DPRPoll 2006

In the annual poll DPRP gives its readers the opportunity to tell us what they think of the pages in general and how they rate the various sub-pages. Below you can see how DPRP was rated in 2006.

Visits per Month

The average number of visitors per day increased from 4724 in 2004 to 5163 in 2006!
Below you can find the table of how often the poll participants visit DPRP:

Visits ? Participants Percentage 2006
Daily or more than once a day6210.9%
Almost every day8615.1%
4 or 5 times a week8414.8%
2 or 3 times a week16529.0%
Once a week11620.4%
Once to 3 times a month427.4%
Hardly ever142.5%

Rating of DPRP

We asked the participants to give an overall rating of DPRP on a scale from one (very bad) to ten (excellent). On average, the pages got a rating of 8.73, which is more of less the same as last year's 8.72

Let's have a look at how the people felt DPRP had changed in 2006:

Change ? Participants Percentage 2006Percentage 2005Percentage 2004Percentage 2003
It has improved a lot !192.7%4.4%4.7%14.7%
It has improved a bit20629.3%35.7%31.4%45.6%
It stayed the same28240.1%35.9%38.0%28.8%
It got worse152.1%1.8%2.6%2.0%
It got seriously worse!30.4%0.3%0.2%N/A
No Opinion17925.4%21.9%23.0%8.9%

Evaluation of the Various Sub-Pages

Below you can find how the participants of the poll evaluated the various sections of DPRP:

PageRating 2006Rating 2005Rating 2004Rating 2003Rating 2002
CD & DVD Reviews8.
(NL) Gig Guide7.
Concert Reviews7.
Prog Links7.
Update Mailing List8.

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