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Saturday, 13th December 2014
De Gigant, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Article and photos By Menno von Brucken Fock

Over 40 years now Ton Scherpenzeel has been and still is the helmsman of Kayak, one of the few remaining ‘prog’ bands from the early seventies in The Netherlands. Although the band was put on hold from 1982 until 1999, the band has been touring and recording for over 16 years since the reunion. The untimely passing away of drummer/composer/producer Pim Koopman in 2009 almost sank the little ‘canoe’ but after the Pim Koopman tribute, Scherpenzeel did what Pim had wanted the band to do: continue recording and touring.


Kayak’s latest offering, Cleopatra – The Crown Of Isis, is proof of the bands talents, craftsmanship and ability to compose and play astonishingly good music without Koopman. Recently, just after the release of the new album, both lead vocalists announced their departure from the band leaving Scherpenzeel, Vergoossen, Vunderink, van Olffen and Eijkenaar without lead-singers.


It might well be that this tour, with a final gig in Zoetermeer on December 28th, could be the last one in the current line-up. In spite of Edward Reekers and Cindy Oudshoorn, leaving after this tour, still the set list contained a lot of tracks from the new album. With this great intriguing story, drama and emotional impact, one can well imagine how this music would be even more beautiful in a theatrical setting, which may happen in the future. Both Oudshoorn and Reekers sang beautifully and seemed totally into their role of Cleopatra (Oudshoorn) and the Sicilian (Reekers). Even without big screens, costumes or dancers, the music proved to be extremely powerful.


Kayak has a really great rhythm section with van Olffen on the (fretless) bass and experienced drummer Eijkenaar. Rob Vunderink’s corny humor was funny as usual and Vergoosssen’s contributions as lead guitarist made the Cleopatra- songs sounding even more convincingly than on the record! Almost hiding behind his microphone Scherpenzeel undoubtedly is Mr Kayak: he is the sole composer now and from his spot behind the keyboards he conducts all the music and showed his skills by playing numerous delicious solo’s, just like Vergoossen.


Some old tunes were featured, such as Daphne, Alienation and Nobody Wins, a great song dedicated to the memory of Pim Koopman. Of course the band had to play several hit-songs, Starlight Dancer, Chance For A Lifetime and Ruthless Queen. The venue in Apeldoorn was not sold out completely but still the several hundreds of fans created a great atmosphere. A nice surprise was that fans from different age groups attended the gig. It would be a shame if the band would be forced to stop, while they are still on top their game. I’m quite sure Scherpenzeel will find a way to keep his Kayak afloat one way or the other. Question that remains is: did Reekers and Oudshoorn really sing their ‘Last Encore on December 28 2014?


Only time will tell… anyway this was a good and solid show!!


Thank you Ton Scherpenzeel (keyboards, backing vocals), Cindy Oudshoorn (lead vocals, percussion), Edward Reekers (lead vocals, keyboards, percussion), Joost Vergoossen (lead guitar), Rob Vunderink (guitar, lead & backing vocals), Jan van Olffen (bass) and Hans Eijkenaar (drums).

Pagan’s Paradise
Before The Angels Fell
The Living Isis
She Rules My World
Goodbye Pharos
Stranger In Rome
The Ides Of March

Whatever It Takes
Queen Of Kings
Alexandria (reprise)
That Sacred Kiss
Nobody Wins
Starlight Dancer
Chance For A Lifetime
Ruthless Queen

The Crown Of Isis

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De Gigant


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