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September 11th, 2005
013, Tilburg, The Netherlands


After missing several occasions to see this great Swedish band live, it was a real treat to finally see them, on my birthday! Yep...9-11!

Supportband was Extol. This Norwegian band has been around since 1994 and released their debut in 1998.
Their music which was pretty loud and sounded a bit proggy had some nice moments (some atmospheric parts and a few breaks that reminded me of Rush) but they could not convince me to rush off to the merch.stand to buy one of their albums.
The screams of Peter Espevoll were a bit annoying but the drummer made it worth listening after all.

Opeth started off with one of the tracks off the brand new Ghost Reveries album, The Baying Of The Hounds. Nice song with stonerrock/70's rock-like beginning (The keyboardpart reminds me a bit of Uriah heep).
Micheal Åkerfeldt experienced some technical (guitar) problems during this song but after that it was plain sailing the whole concert through.

Perfect sound, Åkerfeldt's voice was in topshape, his grunts sounded really powerfull and deep and also the clean vocals stood out really well.
Just like Dan Swano, his Edge of sanity/Nightingale/( former?-)Bloodbath colleague, Åkerfeldt has one of the best grunts as well as one of the most beautifull clean voices i know.

Speaking of deathmetalband Bloodbath, their drummer Martin Axenroth was replacing Martin Lopez because of his illness (Strapping young lad-giant Gene Hoglan replaced Lopez during the American tour).
The new album was released two weeks earlier ( in Europe ) so they didn't do a lot of new songs yet.

The mighty Grand Conjuration was the other one, later on. During this really evil song (especially the calmer parts, breathtaking!) they made everyone put both their arms up making 'the sign of the devil'.

Unfortunately no Ghost Of Perdition this evening. They will probably play more new songs when they return in December.

Opeth played songs from most of their 8 albums ( except the first two ). Mostly heavy stuff like Deliverance, The Drapery Falls, When and Blackwater Park (those last 2 songs are not played very often) passed and ofcourse some 'easy listening' tracks In My Time Of Need and To Rid The Disease both from the beautiful Damnation album and my personal favourite Face Of Melinda.

I was very disapointed they only did one encore (the inevitable Demon Of The Fall) especially considering the fact that Åkerfeldt spend a lot of time - a bit too much time - talking and joking in between the songs!
Fortunenately not in such an arrogant way as he did with Bloodbath on Wacken Open air this summer and sometimes he was actually pretty funny, but.... they could have let some more music doing the talking instead.

But, after seeing them live for the first time : I was very impressed. Great musicians, great songs and a great sound!
The Baying Of The Hounds
In My Time Of Need
To Rid The Disease
The Drapery Falls
The Grand Conjuration
Face Of Melinda
Blackwater Park

Demon Of The Fall


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