H-band, Friday 13th september 2002
Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

By Bart Jan van der Vorst

It's always good fun going to a gig of Steve Hogarth, or the H-band, or H... whatever you want to call it. In order to promote his new live album Steve Hogarth gathered his band of geniuses once again for a short tour around the UK and Holland. Of the two Dutch shows one After the gig I had to conclude that perhaps it is time for new material (either original or covers). Although new material also means more rehearsal time, which is difficult with an occasional band, it has to be said that the current repetoire -great as it is- is somewhat strained by now.

A Few Words For The Dead (Marillion)
Really Like
You Dinosaur Thing
See Emily Play (Pink Floyd)
Better Dreams
The Green Mandalishi (Fleetwood Mac)
Zen And Now (Aziz Ibrahim)
India (How We Live)
Middle Road (Aziz Ibrahim)
The Loving (XTC)
Until You Fall
Life On Mars? (David Bowie)
The Last Thing

Helter Skelter (Beatles)
Estonia (Marillion)

All Things Must Pass (George Harrison)


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