The Australian Pink Floyd Show, 19 June 1999
Wavendon Stables, Milton Keynes, UK

By Matthew Barlow

I last went to see the Oz Floyd at Wavendon back in 1997. You see Wavendon Stables is tiny. Its like your front room and really wasn't suited to the band. So when I saw that they were doing an outdoor gig there I thought it could be worth a visit.
It was to be my 15th Oz Floyd concert and they get better and better. The stage was a trailer with two white lorries parked either side of it. It was obvious to me that they did not have their full light show with them and the drum kit had been halved due to lack of space.

The show was a sell out; 500 Floyd fans made a wonderful sight.
The band could be seen wondering about the crowd and the mixing desk area before the show started. They finally came on at about 8:20. It was still light and the lights were pretty in affective during the first half but this just made the music more intense! Steve and Jason came on and started Shine On. The other members of the band were watching with the crowd and were trying to put the others off. They all seemed in good spirits and when they finally joined them on stage they let rip with amazing force! Shine On was put through its paces with amazing precision…the only hiccup being Paul loosing one of his drumsticks early on. The sound was superb.

Then came Learning to Fly. Their version is by far better than the Floyds. It is fuller and just sounds brilliant. Astronomy Domine was played with typical violence and Money provided some light relief. High Hopes showed Steve's steel guitar playing to be superb again. Brain damage and Eclipse signaled the end of the first half.

During the very long interval, I spoke with Jason and Damian about live recordings and other things.
By the start of the second half, night had really closed in and the light show could start to take effect. In the Flesh? Started it off but the real surprise was an airing of Echoes that surpassed the 87 versions at Floyd concerts. But next came the highlight for me. Sorrow, my favourite Floyd song! They played it brilliantly and Damian's solo was superb. Flames were projected onto the sides of the white lorries. Amazing! Another Brick Part 2 followed and everyone was singing along to the crowds favourite. The rest of the set was played note perfect but the crowd wanted more!!

The Encore consisted of Comfy and Run Like Hell. Both played so passionately that by the end of the night most of the crowd were dancing by the front of the stage….what a night!!


Damian Darlington - Guitars, Vocals, Effects
Steve Mac - Guitars, Pedal Steel Guitar, Vocals
Colin Wilson - Bass, Vocals
Jason Paul Sawford  - Keyboards, Hammond Organ
Paul Bonney - Drums, Percussion


Shine On You Crazy Diamond part 1
Learning To Fly
Astronomy Domine
High Hopes
Brain Damage

Intro (Outside the Wall)
In The Flesh?
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In The Wall part 2
 One of These Days
 Shine On You Crazy Diamond part 2

Comfortably Numb
Run like Hell

(All photos © Matthew Barlow) 


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