Aether, Solis, Nexus, Ankh
Rio Art Rock Festival, 10 December 1999
Teatro da Galeria, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

By Lanzarini

The 1st day f Rio Art Rock Festival happened on a rainy day in Rio de Janeiro. A good audience appeared at Teatro da Galeria even all the problems.

Aether opened with a great surprise: Glauco Fernandes (violin) that will only play in two musics (Alterbourgh Suite and Whales) participated on all the gig! A really pleasent surprise! The show was based on the CD Visions, released this year. New Bright Day, Alterbough Suite and Whales was the highest moments of Aether. Camel was the strongest influence (mainly the electric guitar of Vinicius Brazil). Even some problems with the sound equipment on the beggining of the shows injured the band. Great opening!

1st time on stage, Solis, the most recent release of Rock Symphony, showed a lot of energy, mainly the guitarrist (both electric and acoustic) Marcos Pinho (a virtuoso). All the gig was based on the first cd called Gemini (to be reviewed soon here at RPB) and all explained on the exclusive interview). The vocals (maybe for some servosity of the debut) at some moments was quite different from the sound of the band. Nice acoustic sets (L'Essence) e eminence for Sete Luas de Andrion and for the suite Solis Invicts Mitra. The bass player Jonatas Luiz come to stay forever!

The 1 st international band of RARF 99 was Nexus. Based on the concept CD Detrás Del Umbral and on some unreleased tracks, the argentine quintet has an exemplary control of the intruments and played a hard neo symph prog that was on our memories since now! Note for the nice vocal of Mariela Gonzalez (Condenados, Signos en el Cielo and on the unreleased track), that fits nicely on the band. All the musicians are quite good and certainly will perform well on Baja Prog 2000 (Mexico) and on Near Fest 2000 (USA). The best gig of the night, but very brief. Besides Tempus Fugit, representing very well the prog rock of South America at this moment.

Closing the first day, the polish band Ankh mixed progressive, metal and Porcupine Tree pompously. The musicians are excelent also e did an energic and fited sound. The quartet has a huge presence on the stage! At the moment, I couldn't find words that could decribe the Ankh show. All time the audience screamed: "Very good!", "Marvelous!" They suported all the responsability of close the first day and play after Nexus.

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