DPRPoll 2005

In the annual poll DPRP gives its readers the opportunity to tell us what they think of the pages in general and how they rate the various sub-pages. We also ask for suggestions of improvements. This part of the DPRPoll Results looks into that evaluation.

Visits per Month

The average number of visitors per day increased from 3076 in 2004 to 4724 in 2005!
Below you can find the table of how often the poll participants visit DPRP:

Visits ? Participants Percentage 2005
Daily or more than once a day829.3%
Almost every day14616.5%
4 or 5 times a week8910.0%
2 or 3 times a week27430.9%
Once a week16919.7%
Once to 3 times a month9410.6%
Hardly ever323.6%

Rating of DPRP

We asked the participants to give an overall rating of DPRP on a scale from one (very bad) to ten (excellent). On average, the pages got a rating of 8.7, an increase on last year's 8.6.

Let's have a look at how the people felt DPRP had changed in 2005:

Change ? Participants Percentage 2005Percentage 2004Percentage 2003Percentage 2002
It has improved a lot !454.4%4.7%14.7%5.9%
It has improved a bit36735.7%31.4%45.6%37.0%
It stayed the same36935.9%38.0%28.8%38.3%
It got worse191.8%2.6%2.0%3.4%
It got seriously worse!30.3%0.2%N/AN/A
No Opinion22521.9%23.0%8.9%15.5%

Three people felt DPRP got seriously worse, of which one stated it was largely due to a change in personal taste, and one apologised for it later as he had put it down as a mistake.

Most of the people who felt the site got worse in 2005 provided good feedback on how we can improve the site. The most mentioned feedback can be found at the bottom of this page.

Evaluation of the Various Sub-Pages

Below you can find how the participants of the poll evaluated the various sections of DPRP:

PageRating 2005Rating 2004Rating 2003Rating 2002Rating 2001
CD & DVD Reviews8.
(NL) Gig Guide7.
Concert Reviews7.
Counting Out Time7.
Forgotten Sons7.
Puzzles 6.97.4N/AN/AN/A
Prog Links7.
Update Mailing List8.

This year we suffered slightly from people who rated every section they didn't visit too often with a 1, thereby lowering the average a little. However, on the whole we are glad our readers seem still content with the various sections of the site, even though some of them are not updated anymore.

The concert reviews and releases pages certainly lacked attention this year, and this is reflected in the ratings. These two sections will be our main focus for the coming year.

Last Year's Wish List

Last year we asked the participants what should be improved or changed about DPRP. The most mentioned remarks were:

  • International Gigguides (mentioned 17 x)
  • More News (mentioned 16 x)
  • General content and types of music reviewed (mentioned 12 x)
  • More Counting Out Time (mentioned 12 x)

As mentioned last year we would love to include international gigguides on the site. It is something we really miss since our collaboration with Ents24 ended. However, we need someone to maintain such a site. And despite multiple calls over the past three years there still hasn't been a single soul who has responded to our calls.
What can we do? Everybody wants more international gigguides, yet nobody wants to maintain such a site. So once again, we are looking for someone who has php knowledge and who doesn't mind scanning the web for gigs and processing the ones that are sent to the site. Perhaps you are already maintaining such a site and wish to collaborate in order to reach a larger audience.
If you feel you got what it takes, contact us at the usual address.

As for the news. At least we have improved something in the past year. We have so far done 81 consecutive weekly updates, and are still going strong. 81 updates in a row, that means that for the past year and a half there hasn't been a single week without a news update. Yes, yes, thank you. Thank you very much, flowers and cheques are accepted.
Only three people asked for more news in this year's poll, so we feel we have managed to improve that point.

The general content of the site is something we can't do much about. Some people love prog metal, others love very obscure bands, and then there's some who think neo-prog is the only true form of prog there is. And then there are some people who love all three of these exampled and wouldn't want us to favour one over the other. So we've agreed it is best to continue the way we have so far, and perhaps even broaden it more, rather than narrowing it.

And finally Counting Out Time. It is with pain in our hearts that we will probably have to declare Counting Out Time a closed section. It was originally intended as a one-off, and due to popular demand it was revived in 2002, but for the past three years we have not been able to continue to update it. We'd love to write more Counting Out Time articles and there are still some 20 classic albums we'd love to include, not to mention choices for the years 2000 to 2005, but as always time is not our best friend, and Counting Out Time articles take a lot of time to write.
We won't say never again, but at the moment it is just not feasable. Unless you can do without weekly news and reviews updates of course...

Improving DPRP

This year the participants in the DPRPoll 2004 mentioned the following things most often as potential areas for improvement.

  • International Gigguides (mentioned 19 x)
  • More Counting Out Time (mentioned 16 x)
  • More updates on Releases page (mentioned 12 x)
  • More ProgPuzzles (mentioned 10 x)
  • More Reviews (mentioned 10 x)

As you can see, there are some recurring themes from year to year. Gigguides and Counting Out Time have been dealt above

The International Gigguides have been dealt with above. But for repetition's sake: we need someone to maintain such a guide. If you feel you can spend a couple of hours a week watching German, French, British, American or other gigguides, PLEASE DROP US A LINE!

The Releases page was a bit of a painful event. We ran this year's poll which always includes a link to the Releases page, and the Releases page hadn't been updated for six months. Late in 2005 we decided to focus on improving the script that runs the releases page (and making it easier to maintain) rather than focusing on the updates for the last few months of the year. Since January 1st we have a new Releases page up and running which will be updated more regularly.

The Puzzles: we've missed these too. They're almost as much fun to create as they are to solve, and it is definitely our intention to do some more this year. We've had one so far, and we're working on a new one already. We strive to do at least one every two months.

And finally, the ever-recurring cry for more reviews. In 2005 our number of reviews went from 437 to 456, including some twenty-odd roundtable and duo reviews. We'll see how many we can do this year.

In addition to the items mentioned above, most people gave us praise on the site and we are happy to know that the positive still outweighs the negative. We intend to keep it up. Who knows, perhaps next year we can even publish the poll results a bit earlier! :-)

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