DPRPoll 2005

DPRP would like to thank the following
Labels and Artists
for generously providing prizes especially for this poll :

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Visit Inside Out Music   

Visit Green Carnation  

Visit F2 Records  

Visit Intact Records  

Visit Progrock Records  

DPRP would also like to thank the following Labels
for their support throughout 2005 !

and to all those Artists & Bands
too numerous to mention here
who have shown their support!


Inside Out American Promo Pack, consisting of:

- Neal Morse - ?
- Magellan - Symphony For A Misanthrope
- Russel Allen - Atomic Soul (full album promo)
- King's X - Ogre Tones (Promo T-shirt)

Jan-Jaap de Haan, NL

Jadis - More Than Meets The Eye (Special Edition)

Peter Goodridge, UK

Kino - Picture (Special Edition)

Jan Johannessen, Norway

Pain of Salvation - BE Live (DVD)
+ King's X T-shirt

Evtim Stankov, Bulgaria
Rodney Sedgewick, Australia

Presto Ballet - Peace Among The Ruins

Petr Novak, Czech Republic
Wouter Koelewijn, NL

Riverside - Second Life Syndrome

Tomoharu Tajima, Japan

Roine Stolt - Wall Street Voodoo
+ King's X T-shirt

Pío Hernández Bonilla, Mexico

RPWL - Live ~ Start The Fire

Ron van Gog, NL
Jon Nein, USA

Shadow Gallery - Room V (Special Edition)

Huub Vlemmings, NL

Steve Howe pack, consisting of:

- Steve Howe - Homebrew 3
- Steve Howe - Spectrum

Louis Cossette, Canada

Tomas Bodin - I AM
+ King's X T-shirt

Gerard de Bruyne, NL

Green Carnation - Acoustic Verses (signed by the band)

Bill Mangold, USA

Credo - Rethoric

Frederico Sgarbi, Italy

Magenta - The Gathering (DVD)

Serge Macoux, Canada

Magenta Back catalogue consisting of :

- Revolutions
- Seven
- Broken (EP)
- Another Time... Another Place...
- I'm Alive (EP)

Frode Garnes, Norway

Gazpacho - Firebird

Arjan de Mooij, NL
Tim Tendler, Germany

Marillion Marbles promo pack consisting of:

- Marbles Live
- bag of promotional Marbles

Arjen Grinwis, NL

Man On Fire - Habitat

Richard Hawey, Canada

After Forever - Remagine (SACD)

Erwin Zwijnenburg, NL

Ajalon - On The Threshold of Eternity

Jim Anderson, USA
Danny Timmers, NL

Daniel Gauthier - The Wish (DVD)

Patrick van Stijn, NL

Dream Aria - In The Wake

Chris Butler, USA

Evergrey - A Night To Remember Live 2004

John Merrick, UK

Fates Warning - Live in Athens (DVD)

Alfredo Ovalles, Venezuela

Frameshift - An Absence of Empathy

Steve Tomlin, UK

Glass - Illuminations

Michael Brady, USA

Gongzilla - Live in Concert (DVD)

Francisco Torre, Chile

Isuldur's Bane - Mind Vol 5 ~ The Observatory (DVD)

Martin Crumpton, UK

Jeremy & Progressor - The Pearl of Great Price

Paul Dufour, USA

Phideaux - Chupacabras

Juan Carlos Falcon T, Peru
David Brown, UK

Quidam - Surrevival

Jeroen van der Horst, NL

Revelation Project - Revelation Project

Anthony DeBarros, USA

Secret Saucer - Element 115

Maurice DeChamps, NL

Spock's Beard - Gluttons For Punishment

Peter Grainger, Canada

The Aurora Project - ...Unspoken Words (full album promo)

Richard Morin, Canada

Umphrey's McGee - Anchor Drops (full album promo)

Tim Wilson, UK
Fernando Alba, Argentina

WithoutEnd - WithoutEnd

James Loftus, UK

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