September 23rd, 2004
Spirit of '66, Verviers, Belgium

By Nick Gielkens

As support act there was a girl with an harp; Keltia. Lovely voice, music of the Middle Ages, nicely done.

The act started impressive with one of their instrumental songs of their debut album. And then that voice... beautiful and amazing, it fits perfectly with the atmosphere Iona breathes. Iona, especially Joana, sends out sheer beauty and serenity.
After a short acoustic set, the rock came back to their set and I must admit I liked that more as the acoustics.

The studio-albums are really nice, but live they are more as really nice. When Dave comes loose on his guitar then it gives you shivers.
Troy played wonderful on the uilleann pipes and he did some fighting with Dave's guitar. I think that combination, an authentic Celtic instrument mixed with great guitar work makes Iona so unique in the world of progressive music.

Joana had some nice conversations with the crowed and tried to speak French. Troy said: "Her French is for the Dutch who don't speak French...". So there was time to make some jokes.
Frank and Phil did a great job on drums, violins, percussion and bass, a good matched rhythm section.

Two new songs were played and were received well. Hopefully the band wil find some time to make an whole new album of it.

Troy has an all-round musicianship and his playing is superb, the other band members have got that high craftsmanship too. This band hadn't perform life for more then two years, but they teamed up as a smooth thundering rock-band.

A powerful mix of Celtic, Folk, Symfo and Rock, high quality Music!


Joana Hogg - vocals, keyboards, percussion and acoustic guitar
Dave Brainbridge - guitars, bouzouki and keyboards
Troy Donockley - ulian pipes, low & tin whistle, guitars, bouzouki
Phil Barker - bass
Frank van Essen - drums, percussion and violins


Flight of the wild Goose
Wave after Wave
Acoustic set:
Greenfields of Canada
Edge of the World
Inside my Heart
The Search
Factory of Magnificent Souls
Wind of the Lake

Irish Day
B-Se I Part II

Woven Cords


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