June 21st, 2003
Gouda, The Netherlands

By Jurrie Teeuwen

I went to Lentepop 2003 today, a dutch metal/rock festival in Gouda. List of all bands can be found on their website. I went to see ECS (Eyes can't see - A becoming rock opera) and Signs, a band which started again after 10 years.

ECS was cool, they are still in the creation process and the music is pretty proggy, with our ex-guitarplayer Ron Oppelaar and drummer/founder of the project ECS Sjon Tol. Their gig was fine, though the sound was horrible.

After ECS came Signs, which is a pure sympho/progrock band. They told the audience they hard reformed after 10 years. The old songs, which I didn't know (didn't know the band until today) were cool and the new material even cooler. There is more bite in the new songs and singer/bassplayer Hans de Graaf seems a dutch Geddy Lee, playing and singing so easy!

Also the guitar player Ron van der Park and keyboard player Marcel Faas did a great job, as well as the drummer Bert Vliegen. As a guitarist, I always have more attention for what guitarists do and I talked to him later and told him it was fantastic. It was a pity the sound was (once again) horrible which had caused the guitar to sound like crap at times, but he played awsome, very melodic and with whole his heart!

In +/- 30 minutes they played real prog with the usual elements prog needs. I told Ron van der Park it would be awesome to gig once in for instance De Boerderij at a prognight. If you really dig sympho/progrock with an typical IQ/Marillion touch and Dream Theater kinda like riffs, check these guys out, they are awesome.

Before the summer break they will gig once in Noorderhaven at the Minirock-Festival June the 26th. Check them out, check also their website


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