Grampa's 12,5 wedding anniversary festival
July 17th, 1998
Someplace in the middle of nowhere, The Netherlands

This was a very special night for the DPRP team. Dutch Gigs guru and CDelight compiler Henri 'Grampa' Bos and his wife Mattie had their 12,5 wedding anniversary. To celebrate this, they organized a party for a bunch of friends and family. As you can imagine, the DPRP team was also invited.
This was also an excellent opportunity for another one of those legendary DPRP meetings because all but one team member were present, which is very rare indeed. Splitting atoms is easier than getting the DPRP team in one room.

We all set out for the venue which was located in a small town near Culemborg (so small I already forgot the name). We were very suprised by the venue itself because it proved to be some sort of barn which had been transformed into a party center, complete with a low stage build with pallets and wooden plates. Beyond the stage the side of a pick-up van provided the necessary decorative background.

After presenting some perfume and the Genesis Archives box-set to the happy couple, we enjoyed our first beers of the night (though drivers Rene and Martijn and ex-Quidam flutist Ewa preferred some non-alcoholic beverages). After some smalltalk the first band climbed ... err .... stepped on stage. It was the legendary L & B Band with some of the people of the original line-up, like our very own Grampa behind the drumkit and a Mike Holems lookalike on guitar.
A short performance with blues classics like Born Under a Bad Sign, The Letter, Alright Now, I'm Walking and others followed. Grampa was beating the drums like Animal of the Muppets.

After a short break with more beer Grampa announced two guys from a band which has a special place in his heart; Bagheera. Although I must admit that Bagheera is not really my cup of tea, and I was not that much impressed by them supporting IQ a couple of years ago, their acoustical performance was pretty nice. Beyond some own material, the guitarist and singer also played covers of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here and The Strollin' Bones Angie (in itself a rather dreadful song, if you ask me).
In the meantime, warm and cold snacks were being served, somehing I have never before experienced at a festival !

The last part of the evening brought the return of the L & B Band in their new line-up with female lead and backing vocalists. Whereas the old L & B Band played mainly blues music, this new line-up focussed on 'Women in Rock' with covers of tracks by Skunk Anansi (hope I wrote this correctly), Alanis Morisset, Republica and Anouk but also tracks like Van Halen's Jump, Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers and Radar Love by some band from The Hague,
The performances varied from enjoyable to very good, with some good lead vocals on some songs.

During the performance, a couple of DPRP team members had to leave to be able to catch the latest train to the outside world, while the real die-hard stayed behind (hi Rene and Claudia !).
The last song of the main set was Weak As I Am with Grampa joyfully headbanging along. The crowd - which by now had decreased a bit in numbers because it was already past 1.00 AM - was not willing to let the band go though and Grampa was forced to ask them for some addtional encores, one of which was Skunk Anansi's Twisted, a personal favourite by that band of yours truly.

After a couple of extra beers 'for the road' we gave in to the driver's requests to go home. Some additional fighting over the last pieces of candy took place in the car, but we will spare you the gruesome details.

All in all, a very enjoyable evening and we would like to thank Henri and Mattie for their hospitatity and - as far as I'm concerned - the best festival I've been to this month. ;-)
I wasn't that charmed by next mornings hang-over though ....


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