Pendragon, 25 November 1999
Elephant Discotheque, Santiago, Chile

By Juan C. Araneda and Rosa Muñoz

It was very nice to see Pendragon playing in Santiago for the second time. They had played before in April 1998 under a huge audience of 1,500. This time things had changed because of local economic situation and the organisers didn't do any previous advertisement about the show. Additionally the Providencia Theater booked for the show (the same venue where IQ played last 30th June and 1st July) was closed the day before by financial debts of its administrator. So the venue was changed the night before of the gig and finally only 400 people were there. In comparison with last year's schedule, when the fans of Pendragon had the opportunity to welcome them at a local pub the night before the gig, this time the schedule was absolutely crazy. They had flown 24 hours and arrived to Santiago at noon, played at night, flew to Buenos Aires early the next morning and played there at night!!!

The concert had been announced at 22:00 including a Chilean support band. The night of the show we arrived to the venue at 20:45 and Pendragon were just finishing the soundcheck. At 22:25 the Chilean ambassadors of prog rock (WS 90, July 1999), Subterra opened their show playing four songs of their own: Primavera de Praga, Juan Salvador, Prometeo and Epilepsia. Subterra impressed the audience with their powerful playing, excellent composition and visual presentation. Max Sanchez is a versatile frontman combined with the talents of guitarists Gonzalo Sanchez and Leo Basso, a solid bass in charge of Andres Saavedra, plus the new boys Javier Lagos in keyboards and Pablo Perich in drums. They ended their set with a standed ovation from the audience.

Finally at 23:20 the Marcha de los Toreadores from Opera Carmen was heared and soon Pendragon were on the stage. They began playing the classic Higher Circles to continue with the Masquerade Overture's brilliant song Paintbox. The boys looked very tired and their fans supported them as much as possible during the show. Then they hit fans with the outstanding Alaska and then Guardian Of My Soul. Nick and Peter played an original acoustic set including And We'll Go Hunting Deer, The Shadow (closing section) and The Voyager which was ended electrically by Clive and Fudge joining the music. The show went on with Kowtow, The Last Man On Earth, The Mask, The Walls Of Babylon and Masters Of Illusion. The boys did a supreme effort playing at that hour and their fans applauded and sang every bit they could. For the encores Pendragon played Nostradamus, Red Shoes and Am I Really Losing You?. Ending the gig at 01:25, Nick, Clive, Peter and Fudge went out immediately and we had a nice time chatting and drinking a Pisco Sour with Rob Aubrey and Martin Ogden who returned to Chile for their third time (twice with Pendragon and one with IQ).


Primavera de Praga
Juan Salvador

Macha de los Toreadores
Higher Circles
Guardian Of My Soul
And We'll Go Hunting Deer
The Shadow (closing section)
The Voyager
The Last Man On Earth
The Mask
The Walls Of Babylon
Masters Of Illusion

Red Shoes
Am I Really Losing You?


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