DPRPoll 2004

DPRP would like to thank the following
Labels and Artists
for generously providing prizes especially for this poll :

visit the Magenta Website

visit the Giant Electric Pea Website

Visit Petting Zoo Propaganda    

visit the SPV Website

Visit Inside Out Music   

DPRP would also like to thank the following Labels
for their support throughout 2004 !

and to all those Artists & Bands
too numerous to mention here
who have shown their support!


Magenta Full Catalogue consisting of :

- Revolutions
- Seven
- Broken (EP)
- Another Time... Another Place... (live album)
- I'm Alive (EP)

Alexander Spassov, Bulgaria
Wil Geven, NL

IQ - IQ20: The Twentieth Anniversary Show [DVD]

Klaas Kuperus, NL
Jeroen Rijsdam, NL

Kansas - Device - Voice - Drum

Christine Westbroek, NL

Rhapsody - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II -
The Dark Secret

Jan Vandrlik, Czech Republic

Saga promo pack, consisting of:

- Saga - All Areas (CD+Ltd double DVD)
- Saga - Network

Manuel Strack, Germany

SPV promo pack, consisting of:

- Magnum - Brand New Morning
- Dio - Master Of The Moon

Gerrit Veen, NL

Asia - Long Way From Home (single)

Paul Brinkworth, UK

Enchant - Live at Last (CD+DVD)

Valdas Rimkus, Lithuania

Enchant - Live at Last (CD only)

Stephen Craven, UK

Inside Out 'American' promo pack, consisting of:

- Dead Soul Tribe - The January Tree
- Chroma Key - Graveyard Mountain Home
- Vast - Nude
- Inside Out Sampler 2005

Rijcko Treep, NL
Richard Morin, Canada

Inside Out 'European' promo pack, consisting of:

- Abydos - Abydos
- The Flower Kings - Adam & Eve
- The Tangent - The World That We Drive Through
- Threshold - Subsurface
- Inside Out Sampler 2005

David Baird, Belgium

King's X - Live All Over The Place

Pieter van Hoorn, NL

Neal Morse - One

Sjoerd Majoor, NL
Peter Boija, Sweden

Paatos pack, consisting of:

- Paatos - Timeloss
- Paatos - Kallocain

Patrick Her, France

Vast - Nude (European Edition with bonus tracks)

Tim Tendler, Germany

Ayreon - The Human Equation

Lorraine Gardner, USA

California Guitar Trio - Whitewater

Kevin Cosentino, USA

Cans - Beyond The Gates (CD & Single)

Sylvain Decoteaux, Canada

Cast - Nimbus

Pio Hernandez, Mexico

Endusk - Point Of 0 One

Cesar Lanzarini, Brazil

Gazpacho - When Earth Lets Go

Linda van Brakel, USA

Glass Hammer - Lex Live (DVD)

Frode Games, Norway

Jack Foster III - Evolution Of Jazzraptor

Scott Little, Poland

Jaime Rosas Trio - Extremos

Wolfram Ehrhardt, Germany

Jam Camp - Black Hills Jam Preserves 2

Fernando Alba, Argentina

Japanese prog collection I, consisting of :

- Wappa Gappa - Gappa
- Shingetsu - Live 1979
- Daimonji - Improg
- Trio96 - Quartet'99
- Djamra - 14 Faces

Ed Lohrer, USA

Japanese prog collection II, consisting of :

- Kalo - Spiral Dream
- Sixnorth - Prayer
- Djamra - Transplantation
- Trio96 - Duo'03
- Tsukinoumi - Silver Redyc Chowder

Ruud Gras, NL

Matthew Parmenter - Astray

Terry Jackson, USA

Natural Science - This Side Of Paradise

Jos Driessen, NL

Nightwish - Once

Arend Gertz, Germany

Pain Of Salvation - 12:5

Paul Hoekstra, NL

Phid3aux - Fiendish

Davide Guidone, Italy

Pilgrym - Pilgrimage

David Wimer, USA

Tiles - Window Dressing

Carl Selley, UK

Tim Burness - Finding New Ways To Love

Mark Newman, USA

TOC - Loss Angeles

Andrej Samaj, Slovakia

VandenPlas - The God Thing
(Special Edition 2004 re-issue)

David Fausel, USA

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