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The Gift & The Far Meadow

Sunday 12th February 2017

Videos And Review By André de Boer

't Blok, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, the Netherlands

Double bill. Second staging of The Gift at the lovely 't Blok venue since their excellent show back in 2014. This time they bring along The Far Meadow that just had a fabulous new album out called Given The Impossible. Unfortunately David Lloyd, one of two lead guitarists of The Gift had to cancel because of severe family issues. Leroy James, the second guitarist will stand in for all guitar work and keyboard player Gabriele Baldocci will do some keytar to fill the gaps. Let's see!!


The Far Meadow

This great little band played most songs from their latest and second album Given The Impossible. And also some old ones, like Mud. Really excellent -off the beaten track- compositions with the amazing sweet vocals of Marguerita Alexandrou. First show outside the UK and other than little car trouble on the way here, the band had everything under control and was very confident. A great show with great artists each. Next to Marguerita there is Denis Warren (excellent on guitar), Eliot Minn (relaxed and excellent on keys), Paul Bringloe (great technical drumming) and Keith Buckman (the most relaxed bassist I ever watched on stage). Relaxed? Yes. Boring? Not at all, not one second. I think there was much to see and enjoy. Take a look here:

Setlist The Far Meadow
A Gentle Warrior
Prove It Then
Hang On
Himalaya Flashmob
The Seamless Shirt

The Gift

The most important note is that missing out one of their lead guitarists, David Lloyd, didn't influence the performance for a second. A six-pack played by five. The Gift worked really well together and all songs went smoothly with wit and a big smile. Quite an achievement! Most of guitarplay was done by Leroy James who was asked to re-enter the band. Glad he did! Next to that The Gift has a new drummer, Neil Hayman (who also plays Konchordat). And a new keyboard player, Gabriele Baldocci, who also plays keytar. An amazing guy who is a respected classic pianist! Try his name on youtube and you'll find it. Mike Morton still is the enigmatic and flamboyant singer and frontman. The bass still is in the more than capable hands of Stef Dickers. With cap. Next to songs from latest album Why The Sea Is Salt also older songs were presented as well. A great set that made the audience and venue even happier as it usually already is. You can have an impression here:

Setlist The Gift
Quickening Pulse
Sweeper Of Dreams
The Willows
Too Many Hands
At Sea
The Tallest Tree
Tuesday's Child
Awake And Dreaming (Part 3)
Walk Into The Water


As always the Progfrog flair and service at 't Blok venue is brilliant. That and both bands doing a brilliant show made this a very fine way to spent the afternoon. If you missed all of this, The Gift will be playing Holland again September 22nd, at the beautiful and seated Parktheater, Alphen aan den Rijn.


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