Marillion - Radioactive Tour
November 6th 1998
The Forum, London, UK
By Paul Gates

The Forum - A review

Got to the venue at 6:45 - had a quick portion of chips and went in. Met up with Lucy Jordache and had a chat then went down the front to see the support band. Not bad - a mixture of grunge and prog. The sound was poor though and I think they would have sounded much better with better PA - this is often the case with support bands though - in my experience.

Then after a long wait (3/4 an hour) with the audience getting very loud - the place was packed (approx 3000) anyone know exactly how many - the boys arrived with for A Few Words. Good opening, but not my favourite, but the song wouldn't fit anywhere else in the set so I am not complaining. They then launched into a really high powered and emotive set. I had an excellent unresticted view of the whole stage from the forth row directly in front of Steve R. The sound (from the front) was superb, although I understand that it wasn't so good from the back. The boys were really on form though.

Steve R - was lightening fast and absolutley immaculate.
Highlights: last guitar solo in This Strange Engine, guitar solos in Memory of Water "big beat".

H - Really enjoying himself (after a few probs. at the beginning). Lots of jumps, dips and even sharing the mic with Pete. Highlights: Brazilian jam, whole of This Strange Engine, Cathedral Walls

Mark - immaculate as usual
Higlights: This Strange Engine, the sonic pulse in the middle of Memory of Water, which I just got the edge of, but my Brother at the back said it silenced and stunned everyone at the bar!!

Pete - all over the stage and lots of interaction with H and sharing the mic on joint vocals.
Highlights: solo on This Strange Engine, general performance just superb.

Ian - relaxed and powerful as usual!
Highlights: Memory of Water and drum solos in This Strange Engine jam section

Overall highlights: whole of This Strange Engine especially the jam - not heard this before, Splintering Heart (original Moles Club demo version), Gazpacho (revisisted), King, Mad...
I could go on, the list is endless.

Overall, a superb 2:15hour show (the longest Maril show I've seen). The band were really enjoying theselves, lots of jokes and smiles and silliness. H talked between songs a lot more than the last tour, and joked with the hecklers. The audience were really great - superb atmosphere.
Lighting was pretty darn good, although some of slides didn't match the songs being played?

Lasting impressions are of the finale to King - just goes on and on and on.....



A Few Words For The Dead
Under the Sun
Man Of 1000 Faces (First half only)
Goodbye To All That (Minus "Standing In The Swing" and the intro)
3 Minute Boy
Splintering Heart (Moles Club electric version)
80 Days
Now She'll Never Know
These Chains
The Answering Machine
Cannibal Surf Babe (New Mix)
Gazpacho (New Mix)
Cathedral Wall

This Strange Engine (inc. Medley)

Memory Of Water (Big Beat Mix)



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