After Crying, 15 August 2001
Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium

By Huib Rutjens

With about 100-150 visitors the spirit of 66 was not even half-full and that was on one hand a shame because both bands deserve better on the other hand not because it was very hot inside.

At 20.30 the Janos VARGA Project started the show with the brilliant epic I must be going from the album The wings of revelation I a 20 minute song that is split into 6 parts which are vey different from each other one time bleusy another time hard rock but overall with a symphonic fundament. It sounded live more raw than on the album. The Janos Varga Project exists of two persons, Janos Varga: guitars (on the album also keyboards) and drummer Istvan Kiraly they were completed on stage by keyboard player Zoltan Lengyel (also on the album) who had a busy evening because he was also part of After Crying later on and a bass player of whom i don't know the name of. Janos Varga seemed to enjoy himself on stage and totally went up in his guitar playing, a lust for the eye it was. After playing the rest of the album and some more they left the stage and were asked back for one encore. Like i said before the band sounded much more raw than on the album but it was a good performance. Check out their album which is released by periferic records (BGCD 064) it's nothing new under the sun but it is an album with good solid symphonic rock music with excellent guitar work.

After a short break After Crying started their concert it was not the first time they played in Verviers and they seemed quite popular though you don't hear of them very much. The music is hard to describe it contains rock symphonic jazz classical music and they mingle it together into a beautiful mix of progressive rock (and they are progressive!). The show was one big highlight for me with truly great music. The sound was good so we could enjoy the wonderful cello sounds and the ear catching trumpet. Hearing Viaduct and Intermezzo brought goose bumps on my whole body and the jazzy piano duet (played on one piano) was magnificent, great musicians. The audience loved it and the band played very inspired, bass player and cellist Peter Pejtsik was or totally concentrated with his playing or enjoying the responce of the public. With a long version of "conclusion" they ended a great show before coming back to play some more.

After Crying is a hungarian band and were founded in the late 80's, they made 9 records so far:

"THE INSULTED AND INJURED" (1992), hungarian title" megalazottak es megszomoritottak"
"EARTH AND SKY" (1994), hungarian title "fold es eg"
" THE FIRST DECADE" (1996). Hungarian title "elso evtized"
"AFTER CRYING 6" (1997)

The albums First decade and Struggle for life are double-albums, the first one has a compilation side and a live side which is almost classical music, beautiful recorded. The second one is a double live album recorded in 1999 with a heavenly recording of Starless featuring John Wetton. This album is recently released as a single cd with two bonus tracks that were on the double set only available as MP3 tracks. All the records were recorded with different line ups.

This is a review of a concert so there is no time here to tell you all about After Crying but so far nothing has been written of the band on the DPRP so i thought this would give a nice view of the band. People who are into progressive rock really should listen to the band because i think they go further into combining classical music with symphonic rock than any other band i know of.
I knew some of the cd's (they are very hard to get hold on, where i live) and this was the first time i saw the band live but i will definetly see them again when they are around (and i can't say this enough) every one who likes progressive music should!


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