Marillion, November 29th, 2000
Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway

By Jan-Jaap van der Geer

I have just had a fantastic concert yesterday (29 november 2000) at the Rockefeller in Oslo, Norway. It was 6 years ago they last performed live in Norway, or so I was told (I live only 1.5 years in Norway, so for me it hadn't been quite that long...).

Anyway, they started off with a big surprise for me. They played an accoustic set, starting off with Sugar Mice. Never heard that one performed by Steve H, I think. It was great. Sounded very fragile, but in a very positive way. After that they played Afraid of Sunrise and Lap of Luxury. At least, that's what the setlist said I took with me. I think they actually first played Cinderella Search and than Lap, but who cares. Cinderella Search was also a surprise to me. 2 songs I never heard played by H, and that after so many years... Great! The accoustic set was concluded with The Space. During the whole accoustic set the public was very enthousiastic, they just didn't stop applauding between the songs.

After that they played 80 days, not my favourite, but OK. The Answering machine was great, followed by Cannibal Surf Babe, I still can't understand why this song is (was?) hated so much. Than they played Mad, Go and Rich. The Uninvited Guest was also nice to hear again. This was followed by a song for the new album, Clockwork Quartz (Or is it Clockwork & Quarz? There's something scribbled between those words, but I'm not really sure if it is a miswriting or a symbol...). It sounded Ok, but I think it is difficult to judge new songs during a concert. It seemed quite a long song. This song was followed by The Party. Didn't know it, but someone in my neighbourhoud knew (a part of) the lyrics, so it was either not new or a cover? Dunno.

These unknown songs were followed by the singalong Easter. The Great Escape was of course a highlight. Cathedral Wall was great.

They made us work really hard for the encore, consisting of Garden Party and King. Great stuff! I was afraid the public would go home after the first encore, just as they did after the recent Spock's Beard gig. Although the public was great during the whole concert, once the first encore was over, they just went home, so there wasn't a second encore, of course... Thank god this public was wiser. So there was a second encore consisting of Kayleigh and Lavender. The first part of Lavender was only sung by the public. Great! After Lavender they played another Fish-era song. As the last encore isn't on the setlist, I can't verify what it was. I'm not good at titles, I was pretty sure it was from Clutching, but going through the album, I just think "no, that wasn't it". I dunno what it was... Sorry! Was great, though! (it was Slàinte Mhath - Ed.)

All in all it was a great concert. Not as great as the recent Spock's Beards concerts, but that's not so strange, because they recently took over the second place from Marillion in my own private top 3 bands, with Genesis still firmly on top. I would have loved them to play Interior Lulu and/or Script, but I'm satisfied anyway so...


Acoustic set:
Sugar Mice
Afraid Of Sunrise
Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury (incl.Out Of This World)
Cinderella Search
The Space
80 Days
The Answering Machine
Cannibal Surf Babe

Electric set:
Goodbye To All That
The Uninvited Guest
The Bell In The Sea
The Party
The Great Escape
Cathedral Wall

Garden Party

Lavender / Blue angel
Slàinte Mhath


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