Anderson Council
(Pink Floyd Live Experience)
October 19th 1997,
Brummen, The Netherlands

By Ed Sander

Live at the Brummen Pink Floyd Convention

I visited this gig with a couple of friends from the Pink Floyd Mailing List Echoes.

I had seen these guys a couple of times before and had enjoyed it most of the time, although they are far from being musical talents. I was a bit disappointed that they were the leading act on a Floyd convention again. Why not try another band for a change (for instance Pros & Cons) ?

The complete setlist was:

Let There Be More Light
The Embryo
(including long improvisation and snippet of 'Funky Dung')
Welcome to the Machine
Have a Cigar
Shine on You Crazy Diamond II
Time/Breathe (reprise)
What Do You Want From Me
Another Brick in the Wall I (instrumental)/Hey You
Celestial Voices


There were a lot of different opinions about the band. In my opinion the first three songs were not that bad, although far from technically flawless. Anderson Council had always been specialized in the pre-Dark Side of the Moon stuff. However, it was apparent that the guitar player did not have his day. I've seen him play a bit better in previous gigs. The bass player was playing quiet good, and the keyboard guy really did his best. Most of his solos were rather good but the timing (especially with the lyrics) was still far from perfect. The drummer was plainly awful, which someone in the audience made perfectly clear by yelling:"Drummer, wake up !!".

The band had a hard time playing in time with the Moog rythm during Wwlcome to the Machine, played Shine On II far too slow, the drum solo in Time was pathetic and the end solo in Sheep could hardly be heard. Only a couple of songs worked well; Let There be More Light, Embryo, Cymbaline and Celestial Voices (to which the whole hall sang along).

As far as I'm concerned this was the worst performance by Anderson Coucil I have ever seen. I had expected them to become a bit better through the yaers .... well, they haven't. What's more, the band members don't seem to be having a whole lot of fun on stage. I've never seen such sour, uninterested faces (except for the keyboard player, who's quite a nice fellow).

The late encore of Echoes, which was played quite reasonable, made up a lot for the moderate performance. They did have some problems with the transition to the whale/seagull part.

After Anderson Coucil's performance a jam session would follow. Although some of us still had the intention to do a Dutch version of Careful with that Axe, Eugene (Voorzichtig met die Bijl, Eugene), complete with the two note bass part on beer bottles, it was getting rather late and since it looked like it might take quite a while before the equipment would be changed we decided to begin the journey home (which was quite a long one for some of us) at 1.30 AM.


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