IQ Live in South America
June 30th & July 1st 1999,
Santiago, Chile
July 2nd 1999, Buenos Aires, Argentina

By By Juan C. Araneda & Rosa Munoz (Chile) and Andres Valle (Argentina)

IQ Live in South America

An ever dreamed time happened just in mid of the last year of the Millenium: IQ played in South America for the first time. And still better if this dream could be shared by a lot of prog friends in Chile and Argentina, plus nice visitors from abroad: Dario Axelrud, Leticia Lechtman, Leonardo Nahoum and Ray from Brazil, David Gower and Stuart Jenner from the UK and Bart Jan van der Vorst from Holland. So it was an international party for every loyal fan of the band who was there enjoying these superb gigs.

IQ musicians (Peter, Mike, Martin, Paul and John) and staff (Rob, Oggie, Lol and Andy) arrived to Santiago after playing at the NEARFest, in USA, on the early morning of the same Wednesday 30th, because they lost their flight connection in Miami the night before, by traffic control problems at the Newark airport. So the official reception to the band scheduled on Tuesday 29th could not happen and they didn't have much time to rest after the long trip. Also Martin Orford arrived very sick and after having seen by a doctor, a case of "chicken-pox" was the diagnosis. Nevertheless he wanted to play both nights after some time resting at the hotel and taking his medicine.

Everything had been prepared to make the gigs a big success, after months of hard work among the ARPROCH people: Jose Luis Ramos, Felipe Ecclefield, Andres Pinto, Leonardo Sacchetti, Gonzalo Navarro, Juan Araneda and Rosa Munoz. And precisely the IQ gigs were absolutely outstanding. Every fan had been eagerly waiting for the moment to see IQ playing live in Chile and they couldn't be more than happy to see two gigs of the highest musical quality, superb lights and sound and performed by nicest musicians who spread all their finest performance on the stage. Especially the Thursday night gig will be remembered as one of the best gigs IQ have ever played. Everyone there ended on heaven.

In the morning of Friday 2nd, Juan and Rosa travelled with IQ to Buenos Aires and met at the airport our Argentinean partners from Mellotron: Andres Valle, Jorge Piazza and Gustavo Bolasini. From there on, they were in charge of the show. Also Jose Luis, Francisca, Felipe and Mariela travelled from Chile and met us at the venue, just in time to see the Argentinean prog band Nexus opening the show before IQ. The musicians and staff of IQ flew back to the UK on Saturday evening, after a delicious lunch time at a traditional Argentinean beef restaurant, where fans from Argentina and Chile could share a very nice time talking and eating with the IQ boys.

Now let's review every one of the IQ gigs:

IQ gigs at Teatro Providencia, Santiago
June 30th & July 1st

On Wednesday 30th and after the usual tecno intro IQ opened with "Awake And Nervous" under the applause of the audience (about 400 people). They went on with their powerful "The Darkest Hour" on a dark stage because of the smoke machine and the classic "It All Stops Here". Mike Holmes and Martin Orford did a brilliant work, supported by the colorful bass playing by John Jowitt and the solid drumming by Paul Cook.
A nice introduction poem by Peter Nicholls guided the audience into the world of Subterranea, including the original projections backstage and wonderful light effects on "Subterranea/ Sleepless Incidental" and then Peter face appearing at the back projection singing "King Of Fools" and linked to "Outer Limits". Simply superb.
Martin went on with "War Heroes" on piano and Peter singing some parts to link with "Nothing At All" that left the audience in a shock. After that Peter sang the funny "Wiggle" and danced "Came Down" cha cha cha version. Returning to Subterranea, IQ played then "Failsafe", with Peter wearing the special costumes, and "Capricorn".
One of live favourites, "Leap Of Faith", probed to be one among Chilean fans too and at the end a long stand up ovation recognised the superb playing of the musicians. Finally the outstanding 20 minutes "The Narrow Margin" closed the set and the audience asked for more. As encores IQ gifted the powerful "The Wake" and the funny "Out Of Nowhere/Mamma Mia". A brilliant debut of IQ in Santiago.

On Thursday 1st the band opened with "The Darkest Hour" and went on with "It All Stops Here". The sound was extraordinary and the band was playing more relaxed and obtained a fast communication with the audience (about 700 people) and someone from there shouted by heart and soul "Oh sh.., this is real music". Then IQ travelled to Subterranea with "Subterranea/ Sleepless Incidental" and "King Of Fools".
Surprising all the fans, IQ played brilliantly "Headlong" and "Breathtaker", to continue with "War Heroes/ Nothing At All", "Failsafe", "Capricorn" and "Leap Of Faith". Absolutely great. But IQ offered another surprise with the 20 minute epic song "The Last Human Gateway" that concluded with the audience stand up shouting and crying for more. As encores IQ played "The Wake", "Human Nature" and after the crying of the fans asking for "Widow's Peak", this song closed an unforgetable night indeed.

IQ gig at Teatro del Globo, Buenos Aires
July 2nd

Only few times before did the Argentinean audience have the chance to observe a show so unforgettable such as IQ's. Their memorable performance is now hailed as one of the all time best in Argentina, compared to acts such as Yes, ELP, King Crimson or Jethro Tull.

The IQ show was preceded by the local band Nexus, whose album "Detras del Umbral" is hailed here as one of the best local progressive albums of all time, maybe the best since Crucis' days. Their show was brief but powerful, with a slightly high sound, but showing all their best qualities: excellent keyboard playing, emotional guitar work, a tight base, and the great voice of Mariela González.
Nearly half an hour later IQ appeared with one of their best known tunes in Argentina: "The Darkest Hour", followed by "It All Stops Here". After this powerful start they played a brief set from Subterranea, with their amazing video show at the back, capturing the audience attention and amazing everyone. "Subterranea", "Sleepless Incidental" and "King Of Fools" were greatly received, followed by "Headlong", "War Heroes/ Nothing At All", and a new Subterranea section, represented by "Failsafe" and "Capricorn".
The amazing "Leap Of Faith" was one of the night's highlights, but the full length performance of "Last Human Gateway" was simply outstanding, ending the concert with a shocked audience.
They returned to play "The Wake" and "Awake And Nervous", with Peter guiding the admired public to stand and clap together, with the theatre's lights on, at nearly 1:00 AM.
The band showed a great professionalism, and despite some strings broken by Mike Holmes, and the bad health of Martin Orford, they showed why it is one of the all time best of the progressive scene.
Many people walk out raving about the show, and the following day they had the chance to meet their fans at Discover store, signing hundreds of CDs, and then at a special lunch.

And finally let's know the impressions of the organisers:

Jose Luis Ramos (ARPROCH) said:
"The IQ gigs in Santiago were the greatest progressive concerts that ever happened in Chile. Great sound, beautiful lights, incredible musicians, excellent organisation by ARPROCH, but overall five normal and nice persons gifted with many talents that gave us two unforgetable nights. Thanks Peter, Mike, Paul, John and Martin (who played with an illness)... Thanks to the technical staff too: Rob, Laurence, Oggie and Andy .... Thank you IQ !!!!"

Andres Valle (MELLOTRON) said:
"This South American tour showed a band at the peak of their talent. We all hope this to be just the first visit by one the best bands in the world: IQ."

Juan and Rosa (ARPROCH) said:

"After seeing IQ three times more we have no doubt that IQ is the best and finest rock band on the world today. Congratulations once more to IQ and thanks a lot for your superb music. Absolutely great forever."

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