Peter Gabriel, 7th November 2002
Up World Tour try-out, Quebec, Canada

By Michel Drolet

Peter Gabriel was in Quebec City (Canada) from November 7 to November 9 for a full rehearsal of his new world tour starting in Chicago on the 12th of November.
The whole point of this reahearsals was to use, for the first time, all the visual effects and to see how all that goes together with the songs and to polish all th glitches.

But the people in Quebec City, including myself, were in for a big surprise on Thursday November 7, when it was annouced that the first 1000 people to show up on Friday night, November 8, with their ticket for the show (November 30) in hand, will be able to attend the full rehearsal, for free!!!!!
Wristbands were distributed so there was no rush at the door.
Journalists were privileged enough to enjoy 4 songs live and then a press conference was set up live on TV and Peter Gabriel and Robert Lepage were there to answer questions prior to the rehearsal in front of 1000 lucky ones.
Watch out: spoilers galore follows!!!!!!!

At the Colisee, we were greeted by Robert Lepage, he told us how this would work, explaining that we were going to see an almost full rehearsal (some tricks were left out), with long breaks between songs and maybe some songs will have to be stopped and started again, so he said that this could be a very long evening, to the cheers of the crowd!!!! This event was filmed in its entirety so they can study how everything works before the first night of the tour.

When the lights dimmed, Peter arrived from under the stage and started with Here Comes The Flood (what a way to begin a show!!!!), and then Darkness!!!

I must say that the musicians were excellent, Peter have always been able to choose very talented musicians, this tour is no exception!! They were all scattered throughout the stage with the drummer occasinaly in the center and sometimes at the rim of the stage..
Their is a 2nd stage, up in the air and it came down occasionaly, especially for The Barry Williams Show, where Peter used a camera and filmed the crowd. This was broadcast on a very big "egg" in the center of the stage.
For me the biggest thrill of the evening was when the egg opened and a big balloon came out. Peter climbed inside and Growing Up began!!
He seemed to have some problem getting it started but he finally succeeded and he rolled the ball with him walking inside of it (there is another balloon inside, so he was inside the second balloon....wait until you see it!!!). He danced inside the balloon and believe me, everybody was having a great time looking at him, he really seemed to enjoy it immensely!!!!!!
For Mercy Street, a small boat was put on the stage and the entire rim of the stage began to rotate, giving the impression that the boat was moving; Melanie sat inside and was rowing. What a beautiful song!!!
Of course there was some other things (like during Solsbury Hill and My Head Sounds Like That) but I'd rather you discover them for yourselves.

Like Robert Lepage said at the press conference, maybe what we saw will be very different when the show hit Quebec City on November 30, because Peter like to keep things open, so some things may be left out and others may be added.
I hope this is making your mouth water, believe me I can't wait to see the show in full swing this time!!!!!


Peter Gabriel: vocals, keyboards
Richard Evans: guitars, flutes, vocals
Melanie Gabriel: vocals
Tony Levin: bass, vocals
Ged Lynch: drums
David Rhodes: guitars, vocals
Rachel Z: keyboards, vocals


Here Comes The Flood
Red Rain
Secret World
My Head Sounds Like That
The Barry Williams Show
More Than This
Come Talk To Me
Mercy Street
Digging In The Dirt
Growing Up
Animal Nation
Solsbury Hill

In Your Eyes

Father, Son


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