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Sunday, 20th September 2015
't Blok, Nieuwerkerk aan den Ijssel, the Netherlands

Article and Video By André de Boer
Photos by Jordy Rietbroek

Mainly because of costs, it's not often we can see American prog bands over here in Europe. 3RDegree made the decision to give it a try and is doing their first, and full, show here in Holland at the lovely 't Blok venue Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, a satellite city near Rotterdam.


On this tour the 3RDegree band exists of George Dobbs (lead vocals, keys), recruit Bryan Zeigler (guitar), Robert James Pashman (bass, keys) and Aaron Nobel (drums). At home and on the album the band also has good old Patrick Kliesch and Eric Pseja (both guitar) around.


Because of being a full show, no support band, and DVD recordings going on the band decided to give the audience and themselves a break. So we had two sets, the first one mainly depending on their marvellous latest album Ones & Zero's volume 1 -all band members wearing matching Valhalla Biotech shirts- and the penultimate album The Long Division. After the break the band played more Ones & Zero's volume 1, some songs of the well-known album Narrow-Caster plus a first! Two brand new songs that will be on Ones & Zero's volume 2 (or volume 0, as Robert joked on stage)!


Although all band members showed some tension on this first ever appearance abroad, 3RDegree did a great gig that I liked all instruments of. Robert's fantastic bass play got mentioned several times by the audience, as did Bryan's guitar work, Aaron faultless drumming and George's emotional keys and vocals. All songs are masterly composed anyway, with intelligent lyrics -their latest album is about prolonging life with technology by a ruthless corporation focussed on money- and great use of synths. The number of visitors was a bit small due to big musical events going on in the area, like Ayreon's Human Equation theatre show. But everyone present was logged in and very excited. The atmosphere was enhanced after the break because of the band clearly being more relaxed and the venue's lighting got more vivid. As did the free snacks this venue is famous for.

The 'We want more' at the end of the show unfortunately and unexpectedly did not lead to an encore but the merch table showed the gig was very much appreciated. Personally I think it was a brilliant show due to all emotions, hard work, good spirit and great musicianship. Plus these guys are a lovely bunch of people that never ever heard the word arrogance! Thank you guys for this great opening show of your European tour that will lead you to Germany, France and Britain. After that 3RDegree will do some shows in the USA, work on Volume 2 from November to March and then get ready for ROSfest in May next year.

The Socio-Economic Petri Dish
You're Fooling Yourselves
Life At Any Cost
What It Means To Be Human
The Best & Brightest
Circuit Court
Memetic Pandemic
Top Secret

The Gravity
This Is The Future
Olympia (from the upcoming album)
Logical Conclusion (from the upcoming album)
Cautionary Tale
It Works
Human Interest Story


What a wonderful show. Smiling faces everywhere as well as lots of video cameras. Chances are you will see lots of this footage on a live 3RDegree European tour DVD! And of course many thanks to the über lovely 't Blok staff that had everything under control and also provided us with hot and cold snacks during the show.

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