Fates Warning, April 18th, 1998
Baarlo, The Netherlands

By Barbara Schnepf

Tonight it was far less crowded than in Tilburg. I guess there were about 800 people in Tilburg, but only about 200 - 250 people in Baarlo (still that's a lot if you consider that there was almost no promotion of the tour dates, except in the internet).

Unlike Tilburg Baarlo is a small Dutch village, and being German we had trouble finding it at all. So we were late and missed the opener again. That's a pity, because unlike Tilburg it was Seventh Sign opening this time, and I really wanted to see them.

Well, at least I didn't miss Fates Warning! And it was sooooooo awesome again... This time I was even more into it than in Tilburg, even though the performance was the same. It was an emotional trip unrivalled by intensity and sensation. A pleasant Shade of Gray marked the shortest 50 minutes I've ever experienced. It seemed like it was over in a blink of an eye. Obvioulsy my mind was completely absent during that killer song...

The Ivory Gate of Dreams was a blast, the acoustic intro Innocence giving me the time of my life again. Wow THAT TUNE! THAT TUNE!!!!!!!! I just never get bored of it, I know every note by heart and have played it at least a thousand times myself and still I cannot get enough of it.

The set was the same as in Tilburg. The fans were quite enthousiastic, there were "Zugabe"-shouts at the appropriate passage in A pleasant Shade of Gray (even though it was mostly a Dutch audience), lots of fans were singing along every line of The Ivory gate of Dreams, and of course almost all of the audience was singing / shouting along with the catchy Parallels-songs (especially Eleventh Hour!). The last song came far too soon.... But two hours of Fates, can you expect more? They had given everything, as usual. When drummer Mark Zonder got up I noticed that he was SOAKED. Wow - I wonder how many weight he is losing during this tour???? There was not a inch of dry cloth on him! He looked like he had fallen into a swimming pool.

Well, I hadn't indended to go to the show a third time. The only band I had been seeing three times in a row so far had been Dream Theater during their "Images and Words"-tour in 1992. But would I stand staying at home a day later with Fates Warning playing another killer show less than two hours away from me? NO WAY!!!!! I really couldn't help going to the show in Vosselaar as well.


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