Ray Wilson & Band
September 21st 2003
Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

By Bart Jan van der Vorst


After playing mainly acoustically for the last two years, Ray Wilson decided it was time to take a band out on the road again. The gig in Zoetermeer was the only Dutch gig of the tour, mind you, it was the only non-German gig of the tour!

- weinig publiek - Arena Pendrgaon fans - waar was de Genesis fanclub - fantastische gig - blokken The set was more or less divided into four or five different blocks. He opened with a semi-acoustic block, which featured mainly songs from his new solo album Change, a the Genesis cover (Follow You, Follow Me) and two songs that can also be found on the Live and Acoustic album.
He then exchanged his acoustic guitar for electric and proceeded with a couple of songs from his former band Stiltskin. This may have come as a shock to the people who'd been lulled into some kind of relaxation by 45 minutes of acoustic Nolan and Barrett, and the mellow opening of the Ray Wilson gig, because this was a full-on, twin-guitar'd rockfest!
Especially the number one hit single Inside seemed to startle the crowd - Hey, I know this song, but is this his???

He then sent off the rest of his band for a couple of nice and intimate acoustic songs. It was at this part where most of the covers came in. He started with a Phil Collins song, which as he explained is actually the only Phil Collins solo song he likes: In The Air Tonight. It was performed similarly to the version which can be found on the Live And Acoustic album, partially acapella with Ray and Amanda sharing the vocals.
The atmosphere of the gig changed completely, and turned from a rock gig into a very intimate pub-type thingy. Someone in the audience shouted out for Mama, so the setlist was somewhat altered to serve this person and the classic Genesis track was played. (it was originally planned as an encore).

More Genesis followed with the fantastic Carpet Crawlers The next song was one of the first solo songs he wrote after the demise of Genesis, Gouranga, which can also be found as a bonus track on the special edition of his album Change. The band then proceeded with what can best be described as the ZZ-Top version of I Can't Dance. Certainly not my favourite Genesis song, but what a power! Two roaring electric guitars and Wilson's raw voice made sure this song sounded nothing like Genesis' rather tame original.
The main set ended with the very tongue in cheek Guaranteed Pure song Swing Your Bag


Nolan & Barrett

Shadowland Medley: Jigsaw/The Kruhulick Syndrome/So The Music Stops
Man of Nomadic Traits (Pendragon)
(Don't Forget to) Breathe (Arena)
Cry For Help IV (Arena)
Alaska (Pendragon)
Mindgames (Shadowland)
Lightshow (Strangers On A Train)
The Voyager (Pendragon)

Ray Wilson:

Follow You, Follow Me (Genesis)
Rest In Peace (Stiltskin)
Sarah (Cut)
Change (Wilson)
Along The Way (Wilson)
Another Day (Wilson)
Beach (Wilson)
Sunshine and Butterflies (Stiltskin)
Inside (Stiltskin)
Footsteps (Stiltskin)
Gypsy (Cut)
In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)
Mama (Genesis)
Carpet Crawlers (Genesis)
Lover's Leap (Genesis)
Ripples (Genesis)
Not About Us (Genesis)
Don't Give Up (Peter Gabriel)
Yesterday (Wilson)
Goodbye Baby Blue (Wilson)
Gouranga (Wilson)
I Can't Dance (Genesis)
Swing Your Bag (Guaranteed Pure)

Shipwrecked (Genesis)
Ghost (Cut)


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