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So here we are once more. The results of the eighth annual DPRP Readers Poll. The following pages will be an evaluation of the poll, if you want to go straight to the results tables, click here.

Last year, 791 people participated in the DPRPoll 2003, this year the number of participants increased to 869. As always we had a number of great prizes which we raffled among the entrants. All prize winners have been contacted, but if you are curious, have a look here what the prizes and their winners were.


As mentioned above, 869 people participated in the DPRPoll 2004. As usual, most people came from The Netherlands (26.2%), USA (13.4%) and the UK (12.0%), with Germany (5.6%) and Canada (5.3%) following behind. This year, inhabitants from a total number of 62 countries voted in the poll, including Antigua and Barbuda, Mongolia and Uzbekistan!

It seems we're getting younger again, as the average age of the poll participants went down a whopping 0.05 years, to 34.94 years. It still may seem we are a dying breed, but let's take comfort in the fact that 132 participants were under 25. The youngest voter was 15, and the oldest was 60.

You can see how the participants rated DPRP by clicking here.

Best Albums of 2004

In total 650 different albums were voted for. Below you will find the Top 30.
We have provided links to the DPRP reviews of these albums.

IQ - Dark Matter

NrBandAlbumVotesPercentageWeighted Points
1IQDark Matter47754.89%3531
3AyreonThe Human Equation40947.07%2932
4The Flower KingsAdam & Eve33338.32%2029
5Neal MorseOne27031.07%1751
6Pain Of SalvationBe26430.38%1713
9The TangentThe World That We Drive Through22525.89%1299
10RiversideOut Of Myself15417.72%1030
12Pain Of Salvation12:0511713.46%652
13FishField Of Crows12414.27%644
14Knight AreaThe Sun Also Rises9010.36%522
15KarmakanicWheel Of Life799.09%520
16Fates WarningFWX8810.13%509
17Dream TheaterLive At Budokan758.63%471
19EvergreyThe Inner Circle809.21%437
20Glass HammerShadowlands799.09%430
21Proto-kawBefore Became After778.86%421
23AsiaSilent Nation708.06%341
24Happy The ManThe Muse Awakens586.67%329
25Dead Soul TribeThe January Tree657.48%295
26The WatchVacuum515.87%295
28White WillowStorm Season465.29%286
30MoongardenRound Midnight414.72%233

Some quick explanations about the calculations. 'Votes' are the number of people who voted for a specific album, regardless if it was their number 1 or number 10. 'Percentage' is the percentage of all participants that voted for an album. The 'Weighted Points' are calculated based on the ranking of the (max) 10 albums the participants voted for; their number 1 got 10 points, number 2 got 9 points, etc. 'Weighted Points' is the sum of these points.

It seems the mighty reign of TransAtlantic has finally passed. For four years the supergroup and the bands of its individual members dominated the upper regions of the poll, but this year the gauntlet has been taken over by British prog rockers IQ, who already once topped the DPRPoll with Subterranea in 1997.

The rest of the top 10 holds few surprises with all the usual suspects present - solid performances all around for the likes of Marillion, Ayreon, The Flower Kings and Neal Morse.
Special compliments must be given to newcomers Riverside from Poland and Knight Area from Holland, on 10th and 14th position respectively, well ahead of well-established bands like Dream Theater or Fates Warning.

Click here for the entire list of results.

Best DVD of 2004

Dream Theater - Live At Budokan

NrBandDVDVotesPercentageWeighted Points
1Dream TheaterLive At Budokan19632.94%482
2MarillionMarbles On The Road17930.08%433
3Neal MorseTestimony Live15726.39%367
4IQIQ20: The Twentieth Anniversary Show13522.69%322
5ThresholdCritical Energy8313.95%199
6Steve HackettOnce Above A Time528.74%107
7Glass HammerLex Live396.55%83
8Gentle GiantGiant On The Box294.87%64
9EcholynStars And Gardens294.87%63
10Peter GabrielPlay: The Videos244.03%49

Dream Theater followed in the footsteps of The Beatles, Ozzy Osbourne, Cheap Trick and Yngwie Malmsteen -to name but a few- and recorded a live-album at the legendary Budokan Theatre in Tokyo, Japan. While the triple CD version of Live At Budokan did not get higher than a 17th position in the best album poll, the DVD edition tops the DVD poll square and fair.

In total 123 different DVDs were voted for.

Best Tracks of 2004

Before we go to the list of best individual tracks, let's see which 5 bands got the most votes, regardless of which track.

4The Flower Kings13215.19%
5Neal Morse11313.00%

As always, this is pretty much the same as the album poll, with only IQ and Marillion swapping places. However, when looking at the actual tracks, the top 5 looks somewhat different!

#BandTrackVotesPercentageWeighted Points
1IQHarvest Of Souls17019.56%382
3MarillionOcean Cloud10111.62%215
4MarillionThe Invisible Man8810.13%197
5IQSacred Sound677.71%142
6Pain Of SalvationIter Impius465.29%109
7The Flower KingsLove Supreme596.79%107
8AyreonDay Sixteen: Loser445.06%96
10Neal MorseThe Creation343.91%72

Who would ever have thought IQ and Marillion would be battling in a poll for best album track? The entire top 5 is taken up by just these two bands, while the positions 6 to 10 are taken up by five different bands.
As always, epics rule the chart and with the total time clocking in at 122 minutes, this top 10 would make an interesting compilation double album.

For the full list of all 476 different tracks, click here.

Best Artwork of 2004

Arjen Lucassen and his cat Moppetje in front of the original Human Equation painting

1Jef BertelsAyreonThe Human Equation10915.71%
2Carl GloverMarillionMarbles8111.67%
 Ed UnitskyThe TangentThe World That We Drive Through8111.67%
4Tony LythgoeIQDark Matter669.51%
5Ciruelo CabralThe Flower KingsAdam & Eve395.62%

The stunning surreal images by Belgian painter Jef Bertels have graced the covers of Ayreon albums ever since 1998's Into The Electric Castle, and justly so, judging from the 109 votes his cover for The Human Equation received.

In total 98 different albums got voted for in the 'Best Artwork' category.

Best Concert 2004

The participants of the poll voted for 315 different concerts in 2004. To get a clear picture of which bands did best on the stage last year, we'll first have a look at the ones that got the most votes, regardless of which concert.

Marillion live 2004

20042003BandVotes for Best ConcertPercentage
311Dream Theater447.24%

Now let's have a look at which of these gigs got the most votes for Best Concert 2004.

1Rush1-Oct-2004Ahoy', Rotterdam, The Netherlands34
2The Flower Kings13-Oct-2004013, Tilburg, The Netherlands19
3Dream Theater18-Jan-2004Ahoy', Rotterdam, The Netherlands15
4Riverside3-Oct-2004Prog Power, Baarlo, The Netherlands10
5Marillion11-Jul-2004Astoria, London, UK9
 Rush17-Sep-2004Arena, Oberhausen, Germany9

The results of the best concert poll are always widespread, due to the sheer number of gigs played all over the globe. However, never before in the history of the DPRPoll has one gig received so many votes as the Rush gig in Rotterdam. Then again, never in the history of the DPRPoll has Rush actually toured outside of the Americas... Their first tour to mainland Europe in over a decade resulted in many happy poll participants. As did the first American tour in 7 years that Marillion undertook in 2004: No less than 39 different gigs from their Marbles tour received votes, resulting in a well-deserved election of Best Live Band of 2004.

Best Newcomer

Riverside - click to enter official website

3Knight Area387.20%
4Liquid Scarlet152.84%

Again a great feat for the Polish prog rockers, who took the Best Newcomer poll by a storm, well ahead of the Steve Wilson/Aviv Geffen collaboration Blackfield.

Biggest Disappointment of 2004

Many different albums, gigs, incidents, etc received votes for 'biggest disappointment'. We grouped the votes until they referred to a unique album, gig or incident.
The other most often mentioned, and more specific, disappointments can be found below.

Neal Morse - One The Flower Kings - Adam & Eve

1Neal Morse - One509.84%
 The Flower Kings - Adam & Eve509.84%
3Pain Of Salvation - Be326.30%
4Marillion - Marbles244.72%
5Fish - Field Of Crows122.36%

Once again, no real surprises here, in terms of albums featured. With the possible exception of Fish all these albums have been the subject of many a forum thread on the various prog forums around the net (including our own).
However, the final outcome of the biggest disappointment of 2004 poll had us baffled. To see Neal Morse and Roine Stolt, the two people who had their albums on number 1 and 2 positions in the best album poll for four consecutive years, sharing a joint first place in the biggest disappointment poll exceeds everyone's most pessimistic ideas.

As always though, the results of this poll has to be taken with a healthy pinch of salt, as -apart from Ayreon's Human Equation- the entire top 5 of the best albums poll are also in the top 6 of the biggest disappointment poll.

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