The Flower Kings 12915.66%
4Neal Morse9211.17%

Now let's look at which of the 533 individual tracks proved most popular.

#BandTrackVotesPercentageWeighted Points
1Porcupine TreeAnesthetize25931.43%621
2Dream TheaterIn The Presence Of Enemies 819.83%165
3The Flower Kings Love Is The Only Answer678.13%144
4Neal MorseThe Door668.01%138
5GazpachoDream Of Stone536.43%136
6MarillionSomewhere Else485.83%101
7PhideauxMicro Softdeathstar313.76%77
8The Pineapple Thief What Have We Sown?394.73%65
 The Flower KingsOne More Time303.64%65
10Porcupine TreeFear Of A Blank Planet334.00%62

As always epics rule the chart - not a song under 15 minutes in the top 5!

Like the albums poll, Porcupine Tree won by a landslide, nabbing a third of all votes, three times as many as the number 2!

For the rest the votes for best tracks are as equally divided as the votes for best album, with only Porcupine Tree and The Flower Kings appearing twice in the top 10 - again, quite a change from recent years.

Best Artwork of 2007

The Flower Kings - The Sum Of No Evil

1Ed UnitskyThe Flower KingsThe Sum Of No Evil9312.69%
2Lasse HoilePorcupine TreeFear Of A Blank Planet496.68%
3Mark WilkinsonFish13th Star456.14%
4Hugh SymeDream TheaterSystematic Chaos354.77%
5Antonio SeijasGazpachoNight324.37%

A big congrats to Ed Unitsky on topping the artwork poll for the third time in five years! His surreal images have been a favourite for bands and fans alike, and his ludicrous Volkswagen goldfish for The Flower Kings' The Sum Of No Evil proved a masterstroke.

Lasse Hoile's disturbing images have become an integral part of Porcupine Tree's image these days, just like Mark Wilkinson's artwork has become synonymous with Fish' music. Dream Theater proves that you can never go wrong with Hugh Syme artwork (oddly enough Syme's artwork for Rush came sixth, despite his long history with that band) and newcomer Antonio Seijas rounds up the top 5.

In total 123 different albums got voted for in the 'Best Artwork' category.

Best Concert 2007

The participants of the poll voted for 400 different concerts in 2007. To get a clear picture of which bands did best on the stage last year, we'll first have a look at the ones that got the most votes, regardless of which concert.

Porcupine Tree live in 2007

20072006BandVotes for Best ConcertPercentage
13Porcupine Tree  8612.04%
58Dream Theater476.58%

Now let's have a look at which of these 398 gigs got the most votes for Best Concert 2007.

1Marillion 4-Feb-2007Port Zelande, Ouddorp, The Netherlands22
2Neal Morse26-May-2007Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands15
3Porcupine Tree 5-Dec-2007Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 12
4Dream Theater9-Oct-2007Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands10
 Genesis1-Jul-2007ArenA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands10
 Symforce Festival 15-Sep-2007013, Tilburg, The Netherlands10

The results of the best concert poll are always widespread, due to the sheer number of gigs played all over the globe. The high number of participants from The Netherlands, coupled relatively with the low number of gigs a band plays in this country usually results in Dutch gigs dominating the highest regions of this particular poll.
That said, Marillion played no less than 13 gigs in The Netherlands in 2007, which can't be considered a relatively low number, but nonetheless the closing night at the 2007 Convention Weekend got the most votes for best gig by a mile, preventing Porcupine Tree to win in every category of this year's poll.

Special mention must go to the inaugural Symforce Festival which ended up on a shared 5th position. However, if the votes for the individual performances at this festival would count towards the festival itself, it would probably have topped the poll.

Best Newcomer

The Reasoning - click to enter official website

1The Reasoning7115.11%
2The Gourishankar285.96%
3The Third Ending275.74%
4Blind Ego265.53%

Though The Reasoning does feature former members of Magenta and Karnataka, this is not a 'supergroup' collaboration like usually tops this poll. They are a genuine new band who deservedly won top votes for best newcomer. In fact, this is probably the first time in the history of the poll that four of the top 5 voted newcomers are in fact genuine newcomers.

In total 127 different bands were voted for as best newcomer.

Biggest Disappointment of 2007

Many different albums, gigs, incidents, etc received votes for 'biggest disappointment'. We grouped the votes until they referred to a unique album, gig or incident.
The other most often mentioned, and more specific, disappointments can be found below.

Marillion - Somewhere Else

1Marillion - Somewhere Else10616.77%
2Genesis: Reunion without Gabriel and Hackett 497.75%
3Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos446.96%
4Pain Of Salvation - Scarsick325.06%
5IQ: Martin Orford Leaving243.80%

Another departure from the trend of recent years. Normally if an album is chosen as biggest disappointment, the same is album can usually also be found in the upper region of the best albums poll, thus proving that the 'biggest disappointment' should always be taken with a hefty pinch of salt.
Not quite the case this year with the latest albums by Marillion and Pain of Salvation in the top 5 disappointments, but outside the top 10 of the best albums poll.

Fortunately Dream Theater keeps the dubious honour of having all their albums of the past five years feature both in the top 5 best albums as well as the top 5 biggest disappointments.

Last year 53 people voted the lack of a 5-piece reunion of Genesis as the biggest disappointment of the year - this year 49 of them still haven't gotten over that fact and complained about it once again.

The departure of founding member Martin Orford from IQ has caused surprisingly few ripples in this years disappointment poll. Not to mention Threshold losing their leadsinger - this only upset six people in total.

Biggest Happening of 2007

As a balance to 'Biggest Disappointment' we added a new question this year, asking the participants what they thought was the best thing to happen to prog in 2007. The results are remarkable.


1Genesis Reunion + Tour10516.33%
2Symforce Festival548.40%
3Many Good Prog Releases223.42%
4Marillion Convention Weekend 2007 203.11%
5Rush Tour192.95%

See? 49 people still had to problems accepting that Hackett and Gabriel were not participating in the Genesis reunion, twice the number of people voted for the reunion and its tour as the biggest happening of 2007.
It seems people generally regard concerts as the biggest musical happening in a year, as four of the top 5 results relate to concerts or tours.

Individual Performances of 2007

A new section this year was that we asked people for what they thought was the best musical performance on a 2007 studio album. There are too many results to evaluate into detail here, so therefore we have only printed the top result for each of the five section in this page, and you can view the rest of the results in the database tables here.

Best GuitaristJohn PetrucciDream TheaterSystematic Chaos9817.01%
Best Keyboardist Jordan Rudess Dream TheaterSystematic Chaos8915.92%
Best VocalistSteve HogarthMarillionSomewhere Else396.67%
Best DrummerGavin HarrisonPorcupine TreeFear Of A Blank Planet 16527.97%
Best Bassist Jonas ReingoldThe Flower Kings The Sum Of No Evil8115.39%

DPRP Evaluation 2007

In the annual poll DPRP gives its readers the opportunity to tell us what they think of the pages in general and how they rate the various sub-pages. We would like to thank the people who took the time to send us valuable feedback on our site, which helps us to improve it. Below you can see how people rated DPRP in 2007:

Visits per Month

Visits ? Participants Percentage 2007
Daily or more than once a day868.2%
Almost every day12712.2%
4 or 5 times a week827.8%
2 or 3 times a week21720.8%
Once a week17716.9%
Once to 3 times a month777.4%
Hardly ever464.4%

It looks like we had quite a number of newcomers to our site this year. Welcome! We hope you are here to stay.

Rating of DPRP

>Let's have a look at how the people felt DPRP had changed in 2007:

Change ? Participants Percentage 2007Percentage 2006Percentage 2005Percentage 2004
It has improved a lot !585.6%2.7%4.4%4.7%
It has improved a bit29227.9%29.3%35.7%31.4%
It stayed the same39337.6%40.1%35.9%38.0%
It got worse90.9%2.1%1.8%2.6%
It got seriously worse!20.2%0.4%0.3%0.2%
No Opinion24523.4%25.4%21.9%23.0%

We would like to thank the 350 people who felt the site has improved the last year. We intend to continue to grow with the number of reviews and interviews we do each year, as well as provide you with a weekly news update and Dutch gigguide. We're planning to do some major changes to the website in the near future - so watch this space!

Of the 11 people who felt the site got worse this past year most gave helpful tips on how to improve. (though one person blames the website getting worse on his own changing musical taste - not too sure how we can help with that :-) )

Click here if you wish to see the full results of the poll.

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You can also check out what the DPRP Team voted for themselves.

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