Arena, May 25th 1998
Le D'Auteuil, Quebec City, Canada

By Patrick Loiselle

On monday May 25 was the official premiere of Arena`s The Visitor and everybody was invited to meet with the band as well as a mini accoustic set. Everyone familiar with Arena knows that the album Welcome to the Stage was recorded here in Quebec City last year, so a good crowd attended the event. There was between 80-100 of us.

It started at 17.00 with a listen of the whole Visitor album, then after that Clive, Paul and John Mitchell came on stage. They played pretty much the same concert as the one already reviewed in these pages but just the thrill of seeing them live again (I was at the Quebec show ) was worth driving more than 2.5 hours (even if my wife thought I was a little crazy).

They sounded great even in an accoustic setup, even though the sound wasn`t greatly mixed, the piano was way too loud for the guitar. The biggest improvement over last year`s show, was Paul`s performance, he really is a good singer and now seems very comfortable with the band. Clive was very good and seemed to a have a good time. On the other hand John was too concentrated on his playing, probably because he`s more comfortable with the electric thing.

John and Mick were also there and joined the band on stage during Jericho. John came in first and did some backing vocals then Mick came near the end of the song and was jumping all around and singing like a madman. It was really cool. After the show the band stayed on stage and answered peoples questions, so we now know they`ll be back in September for the real thing with two shows, at least, in Quebec, their favorite place (heard that one before!!!). Definitely a great evening, can`t wait `till September.


Pins and Needles
Don't Forget to Breath
Tears in the Rain
The Cry
Only Child
Midas Vision
Solomon (Part of it)



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