The Flower Kings, August 8th 2001
Grönalunds Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden

By Stefan Polzer

You always know that a gig with The Flower Kings will be very interesting, and as always (11th time I saw them!) it was great fun. New drummer Zoltan Csörsz added a lot of energy and was all over the place, which suits well with Jonas Reingold´s fast and furious bass play.
In previous line-ups it was Roine and keyboardist Tomas Bodin who stood for (Hasse Bruniusson excluded) the jamming and weirdness. But those parts are now taken over by Zoltan and Jonas, actually they took up too much time with their duels. I prefer if musicians show what they are capable of within the songs and not in endless solos!

The opener There Is More To This World sounded better than ever and it was at this stage clear that Hans Fröberg was going to have great night, cause his voice have never sounded better - totally amazing to say the least!
After that followed the abridged 45-minute version of Garden Of Dreams which is an impressive piece of music that has everything a progressive rock lover ever could ask for. Then followed the instrumental piece Sounds Of Violence, and a hard version it was, almost twice as fast as on the studio version!

Then it was time for part one of I Am The Sun and part three of Stardust We Are. And the first of these two was very well performed, but it is the latter that really grabbed me! And it was once again Hans Fröberg who stole the whole performance with his strong and absolutely perfect voice. It was at this point I understood how important Hans has become to The Flower Kings today, and yet he hadn't reach his peak this night!

The encores that followed started with a 15-minute version of Rumble Fish Twist; this one together with Sound Of Violence prevents me to give the overall performance ten points!
But with the final encore Church Of Your Heart, which is one of my absolute favourites it was time for Hans Fröberg to peak. It's amazing how much power he has in his voice.
He's performance gave me goosebumps all-over.
Indeed a marvellous performance...

This was and is one of the best gigs I ever seen The Flower Kings perform. But if they had taken away some of the drum and bass duels and instead played songs like Magic Pie and In The Eyes Of The World then these two hours would be given the highest grades of all! But a great night it was...


There Is More To This World
Garden Of Dreams
Sounds Of Violence
I Am The Sun - pt 1
Stardust We Are - pt 3

Rumble Fish Twist
Church Of Your Heart


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