Fates Warning, April 19th, 1998
Vosselaar, Biebob, Belgium

By Barbara Schnepf

I really hadn't intended to go to the Fates Warning shows three times in a row. True, I often go to a show a second time when the first show really really blew me away. To name some recent examples: Marillion. Spock's Beard. Fish. IQ. And of course Fates Warning during their tour last year.
Only once so far I went to a show three times in a row, and that was in 1993 when Dream Theater did their "Images and Words"-Tour.

But... Fates Warning were much better than anything else I had experienced before. So - would I be able to stay at home, knowing that Fates are playing another killer show not even two hours away from me?

Of course not.

And so we were on our way to Belgium that evening, and at half past seven we were at the Belgian border, trying to change some money. And here the difficulties begun... because that damned cash dispenser was out of order, and we lost about half an hour searching a bank which would accept our German money card. But what is more, there were no signs whatsoever telling us wich way to take to Vosselaar, and so were were spending another half hour searching for the right way in the next town Turnhout (which sounds to German ears like the German word for "gymnastics doing skin" - that was making the situation even more bizarr...). When we finally arrived at the Biebob club in Vosselaar it was already a quarter to nine. Unfortunately there hadn't been an opener that evening, so to our terror Fates Warning were already playing Part 4 of "A pleasant shade of Gray" when we arrived!!!!!!

And I learned after the show that we had been missing a cool, cool part 1: Right when Ray Alder wanted to start singing the first lines, there was someone in the audience shouting something (I don't know what), and it made Ray Alder laugh so hard that he was unable to continue singing, and he had to have several tries until he was able to supress his laughter and go on. Aaaah, I would have loved to see / hear that!!!!!

Okay... Do I really need to repeat for the third time that it was a helluva KICK ASS SHOW? I suppose having read my previous show reviews of Baarlo and Tilburg everyone should know by now... So instead of a general euphorical praising here's some details:

Ivory Gate of Dreams: There was a difference today compared to the previous shows: This time Jim Matheos played the part Whispers on the Wind on an Ovation, whereas I'm pretty sure he didn't change guitar for that passage in Baarlo and Tilburg. But then, okay... I admit I had my eyes closed quite often anyway... so I can't tell for sure. :-)

Monument: The kicker was Joey Vera doing the backing vocals with his pick in his mouth, mumble-shouting "ficsha-han" and "passha-hann" as if he was an actor doing some pronounciation-exercises with a cork in his mouth. I don't know if he did it during the other gigs as well, but that was pretty funny!!!! :-D

General BTWs:

  • Jim Matheos had again pics of his dogs and his daughter attached on his amp. Neat!

  • I noticed I wasn't the only one who went to several Fates Warning shows. I was standing in the second row as usual, and all around me were pretty familiar faces... I especially remember a short long-haired dude in the first row who was here the third time as well, head-banging like a maniac and singing along every line throughout the set.

  • Apart from those "Fates show veterans" the audience wasn't that much into it this time. Again Vosselaar turned out to be a less appropriate venue. During the last tour the audience in Vosselaar had been quite un-enthousiastic as well. Belgium doesn't seem to be a first rate Fates-fan-country. It may have been better to play in Cologne again instead. Last year the Cologne audience had been very appreciative.

  • The remark of the day: "Jim Matheos really looks like Jesus. But I bet he would deny being the Messiah." Heh heh...

Needless to say, I was feeling pretty bad when the show was over - knowing that this time it had been the last time for quite a while. The only comfort is that there will be the live CD to re-experience those precious moments again and again. And hopefully I will get that live video soon that was released in Europe by a small Italian company which seems to be unable to distribute it properly!!!!!


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