Saturday June 7th 2003
Oakwood Centre, Rotherham, UK

By Paul Baker

Tr3nity debut at Classic Rock Society

Hampshire based Tr3nity made an impressive debut for the Classic Rock Society at the Oakwood Centre, Rotherham on Saturday 07 June 2003. Having first heard the band on Rob Leighton's Imagination Show on Radio Caroline and subsequently buying a copy of their outstanding CD In the Cold Light of Darkness, I was particularly keen to catch the band live.

The band started their set with a brave move, a new song, due to appear on a forthcoming album. The track, Living a Lie, although a new composition, introduced the audience to the power and melody that is the hallmark of the Tr3nity sound.

The wonderful Into the Dark followed next, this track, while having somewhat serious lyrics lets the band get into full flow. Haunting melody with the powerful vocals of Chris Campell being shown to great effect at the beginning, moving smoothly into an intricate keyboard passage, that still manages to retain a firm drive and rhythm, giving Paul Gath opportunity to shine. A sudden and unexpected time change had a few heads bobbing in the audience. A brief drop in tempo again as the guitar work of Rob Davenport came through, building with melodic power, (is that a real phrase?) to reintroduce the emotional closing vocal sequence.

By this point the 'stragglers' from the bar had began to filter into the main hall, obviously drawn by the impressive noise coming from the stage! They were treated to the rather laid back opening of Eyes of a Child, done a bit differently in the live setting. The opening soon picked up-tempo and the splendid melodic guitar and keyboards, soon building and flowing into the main theme, which soon had an appreciative audience captivated. Special mention should be made of the drum work of Rolf Smith, subtle, then dramatic but never overpowering.

The band closed the set with another new song, Run Before You Walk, this number left me with a great feeling of anticipation for the new CD, due, hopefully sometime later this year.

A great debut by a wonderful band, despite a few technical difficulties, that I didn't have a clue about until talking with the band later. Taking these into account, the fact their Bass player was unavailable due to prior commitments, leaving Rob Davenport to 'double up' on Bass pedals, the graphic display at the back of the stage deciding to be awkward and the fact that the band could hear very little of what they were producing made the set even more remarkable. That wasn't important really as the band gave a wonderful performance and won over a fair number of new fans.

One small point, talk to us lads, we liked the music and you, so go on, I think certain members of the audience were as nervous as you were. Can't wait to see them again, check them out, oh, and the CD, In the Cold Light of Darkness, go on buy it, you won't be disappointed.


Living a Lie
Into The Dark
Eyes Of A Child
Run Before You Walk


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