DPRPoll 2002

The DPRPoll 2002 has been a bit tougher than in previous years. As you may have read, former Poll editor Ed Sander decided to hand over his duties as of January 1st, leaving the poll in the hands of the rest of the team. Without Ed's experience of the previous years it took a bit longer than usual to compile and evaluate the results. We promise to have it better organised next year!
This year's poll was organised and compiled by Jerry van Kooten, evaluated by Bart Jan van der Vorst, and corrected by Derk van Mourik and Bob Mulvey.

Last year, 725 people participated in the DPRPoll 2001, this year the number of participants decreased a bit to 686. A possible explanation for this is that we didn't manage to compile the list of prizes in time this year. Usually mentioning the actual prizes a week before the closing date draws another 100 or so people, but this year it will be a complete surprise for the winners what they will receive. All prize winners have been contacted, but if you are curious, have a look here what the prizes were.

This page contains a summary of the results of the poll. The full tables can be viewed by clicking through the 'next table' links in the upper right corner of the screen.


As mentioned above, 686 people participated in the DPRPoll 2002. Most people came from The Netherlands (27%), USA (17%) and the UK (9%), while Germany (6%), Canada (4%) and Sweden (4%) provided quite some votes as well. In total, inhabitants of no less than 47 different countries participated in the DPRPoll 2002, including Puerto Rico, Lithuania, Lebanon and Malaysia and Thailand!.

The average participant of the poll was 34.5 years old, although ages range from 15 to 56 years. The average has been steadily rising over the past years, and seems to confirm the unpopular belief that prog audiences are getting older indeed. However, it is assuring to see that over 40% of the voters is still under 30.

Best Albums of 2002

No less than 340 different albums received votes for Best Album of 2002. Below you will find the Top 30. The full list can be viewed by clicking here.
We have provided links to the DPRP reviews of most of these albums.

NrBandAlbumVotesPercentageWeighted Points
1Spock's BeardSnow35651.9%1228
2The Flower KingsUnfold The Future27039.4%979
3Dream TheaterSix Degrees Of Inner Turbulence24335.4%769
4Peter GabrielUp19929.0%641
5Porcupine TreeIn Absentia15622.7%540
6CamelA Nod And A Wink15622.7%503
7Pain Of SalvationRemedy Lane11516.8%411
9Star OneSpace Metal8412.2%236
10ThresholdCritical Mass629.0%170
11RushVapor Trails598.6%167
12KaipaNotes From The Past558.0%149
13Symphony XThe Odyssey497.1%134
14Glass HammerLex Rex487.0%134
15GalahadYear Zero375.4%127
16EnchantBlink Of An Eye426.1%115
17Clive Nolan & Oliver WakemanThe Hound Of The Baskervilles416.0%114
18QuidamThe Time Beneath The Sky (Pod Niebem Czas)365.2%90
19Tomas BodinPinup Guru334.8%86
20RPWLTrying To Kiss The Sun314.5%78
22Mostly AutumnMusic Inspired By "The Lord Of The Rings"284.1%72
23Porcupine TreeStars Die - The Delerium Years263.8%72
24SylvanArtificial Paradise253.6%68
25KarmakanicsEntering The Spectra294.2%67
26ColdplayA Rush Of Blood To The Head202.9%66
27Sigur Ross( )233.4%60
28PendragonAcoustically Challenged192.8%56
29MarillionAnorak In The UK Live243.5%55

Some quick explanations about the calculations. 'Votes' are the number of people who voted for a specific album, regardless if it was their number 1 or number 5. 'Percentage' is the percentage of all participants that voted for an album. The 'Weighted Points' are calculated based on the ranking of the (max) 5 albums the participants voted for; their number 1 got 5 points, number 2 got 4 points, etc. 'Weighted Points' is the sum of these points.

Although not entirely surprising, it is good to see Spock's Beard reaching the number one position for the first time (after coming in 2nd three times in a row) with the highest average points for a number one ever recorded in a DPRPoll. The 356 people who voted for this album gave over 3.4 points on average.
The Flower Kings retain their status of coming in close second after Spock's Beard, with the 270 voters giving an even higher 3.6 points on average.
Dream Theater may have suffered from an early February release (people tend to forget it was released in 2002) yet managed to nab a third place.
And with Spock's Beard, The Flower King and Dream Theater in the top three positions, you could actually say that for the third year in succession Transatlantic tops the poll!

Also noteworthy is Porcupine Tree's fifth position, as this album was only released stateside in 2002, with the European release only marginally in time for the poll deadline. Expect to see them in the 2003 poll as well.

Best Tracks of 2002

Participants in the Poll were also asked to name their favourite track of 2002. In total 208 different tracks, by 98 different bands, were voted for. The table below shows the 5 bands which got the most votes, regardless of which track.

1The Flower Kings12119.5%
2Dream Theater7912.8%
3Spock's Beard508.1%
4Peter Gabriel457.3%
5Porcupine Tree426.8%

The next table shows the actual Top 5 the different 'best tracks' of 2002.

1The Flower KingsThe Truth Will Set You Free8513.7%
2Dream TheaterSix Degrees Of Inner Turbulence457.3%
3The Flower KingsDevil's Playground254.0%
5CamelFor Today182.9%
 Peter GabrielSignal To Noise182.9%

And yet again we confirm popular belief that prog means long, self-indulgent tracks, with the top 4 lasting no less than 148 minutes all together - that is 36 minutes on average!!
Tied in a fifth position are two 'shorties' by Peter Gabriel and Camel.

Best DVD of 2002

There is no denying the impact of the DVD medium, so it was only natural that a question for 'Best DVD' was included in this year's poll. Although it was obvious to most, we were actually asking for best music or even prog DVD here, so people voting for The Lord Of The Rings and the likes, sorry, but your votes didn't count!
This particular question also turned out to be a bit of a nightmare for ourselves, as it proved to be incredible difficult for some people to look at a DVD case and find the actual title of that particular DVD. We received no less than 32 different entries for the same Spock's Beard DVD, and we also learned that there are 22 different ways to spell "Subterranea" :-).
Once corrected, the results were as follows:

NrBandDVDVotesPercentageWeighted Points
1YesSymphonic Live18848.3%487
2Spock's BeardDon't Try This At Home + The Making Of V12331.6%295
3David GilmourIn Concert6416.5%131
4Roger WatersIn The Flesh Live4511.6%104
5IQSubterranea: The Concert359.0%77
6PendragonLive At Last... And More318.0%52
7Within TemptationMother Earth Tour235.9%51
8MarillionBrave Live 2002225.7%49
9Jethro TullLiving With The Past246.2%48

We are aware that not everybody owns a DVD player, so obviously this question had less respondents than the other questions. Nonetheless 389 people (over 50% of the voters) voted for a total of 91 different music DVDs.
As with the Best Album, the number one vote got 3 points, the number 2 got 2 and the number 3 vote received 1 point. 'Weighted Points' is the sum of these points, while 'Percentage' is the percentage of only the participants who voted for a DVD.

It is interesting to see that a solid performance of a band is rated higher than a big onstage extravaganza, with the rather static performances of Yes and David Gilmour topping those larger stage shows of Roger Waters and IQ.
Spock's Beard's long awaited Don't Try This At Home (3 years in the making) came in second. No doubt the departure of Neal Morse -making this DVD a last recording of his enigmatic performance- and the packaging of the DVD (two DVDs and a CD) added to its appreciation.

The total list of DVDs that have been voted for can be found here.

Best Artwork of 2002

1Spock's BeardSnow15325.1%
2The Flower KingsUnfold The Future559.0%
3Star OneSpace Metal477.7%
4Peter GabrielUp365.9%
5Symphony XThe Odyssey304.9%

Again we have Spock's Beard's latest topping the charts, leaving The Flower Kings in a distant second place. Thomas Ewerhard's cover for Snow is indeed very stylish and follows old prog tradition by continuing the mood and concept set in his previous Spock's Beard cover V.
In total 98 different albums got voted for in the 'Best Artwork' category, the full list can be found here.

Best Concert 2002

The participants of the poll voted for 345 different concerts in 2002. To get a clear picture of which bands did best on the stage last year, we'll first have a look at the ones that got the most votes, regardless of which concert.

20022001BandVotes for Best ConcertPercentage
13The Flower Kings7113.1%
2-Dream Theater5910.9%
3-Star One407.4%
4-Roger Waters254.6%
5-Peter Gabriel213.9%

Now let's have a look at which of these gigs got the most votes for Best Concert 2002.

The Flower Kings

1The Flower Kings28-Nov-2002Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland15
2Star One29-Sep-2002013, Tilburg, Holland14
3Dream Theater3-Nov-2002Ahoy', Rotterdam, Holland11

As always, the large number of Dutch poll participants combined with a small number of venues played in The Netherlands has resulted in three Dutch gigs ending up highest again.
Also, the extensive tours Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel and Dream Theater undertook in 2002 resulted in a relatively low number of votes for their individual concerts.

Best Newcomer

1Karmakanic 296.1%
2Star One255.3%
3Dead Soul Tribe132.7%
4La Maschera Di Cera91.9%

The votes for 'Best Newcomer' were far more divided this year than in previous years. Perhaps because this year there weren't as many newcomers that really stood out to the masses when compared to previous years. This is also reflected in the fact that more than ever people voted for side-projects by members of a popular band, rather than really new artists.
The various members of The Flower Kings nabbed up the largest chunk of the votes, with Jonas Reingold's Karmakanic topping the charts and many people forgetting that Tomas Bodin has released solo albums before. Another keyboardist we had to disqualify was Ryo Okumoto (who came in third!), his excellent album Close Enough is actually his eighth solo album to date - Not all that newcoming then.
Another questionable entry is Arjen Lucassen's new project Star One. Although sounding differently, this is the same person who already brought us Ayreon and Ambeon (last year's winner).

For a complete, alphabetical list of all 94 newcomers click here.

Biggest Disappointment of 2002

Many different albums, gigs, incidents, etc received votes for 'biggest disappointment'. We grouped the votes until they referred to a unique album, gig or incident.
The other most often mentioned, and more specific, disappointments can be found below.

Spock's Beard still with Neal Morse

1Neal Morse leaving Spock's Beard19737.2%
2Spock's Beard - Snow397.3%
3Rush - Vapor Trails264.9%
5Rush: no European tour152.8%

Once again this proves to be a very interesting section of the poll, bearing in mind these results have to be taken with a grain of salt. It won't be a surprise to anyone to see Neal Morse's departure from Spock's Beard as the major disappointment of 2002 (or the disbanding of Transatlantic resulting thereof). However, who would have thought to see his latest album with that band to come in second! After all, the same album is also voted 'Best Album'.
Rush also has two contrary entries in the top 5 disappointments: 23 people were disappointed with their latest album (number 11 in the 'Best Album' chart), whereas 15 people who obviously liked that album were disappointed with the prolonged lack of a European tour by the Canadian threesome.
Once again Marillion maintains the dubious honour of being in the Top 5 for the past 6 years, with 16 people stating just plainly "Marillion" as their disappointment. Another 8 people complained about their lack of touring the USA, their DVDs and last year's pre-order scheme.

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