Pallas, January 19th 2002
The Mean Fiddler, London, UK

By Stefan Polzer

It was the seventh time I witnessed them live and I truly must say that it was the second best gig so far! It is hard though to beat a first time experience, therefore the second best! Great to see so many familiar faces in the rather big audience, and ecstatic it was as well.
The show that lasted for about two hours was very well performed and it very soon stood clear that the band had rehearsed quite a lot before going on this tour. Alan’s vocal performance (and guitar) was brilliant; his powerful voice was in perfect shape - so strong and yet when needed so soft, fragile and breathtaking (Blood & Roses).
Graeme´s voice was also in good shape, but it was as usual his thundering bass play that did the most singing tonight. I think that the nickname God of Thunder was given to the wrong guy! Niall was as always extremely tight and flashed some really really great solos this evening; he has that natural guitar feeling – almost like he was born with it. He has his own unique sound and style and there’s no one like him in the world (and he spoke too!). Colin was steady as a rock behind the drums, he made no mistakes and played so tasteful – he even did background vocals!
But the man who made the biggest impression on me this night was Ronnie, he was absolutely marvellous and the massive keyboard solo in the beginning of Towers Of Babble makes up for the small hiccup at the end of the very same when he accidentally switched of his keyboards a little bit to early.

A super duper performance indeed!


Intro ("Bladerunner")
The Cross & The Crucible
For The Greater Glory
Who´s To Blame?
The Executioner / Ratracing
Crown Of Thorns
Beat The Drum
Blood & Roses
The Blinding Darkness
Towers Of Babble
Celebration! / Atlantis (closing section)

Midas Touch
Cut And Run
Arrive Alive (incl. Keyboard part from Imagination at the end)


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